Why Aespa's "Black Mamba" is Familiar 

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Today, we’re going to be reviewing Aespa’s debut with Black Mamba. A much anticipated debut from SM entertainment that features a seemingly unique AI concept mixed into their member lineup. However, it’s also a debut that has been plagued with accusations, such as plagiarism and many concerns about how the AI part of their concept could be used for nefarious means.
Is their concept too similar to KD/A, a kpop group from league of legends? Is their AI concept going to be an issue? Along with my review of the music video, choreography, song and more, I thought we could dive into these topics as well and also talk about why it’s familiar, why it’s not familiar, my thoughts, your thoughts and honestly everything in between. So if you're interested in this type of video, don't forget to subscribe, like, comment and share this video with friends you don't have!
But, before we get into the contents of this video, please keep in mind that this is just a series that I do for fun to discuss comebacks and debuts. I am not and do not accuse anyone of plagiarism in this series and I do like to make jokes while pointing out similarities, however, it’s all in good fun. I think it’s interesting to make reference to other works of art, and that’s all it is.
Ok, so for those you don’t know, a black mamba is a type of snake and yes I only know that because of Kill Bill. But interestingly enough, black mambas are actually not black, they are called this because when they open their mouths, it’s black. The music video starts out with all 4 members in this super colorful room with a bunch of blank tv screens, as well as some cute animations above them. We then cut to a more nature like scene but still quite futuristic or perhaps just unrealistic. It’s purple themed, we have trees that don’t really exist in colors and materials that I’ve never personally seen either. And with this, we’re presented with Aespa’s universe.
And I have to say, this universe that they created for Aespa is so stunning. The neon lights, how futuristic it looks, the colors, and especially the nature scenes as well. In terms of creating a specific world, this is a level of innovation that I’m so in love with. It’s something I’m really excited to see more of.
In terms of styling, I’m honestly going to go ahead and say it, it’s pretty innovative. I’m getting 2nd gen vibes, and here’s why. Back in the day, idols would wear things that you could make at home, some of the most ridiculous accessories, and trust me, I did make them at home. And I’m seeing some elements within Aespa styling where I’m like, I could make that and I think honestly it’s just a really fun aspect.
And the styling as well, is kind of a mix of this elevated, super fancy and elegant style, you know the sparkly elements, but then we have outfits that are just so colorful and fun. So I think they do a good job at mixing bright or elegant at the same time to create their own unique style. I do think they will end up being quite a versatile group, at least style wise from what I’ve seen.

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1:58 Black Mamba
3:47 Why It's Familiar
7:22 the choreo
8:15 the styling
9:48 the song

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Jordzen Shanine Isaac
Jordzen Shanine Isaac پیش ماه
I think it was snsd's I got a boy that has that moving to the side choreo
ryujines پیش ماه
@God's Menu TV probably :)
God's Menu TV
God's Menu TV پیش ماه
How about MOMOLAND new Comeback? "Ready or Not" which is Produce by the legendary PSY?
ryujines پیش ماه
angelina your videos actually make so much sense lmao and also i texted you on your instagram pls check @rosies_morning__bite_ yeeeheee okay idk why i like to write "yeehee" alot lol
Kemka 101
Kemka 101 پیش ماه
I know I am late to reply but can you do a theory video on why BoA is in the end of their music video?
aeong the world
aeong the world پیش 3 روز
honestly everything about aespa is good EXCEPT the song
aeong the world
aeong the world پیش 3 روز
and the concept is creepy
oikawaii toru
oikawaii toru پیش 6 روز
This comment section lmao y'all just hating them directly for no reason
ෆƌҼႽʈҺҼʈἱqեҼ ҠἱʈʈἱҼෆ
Ya.. But its their opinion we can maybe respect it💅 but i think it was a good song everyone has different tastes. Alot of people including me loved the song. The song was a bit messy but i still liked it and the mv was *chef kiss* and alot of people think that the ai things are creepy but they actually don't know that the whole mv has an amazing theory (which probably is what i am saying) that is the black mamba is the internet's bad side of hate and the girls are trying to save themselves and their group members from getting swallowed. Its kinda amazing i am interested
JiEun Park
JiEun Park پیش 9 روز
SM turning on the delulu's
Gigi Nally
Gigi Nally پیش 12 روز
ok i just discovered your channel and am obsessed wow
They give me a blackpink vibe .. but that’s just me
Kate پیش 13 روز
the instrumental at the chorus reminded me of cherry by itzy, Idk what it is about it
kwon hoshi
kwon hoshi پیش 16 روز
am i the only one who got addicted to black mamba? y’all i- 👁👄👁
Nightlock پیش 17 روز
This song is super SM what's everyone talking about??? SM always does super polished experimental sounds I mean look at RV and EXO
Nightlock پیش 17 روز
7:48 yeah red velvet did something similar in red flavour
John Flores
John Flores پیش 18 روز
I truly couldn't understand why y'all comparing these talented girls with other groups out there. Of course, there will be a bit similar with the concepts, hairstyles and even the music video. I've seen many on the comment section were hating Aespa for plagiarizing or copying others. It wasn't their fault firstly and for most. I'm not gonna mention any groups coz I wanted to spill the tea. If you don't like the song, or it doesn't make you amuse what's the point of hating them? Just leave them alone. Everyone has their differences, uniqueness, capabilities and even your faves have. Instead of bashing or shading them, let them prove on how fascinating they are. They've been receiving a lot of criticism, hatreds and even Music Shows in South Korea were disrespecting them. We have different point of views so, it'll be your choice if you'd stan these amazing girls.
John Flores
John Flores پیش 18 روز
Hence, if you don't know their concept do make a research. Then if its kinda similar or you heard it before, its your turn to zipper your mouth. Hating them proves that you're a bit salty.
Aoife X
Aoife X پیش 20 روز
Well we know what Angelina’s debut song would be Black palm cockatoo XD
Danny Vu
Danny Vu پیش 23 روز
I actually am obsessed with this song in general and have played it on repeat for over 200 times already
Scarlett Durán
Scarlett Durán پیش 24 روز
Here comes all the first timers *face palm* I’m a veteran Kpop fan (20 years) and I saw it going from wannabe R&B, to a little cringe, then evolve to the golden age of Kpop, then seeing the 3rd generation step up the globalization and now 4th generation with recycled concepts and musicality but still with their own nice taste. You think this channel is negative???? It makes me wonder if people know how to take constructive criticism. I’ve been in music since I was 5 years old (classical musician) and I love what Kpop is. It’s an art form and it’s evolved wonderfully! Aespa’s black mamba is VERY familiar because of the repetitive chords and basic percussions and edm layers BUT the more you listen to it, the more intricate it becomes. I enjoy finding new notes, layers and modules when re-listening to new Kpop songs. At first glance, they’re very basic but they’re actually a box of surprises. Angelina has a point and I know where she’s coming from. These girls are awesome! They’re extremely talented and I enjoy their natural charisma. All the members are at equal level. I dunno what I’m talking about anymore (and I’m not saying this about all new Kpop fans) but the majority have made it unbearable and toxic. Back in the day, we LOVED all Kpop (I love all of them). We weren’t starting stupid ass fan wars and being sensitive when someone didn’t like a certain member, group or whatever, we moved along and showed our support as much as we could. Now it’s just narcissistic, selfish people who think they own idols and can’t take criticism (good or bad) when it’s due. Kpop is fucking amazing and a lot of terrible fans are preventing people from wanting to delve into this beautiful, multidimensional rabbit hole.
Sabrina Daigle
Sabrina Daigle پیش 27 روز
I don't see the similarities in concept with KDA. KDA are just characters being voiced (League even had a metal band called Pentakill in the same way before lol) while aespa have AIs of themselves. Although the similarities in MVs are there for sure.
marley پیش 28 روز
Hi, I'm a little late, but I just realised something. Black Mamba sounds similar to Iggy Izalea's Team. No hate to the girls, just found this familiar. I thought I was listening to Black Mamba when Team first came on lol
TAFARA BARE پیش 29 روز
every song is familiar to u im not not gonna lie
Mitsuki پیش ماه
Honestly I was hoping they'd do a concept more similar to what the 22/7 (Japanese Idol/Voice actor group) did, but with AIs. What do you think?
L پیش ماه
I guess I'm late but at first I really didn't like the avatar concept, but after listening to it for a while I really like the song and the concept is growing on me, at least for now.
TwilightRBXAlt پیش ماه
i literally thought this was a blackpink x kda concept but its good
Lena C
Lena C پیش ماه
The choreography was cool (I also noticed the Catch Me if You Can shuffle movements as well as the leg drop from The Boys) and the video itself was so beautiful. The song is okay, I don't think it's bad, but it's definitely not my favorite SM debut. But knowing SM, they probably have a lot in store for AESPA. I'm interested to see what they're going to come out with next.
Ni-ki Wife no.1
Ni-ki Wife no.1 پیش ماه
My opinion: SM worked hard on the MV and other things except the song itself. I like the song, it's just that there is something missing from it....maybe a proper chorus? I don't know maybe that is just me.😂
Starlight 02
Starlight 02 پیش ماه
SM's ggs have always been different from each other. I don't think it's "YG" thing. It's just SM doing a girl crush sound (as of now) the song is okay. Not as bad as Ppl make it. I was just dissapointed by AI concept because.. Ppl are literally saying the AI versions are better than actual human members.. That's so bad..also like the AIs are designed to be like barbies..ppl have body/ weight issues..
Alfredo Demdam Jr.
Alfredo Demdam Jr. پیش ماه
Actually all songs this year were totally amazing but why do you have to make a video about the best and worst songs this months but its like that your comparing them to each othe soo if thats your opinion then keep it cause that will make idols even more tired from getting bad things like you comparing them so stop this nonsense making this videos and pls stop okay if your really a kpop fan u wont do this and just be normal okay dont like a toxic fan so if thats your opinion then stay quiet if you dont get want to get hate and there fricking ROOKIES SO DONT COMPARE THEM OKAY
hisoka's bbg
hisoka's bbg پیش ماه
Idk wht you guys are talking abt, it sounds pretty SM to me
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez پیش ماه
Also the dance point is seen in this Itzy dance and Blackpink Ddu du ddu du (idk how to write it down)
Cloudoof پیش ماه
their debut was awesome for me
I have no name
I have no name پیش ماه
What if Karina IS the picture that Black Mamba wanted to airdrop then she gets air dropped in another world/KWANGYA because Black Mamba is always watching Aespa like a "picture".
JJ RapSavage
JJ RapSavage پیش ماه
Angelina, I love your genuinely honest opinions and insights. Black Mamba is visually stunning, awesome camera work, beautifully choreographed, and the young women look very beautiful and are obviously very talented singers and dancers. But, the song just seems souless, great tasting but just a bunch of empty calories. After most Blackpink songs, I am genuinely happier than before. The universe seems a bit brighter, more beautiful, more emotionally touching. After Black Mamba, the world is a bit darker. It seems to reinforce the sense that we live in a hostile indifferent universe and life is not very precious. There is definitely a market for this darkness, but it's not the broad international market that SM is seeking to appeal to.
Mrs Rain
Mrs Rain پیش ماه
One of the ai's look like lisa
Lyna Moon
Lyna Moon پیش ماه
Not to throw hate like these girls Aespa are talented but not only does everything fit with K/DA’s POP/STARS and K/DA in general but that suspense type of sound at the beginning of the song was also used in Iggy Azalea’s “TEAM” AT THE BEGINNING and I found it very familiar when I heard it in black mamba and I was trying to figure it out and it’s from Iggy’s “TEAM”
minatozaki hayan
minatozaki hayan پیش ماه
not at those people saying "they're lackluster group and has the same voices that it sound like there's only one member singing" ugh give this ROOKIE group a REST!!!
Jana پیش ماه
Bridge is sooo similar to *Bring Me To Life* by Evanescence
Anamae Monceda
Anamae Monceda پیش ماه
I'm not Taylor Swift but I can say that, "haters really gonna hate" get a life bitch
eightIies پیش ماه
she isnt hating on aespa did you even watch the video
no one
no one پیش ماه
why y'll so obsessed with sm idols???? who cares if aespa have this kind of concept and genre??? they killed it, and sm made the concept for them. i mean, its not even a surprise that this new gg will have their own identity. repetition of idea's, concepts and genre's do not exist with sm and yeah, its base on avatar concept. the genre is not even close with yg's and anyone with good hearing can identify that
Kuro Cos
Kuro Cos پیش ماه
Wow ok so I am a huge K/DA fan but hearing about aespa kda similarities it seemed like a stretch (never saw the video but from what people were saying by word of mouth it didnt sound similar) but holy crap some of those shots are identical lmao
danityzen standay6
danityzen standay6 پیش ماه
i despise this woman
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
Than why are you here
Sans._.Purple پیش ماه
The first thing i think of is everglow when i saw this mv. It just gives me their vibes for some reason lol
Litan Phom
Litan Phom پیش ماه
I would say that the visuals and the production were super good but the song wasn't so great.
JanL V
JanL V پیش ماه
The song was amazing its very unique from other gg because every sm song is unique Btw sm created kpop wheb other companies copied it or inspired by sm SM intertainmebt change their style to experimental thats why their songs always top in charts and billboard
hanadi Abuzaid
hanadi Abuzaid پیش ماه
Any one relished at the first it sounds like the first but if it us icy music video no hate to arepa I love them already but it sounds so the same I feel like they took it from icy
Annika Hubbard
Annika Hubbard پیش ماه
So y’all are gonna disagree...but honestly I really loved æspa’s debut song. They’re headed for the history books 👀
perfect velvet
perfect velvet پیش ماه
you think everything thats not 2nd gen is familiar🥱
fairyujin پیش ماه
i dont like the idea of the AI, but what's the point of having the, if they barely put the AI's in the mv ;-;
perfect velvet
perfect velvet پیش ماه
Chxyy _
Chxyy _ پیش ماه
No offense but every music video is similar to you.
perfect velvet
perfect velvet پیش ماه
jisoo’s bouncy heart
okay guys hear me out, the chorus sounds exactly like JENNIE’S “SOLO” “i’m going solololololo”
Cake پیش ماه
Ok not to say they "copied" KDA but they "hey" sounds they used SCREAMED pop/stars to me! I think itw as intentional to create familiarity.
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
Tons of songs use hey it's not anything special
michelle پیش ماه
Not a fan of the song. Lowkey I feel like Monster by seulgi and Irene would've been a GREAT debut song for aespa and could fit the video. I feel like Monster would've ATE as a debut song.
michelle پیش ماه
I want these girls to succeed, but I feel like SM already put them on the bias war and fandom war track🤦🏾‍♀️. Fandom war because of all the plagarism allegations. Bias wars because whew child that music video Karina and friends. Like even when the intro started instead of having 2 members side by side somehow karina was in the front. I feel bad cuz it's not her fault but she's already getting hate. SM is setting them up for mess
Sarah Sazali
Sarah Sazali پیش ماه
For me, the back dancer?? They're too many, and i think it'll make my focus run :(( like the outfit is kinda same with the dancer and the color are the same with background, this is just my opinion though😊
Wendz D
Wendz D پیش ماه
Sm done noise marketing for their new GG thats why a lot of people got into it.
peach پیش ماه
in my opinion aespa's next comeback will be song based? maybe they are saving that for their next comeback?
BRIAN LE پیش ماه
Everyone but me: YG vibes, SM vibes. Me: This reminds me of ITZY.
Liz پیش ماه
You should make Kevin an outfit from the Black Mamba music video!
Soonara park
Soonara park پیش ماه
I just love everything about the song it's 🔥 aespa is just full package.
I don't know why but the AYA AYA AYA AYA AYA part in Black Mamba sounds like the AYA AYA AYA AYA of Kiss and Make-up by Blackpink, or am i just the only one?
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
They only similaritie to them is that they both have ay in them
Loreley Bower
Loreley Bower پیش ماه
I loved the video and song so much I'm obsessed with it constantly wanting to see visuals again!
_Moon Moon_
_Moon Moon_ پیش ماه
Am I the only one who loves the AI concept they have?
Fiko Haidar
Fiko Haidar پیش ماه
Aespa is vibes f(x) generation
Fiko Haidar
Fiko Haidar پیش ماه
Like NCT song bcs the synth and electro
Hello Rain
Hello Rain پیش ماه
Can u take down this video? Dont spread hate to kpop fans.
Peace Turnah
Peace Turnah پیش ماه
The other song which has the "flamingo dance" is "I got a boy"
beach blonde
beach blonde پیش ماه
stfu phat
ToWo پیش ماه
Rude, you must be so sad in your miserable life to write a hate comment. 🤦🏽‍♀️
tetecupe پیش ماه
I think that SM trying to copy the popular ggs concepts or blackpink to be honest , SM should bring girls generation back and stop trying
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
There is legit no similarities with aespa and blackpink besides both of them having 4 members
emmylia پیش ماه
how is this copying blackpink?
OhhhKay w h a t
OhhhKay w h a t پیش ماه
The whole song is just Lore, many viewers like me are very confused as to what the song is all about, until I learned AESPA's dictionary (meaning of the words KWANGYA, FLAT, SYNK, etc). Its very confusing to new viewers, the song is catchy but it aint my cup of tea, its more of a Comeback than a Debut. If SM is really going for SMCU because they explained the last scenes of Make a Wish by NCT U and One (Monster & Infinity) by SuperM, because they really took SuperM's label "The Avengers of Kpop" to a whole new level, that the story line of each group will be in the same universe, They really should have executed it better or it will turn into SMDC
Czarina We'ller
Czarina We'ller پیش ماه
I like the beautiful aesthetic of the MV but the song I don't know... it's just awkward not my cup of tea tho.
secreto 2ne1
secreto 2ne1 پیش ماه
the whole video is like aespa ft karina
Lex shii
Lex shii پیش ماه
i feel like im the only one who loves everything about this debut. the dance is AMAZING the visuals and aesthetics are AMAZING and the song is SOOOOOOOOOOO good to me :(
Hendery Baby
Hendery Baby پیش 6 روز
Sameee :(( aespa is receiving too much hate. They don’t deserve it
Juliet's_cousin .bbi00
subha baskaran
subha baskaran پیش ماه
Me too!
hanjee پیش ماه
I love the chorus move too, something about it is addicting or satisfying ;o The ‘flamingo’ move that you were talking about with Girls Generation reminds me of I Got a Boy, it’s a line that Seohyun sings where they shuffle with their feet to one side with their heads facing that way too
Azael Herrera
Azael Herrera پیش ماه
Aespa it’s the SM take on the girl crush concept, thing that his actual GG don’t really have. It’s loud, powerful and with a lot of motion, I have big expectations for what comes next for them, I think they have huge amount of potential.
Alya Alehaideb
Alya Alehaideb پیش ماه
Am I the only one who LOVES the song? When I first watched the mv I was so shocked at the visuals and aesthetics and I was especially shocked when the chorus came in. I absolutely love the chorus, the whole song is amazing and I keep playing it on repeat lol.
meadcwlark پیش ماه
It looks like they copied the train scene from Pop/Stars... but made it worse
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
@meadcwlark there is legit not even a rap part in this song lol
meadcwlark پیش ماه
@Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim I’m not saying they copied the idea of a train station, it’s literally a spray painted glow in the dark train with a rap part. Say what you want but that is so blatantly copied 😶
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
If they "copied" a train scene from kda then lda also copied twice. Train and subway stations are popular in kpop kda was not the first one to make it
Maddie_ GH
Maddie_ GH پیش ماه
Tbh I’m kinda glad I didn’t love Black Mamba because I feel like I’m cheating on red velvet lol. I hope they come back soon 😔
subha baskaran
subha baskaran پیش ماه
Your Sentence literally made no sense
fairyychuu. پیش ماه
honestly the ai members are okay until you realize that they're supposed to be 16
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
Where did you get 16 from 😂😂😂 all aespa members are 18+ and 19+ if you consider their korean age
emmylia پیش ماه
where did they say they’re supposed to be 16?
Bzeus28 پیش ماه
In their performance video introduction where giselle looks at a mirror and sees ae-giselle, ae-giselle is literally hyoyeon like no difference
Manon Becuwe
Manon Becuwe پیش ماه
the beginning of the song it’s like team by Iggy Azalea
Chris Ge Lin
Chris Ge Lin پیش ماه
I don’t think they will do well. They are not pretty or talented enough to make it. They are just generic idols who are basically indisguishable from one another.
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
"Not talanted enough" lol 😂😂😂 you clearly don't know anything about them when you say they aren't talented couldn't you have thought of something else
emmylia پیش ماه
delete this wtf
subha baskaran
subha baskaran پیش ماه
That was hella rude .If you don't think they are worth the hype stop discrediting all their hard works of training. Not pretty enough ,you are literally telling they need a pretty face to succeed ,not talented enough ?They literally freaking just debut and others will live them including me .You should have just worded your words a little differently.
•Justin 전•
•Justin 전• پیش ماه
Lol when i watch the mv i was like... Its kinda reminds me of I can't stop me 😂
megat shaqeer
megat shaqeer پیش ماه
Fyi the pre-chorus of the song sounds a lil bit like katy perry et or is it just me sksksk
klontianam kpoper
klontianam kpoper پیش ماه
I loved the song
Shayne پیش ماه
I remember seeing a post about sm trying to "re-create" or make their own version of blackpink so I think this is sm's blackpink
Chun Li
Chun Li پیش ماه
The beginning of the song sounds like *ITZY*'s CHERRY 🍒 and the the chorus first step choreography also is similar to ITZY
Chun Li
Chun Li پیش ماه
Their vocal color isn't versatile
gcfjia پیش ماه
hanjee پیش ماه
Omg wait I do hear it in the beat
mav is
mav is پیش ماه
Stuck in my head by twice is very songs like black mamba
Is It just me or does this lowkey give out project Mc2 vibes?
srujana harshini
srujana harshini پیش ماه
I'll simplify my thoughts on this in a sentence, 'It felt like a song composed for GIDLE, choreo for ITZY, mv production for BLACKPINK, but actual mv shot by SM ent.' A risky step for a debut, have to listen to it for like 4-5 times to get into head, but since its from BIG3 they'll be successful. Well, I like it. No offence!
Priety Chowdhury
Priety Chowdhury پیش ماه
Tomorrow bang pd's gonna fart and she will be like why does this fart sounds similar...😑😑😑
Priety Chowdhury
Priety Chowdhury پیش ماه
@srujana harshini thx
Priety Chowdhury
Priety Chowdhury پیش ماه
@jungwoo's teeheee thx
srujana harshini
srujana harshini پیش ماه
Good one gurll
jungwoo's teeheee
jungwoo's teeheee پیش ماه
Hahahaha.. Nice one.
Cindy Pineda
Cindy Pineda پیش ماه
It literally sounds like SNSD and EXO ❣️ with a touch of NCT and RV 😌❣️
aesyouxesisi 0_0
aesyouxesisi 0_0 پیش ماه
No offence but the AI idols creeps me out.....
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
The ais aren't idols
Sirajum Munira
Sirajum Munira پیش ماه
Do u have any videos on EXO songs? Didn't find any
Alhea Sibarani
Alhea Sibarani پیش ماه
I like AESPA and the mv and the song is just awesome to me, i don't know why people hate AESPA, they just like another kpop idol,who wants debut, be idols, be famous, have a fandom, its just normal for me. DON'T HATE PEOPLE WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW HOW THE TRUTH, NO BODY WANT TO BE ASHAMED, NO BODY WANT TO BE HATED, SO STOP BULLYING OR SAYING FUCKY THINGS TO KPOP IDOL
Aikoshie پیش ماه
right now im blown because of aespa's voices, visuals and the song. it's really my cup of tea. I think that their concept is very bright, chic, iconic let me say. I don't really think aespa is similar to itzy. Aespa's concept now is bright-future-thingy and itzy's is more teen girl crush. I think that this debut will remain iconic and unforgettable.
Squirrel Peter Jisung
Squirrel Peter Jisung پیش ماه
The last Pose of Black Mamba look like ONDA'S Part in Adios the See you later?
Martha C
Martha C پیش ماه
Literally aespa copied and pasted choreographies from itzy and blackpink there's a video showing the exact moves and it's not just one or two. and idk if it's just me but I already sense that karina is going to get more promotions than the rest of the girls.
emmylia پیش ماه
um and which choreographies is that? because i don’t see a resemblance.
ThatOneNiggaYoshi پیش ماه
I feel like some people are just looking for reasons to compare them to Blackpink because they are a 4 member girl group. That one ai/ae didn't even look like Rose, it looked exactly like the girl it was next to. And the only similarity between Lisa and the other ai/ae was the color scheme of their outfits, the only thing that is the exact same on the outfits are the white dots, they don't even have the same overall design.
emmylia پیش ماه
for real, people think every girl crush group is copying blackpink when they didn’t even invent that concept
Gabriela Marques
Gabriela Marques پیش ماه
not related to this video but I hope you do a video on life goes on
G Cruise
G Cruise پیش ماه
video seems like bp and concept was like g-idle?🤔
Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim
As a blink The video was nothing like Blackpink
gemcnd پیش ماه
me when i heard the song first time: meh......not bad.😑 literally after 2 times of listening: Hate a ma ma ma ma ma ba ba ba.. Hate a ma ma ma ma ma ba ...~~ BTW i loved this song....and the girls did an amazing job...congrats aespa for the debut.👏👏
anna Rosemarie
anna Rosemarie پیش ماه
To me it resembles snsd a lot
This Is How Aespa Was Formed
Henry VIII - OverSimplified
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