Who Did and Didn't Sing Live: TMA 2020 

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Today, we’re going to discuss some the performances that were done at the Facts Music Awards. From Ateez to Seventeen to (G)i-dle to Got7! (and even Super Junior, which btw, I forgot to mention that burn the floor was LAR!) So actually there was so much live singing at this award show, I almost forgot what reality was. I was hearing people out of breath, but I was also hearing when idols stopped singing because they were out of breath and I was just in awe. I personally love LMR performances, I find I just connect with them so much better. If I can hear an artist's authenticity when they perform, no matter how many mistakes they make, I love it. It’s my favourite. And actually, for those who haven’t seen my video on MAMA, I’ll explain briefly the type of performances we tend to see in Kpop.
So we have LAR performances, which is “Live All Recorded”. These consist of idols lip syncing over a prerecorded track, possibly while they weren’t dancing so it’s usually super clear, super stable and basically perfect, but doesn’t match the idol when they move and dance. For example, an idol could literally be out of breath, jumping around yet their vocals sound absolutely perfect and you can usually just tell.
Then we have LMR performances, which is “Live Music Recorded”. These consist of idols having a backup track that assists them, but their own live vocals can peak through. You can usually almost hear two voices, and you can hear the difference between the two voices, especially when the real vocals stop or whatever the case may be. This again, is personally my favourite type of performance. I think even if an idol can’t finish their part, if the effort is there, I love it. And having a backup track is so necessary when you’re dancing so much.
Then we have AR performance, “All Recorded”, and this is just lip syncing to the studio version. So it’s different from LAR, because LAR plays a different track. And then always on live vocals, we will have some type of voice smoothing filter or autotune, but that’s the new age of kpop. It’s fine.
Now please keep in mind, these are just descriptions of the types of performances we tend to see. I’m not stigmatizing one over the other. I think idols have super valid reasons for picking whatever type of performance they do. Whether it’s to achieve a more perfected sound, that some people prefer, whether it’s to avoid scandal or backlash, whatever the case may be, I understand and I’m not knocking any of them.
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0:00 Intro
0:47 Types of Vocal Performances
4:53 Got7
7:28 Seventeen
8:39 (G)i-dle
10:26 Mamamoo
11:33 Stray Kids
13:15 Ateez
16:16 Itzy
17:21 BTS
19:03 Super Junior
22:07 Jessi
23:30 Enhypen
24:08 TXT
25:44 Twice
26:54 Other performances

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Who is tan and why do you all wanna bang him ?
I want you to make a video addressing each group individually . Their vocals and performances and discuss about it thoroughly ? Like I remember you once did with Blackpink (although that didn't really age well 😌) still you can give it a try ? I will love to hear your opinions and observations 💜💜😊😊
im so clean so fresh
im so clean so fresh پیش ماه
Ingrid Catherine
Ingrid Catherine پیش ماه
But the statement about sm is correct. Even Taeyeon they fo that. Glad we have her concerts and since I think she has a big control over that we have incredible live performances there.
Ingrid Catherine
Ingrid Catherine پیش ماه
The aespa comparison is actually incorrect . Ningning doesn’t dance in the beginning of the chorus after her high note. Plese check the fancam or dance practice.
• Sᴀɪᴋɪ Kᴜsᴜᴏ •
You forgot to put Enhypen in ur description just letting you know cos you put Enhypen in JESSI's part ♥️
PerfectFanta پیش 8 روز
I think Got7's MAMA performance was live though. Jackson had help from the backing track when he ran up the stairs, but you can hear him breathing in other parts of the performance. The other members also had some parts that were shaky and you could hear their breath too.
Yaqoot Fatima
Yaqoot Fatima پیش 9 روز
Itzy Is doing a very good job
Banah Sultan
Banah Sultan پیش 13 روز
Seventeen’s vocals are SOO AMAZING and that’s a fact no one can deny😫💕
Hernandez, Lance Simoun P.
as expected in itzy
Aiz Criss
Aiz Criss پیش 14 روز
Don't wanna be a hypocrite but Seventeen's movement are clearly audible. I can even hear their mics hitting their clothes or their cheeks. And if she really watched the performance then maybe she will have a lot to say about their live vocals in Kidult.
cc z
cc z پیش 15 روز
Im sad to hear kidult wasn’t mentioned dk did so well singing that live :/
kiyama saki
kiyama saki پیش 18 روز
SVT's vocals are breathtaking
Kate-Emma Murray
Kate-Emma Murray پیش 19 روز
As usual, everyone needs to get on Jessi’s level.
dianaflrs پیش 21 روز
12:46 lmao fellow with the raspy vioice, thats changbin
LOVE GOD پیش 21 روز
I feel like LMR is used for more dark, gritty, energetic performances while LAR is used for more laid-back, pristine performances. I think that is why CYSM is LMR and Blue Hour is LAR. I feel like those songs embody the type of songs and performances that would be in those two categories (LMR and LAR).
Anna F
Anna F پیش 22 روز
Hello, I'm here to appreciate Yunho's live vocal, Atiny
Class of 2020
Class of 2020 پیش 25 روز
The other video got blocked
Faltous S97
Faltous S97 پیش 25 روز
I dont know you forget weeekly they were one of the perform This is unfair
Sandra H
Sandra H پیش 25 روز
i'm just searching through the tags for mx oof
-- پیش 26 روز
BTS' songs were ✨b l o c k ed✨ like wtf are you copyrighted??
Fabbi پیش 28 روز
thumbnail tho ✨ yunho looks so unreal there 🤧✨✨
lucy kim
lucy kim پیش 28 روز
got7s vocal line is the best in kpop. in my opinion!
CHOI SAN پیش 29 روز
cassiebabyleigh پیش 29 روز
Yep, i would really prefer an idol disregarding choreo when its their parts. Not a fan of got7 but i appreciate the effort.
noor mahmuda
noor mahmuda پیش 29 روز
GOT7 winning hearts with only and only their pure hard work. It's sad because most of the groups nowadays gets many fans easily bcz company promotes and supports them just like other jype groups, but GOT7 they had to do all themselves. I really hope they leave jype asap as they are capable to do so.
Avril Mercado
Avril Mercado پیش 29 روز
noor mahmuda
noor mahmuda پیش 29 روز
@Avril Mercado ikr? Yes, Got7 didn be as popular as other groups when they debuted but they saved jype with their fan meetings in overswas, japanese debut in the year they debut. They were overworked until 2019. In 2019 they had 6 albums? Including japanese ones, but if you see their korean and japanese cbs didnt have any promos like other jype groups. Just see the simpleat one, their instagram , facebook and twitter. Too different. And until today, jype helps other groups to put the cover they did, and nicely edits for them but got7 cant so jinyoung recorded with his cmera and put it in IG. The list goes on more, GOT7 really deserves so much better :'(
Avril Mercado
Avril Mercado پیش 29 روز
yes and to think that they are from jyp too plus they basically save it from bankcrupcy years ago before they debut just upsets me on how they are treated badly by award show and the company itself
Hi! I’M Changkyun
Hi! I’M Changkyun پیش ماه
Please give more detailed info about Monsta X, they’re so talented, and they’re TOP TIER PERFORMER. People should stop sleeping at their TRUE TALENT
Lee Seokmin
Lee Seokmin پیش ماه
SEVENTEEN sang Kidult live !!! In Fallin' Flower and Fearless, we can still hear them singing eventho the background music quite loud. People who don't stan them cannot tell whether they're singing it live or lipsyncing bcs they sound the same 😏
Living baguette
Living baguette پیش ماه
I’m sorry because it has nothing to do with the subject of the video but you look so pretty !
Grace پیش ماه
13:04 I completely know what you're talking about! Even when I'm not a 2° gen stan, many new gen artists do that as well, maybe not in award shows, but in their concerts! Seventeen, Got7, Stray kids, MonstaX and BTS(as you say they from gen 2.5 lmao). I really admire the quality of the vocals of this groups :'))
hey hey
hey hey پیش ماه
SEVENTEEN did really great, vocals and dance🦋
Yvonne 2515
Yvonne 2515 پیش ماه
ANGELINA. Can you do the Kbs Song Festival? :D 🦜
martiiina cardenas :D
martiiina cardenas :D پیش ماه
this is literally proof y'all should stan stray kids and ateez
maria moreno
maria moreno پیش ماه
Omg please do more i really like your thoughts on this and all the details that i for some reason miss
Geovana Gama
Geovana Gama پیش ماه
Got7 had 2 performance in mama. In Last Piece u can hear they singing.
Veronika Raincord
Veronika Raincord پیش ماه
I really think that got7 a really good at live vocal
Sam پیش ماه
Lady Jasmine
Lady Jasmine پیش ماه
after watching a lot of her videos, i can’t see performances the same as they were before😂 i mean it’s a good thing that i now more aware of who’s singing and who’s lipsync-ing but yeah it doesn’t feel the same as before, btw love all your content!!
Javis Makie Malazzab
Javis Makie Malazzab پیش ماه
I think this video low-key-ly support South Korean standards in performing. This will pressure all the artists. I hope no KPOP idol will go into this because this is a direct attack on them. KPOP idols are suffering from the standards towards perfection these people are shaving unto them.
Recommended پیش ماه
oen thing no one cares unless you are a professional singer or dancer to criticized any artist
Y K پیش ماه
imo got7’s vocalists, especially youngjae and jaebeom, have pretty unique voices, not to mention that their vocals are pretty high up there and it’s not that they’re off pitch, but they have powerful vocals so you can clearly hear when they’re singing live (even if you have never heard got7 if you hear youngjae singing, you would know he’s singing live)
Alfi پیش ماه
Yeay finally GOT7 😭💚
Lisa Lander
Lisa Lander پیش ماه
why can't I hear the BTS part, did you mute it?? I mean if you want us to hear what you mean then we need to HEAR it....and before anyone says anything the rest of the video I can hear, it is only the BTS part.
Tehe پیش ماه
I think it could be maybe that she had to mute that part due to copy write? Could be wrong, but I hope that helped :)
Non-Existent David
Non-Existent David پیش ماه
snow fall
snow fall پیش ماه
6:41 wait it's not a big deal i am not that perfect singer but still i can keep my voice stable while jumping so i think we can't judge vocals at this point
XxAnx yaxXx
XxAnx yaxXx پیش ماه
U said with friends u DONT have
Kisame پیش ماه
Ik some mr removed channels are not accurate but their are some very accurate channels like : @Lyma @BHK MR Removed @AKMRremoved @Mr Removed_TW Back Up @ShiroG MR Removed @NL MR Removed
Forever Stay
Forever Stay پیش ماه
We can always trust in Stray Kids for a quality performance. It's so funny to me how they don't even try to lip sync cause they are just not good at it. They've said it themselves, there's no point in lipsyincing for them 😂
mamamoo is my gay parents
Mamamoo never disappoint. They always sing live💕
Marina Krebs
Marina Krebs پیش ماه
isn't it so weird how some idols will get dragged through hell for an unstable vocal once or twice but not for lipsyncing a whole song?? what the hell is happening to our values lmao
SVT's my addiction
SVT's my addiction پیش ماه
Seventeen's Kidult performance was the best thing ever. And you could see they were really singing live. Carats are so spoiled to get performances for their B-sides! Literally who does that? Only Seventeen ♥️ They didn't bother to do their title track cuz they know how much we've been waiting for their B-sides to be performed.
quokkastay پیش 3 روز
Yesssss I was shocked when they sang live cause they’ve said themselves is a difficult song but they SERVED
ilona پیش ماه
Yes please review KBS etc., i'm living for all the collabs there
Squiggles پیش ماه
Okay but how are we gonna ignore seventeens very live vocals in kidult?? They were literally trending for their vocals but ok
Yeon Ki Min
Yeon Ki Min پیش ماه
I dunno why BH allows that. Their artists sing live but later their vocals get smoothened out. Their live vocals sounds so amazing that they really don't need to be worked on. I blame the company not the idols.
selamphobia پیش ماه
waiting for you to start including the boyz in these videos 😞
Suhaila Rozy
Suhaila Rozy پیش ماه
To anyone who still has beef with shindong over the comment he said almost 11 years ago, do know that the man has apologized for his mistake and constantly shows support to plus size woman and man eversince. Just drop by to let you know that the man grown from his past and own up his mistake, then it is up to you to judge idc if u think human can't make mistakes and can't own it up cause u do u i guess. Have a great day/peaceful night💙
Anitsirc Anitsirc
Anitsirc Anitsirc پیش ماه
You should put the performances if its a real lar or live for preference purposes.
Sara Flis
Sara Flis پیش ماه
With (g)-idle they have sang live whole dumdi dumdi era
Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock پیش ماه
Hahah what's new... Twice never sings live because they know that Momo cannot sing... wake up youre a 6 years old group, there has been 0 improvement from your live singing...
mamamoo is my gay parents
mamamoo is my gay parents پیش 13 روز
@JisooJinyoungGotPink 7 it's funny how their junior Itzy is more stable than them.
JisooJinyoungGotPink 7
JisooJinyoungGotPink 7 پیش 13 روز
Enough!!!! Not momo only but others too. Just listen all their encore stages. It's funny how even in Fancy and feel special this senior gg can't sing stable. Hard choreo?? Itzy , mamamoo that have lesser members , that carries the hard choreo can sing live vocals compared to twice' wisky wisky, i feel specioooll
mamamoo is my gay parents
lol so true.
Jools Humes
Jools Humes پیش ماه
Girl if you want to hear live singing, unedited ones with few to no vocal filters, you should watch kpop vocal dance covers. Most of the time it’s with hand held mikes only and with barely any or no back up track at all. Yes some are god awful lol but there’s some really good ones. This one I saw these dudes do a vocal cover of exo and this dude was fuckin belting was like bending over backwards and it sounded so raw sis. Omg and there this other cover of these girls doing twice I can at stop me and there were no playback vocals sis. The girls who played the lead vocalist literally belted out when they went to the floor and did those SUPER high ad libs at the end LIVE. Y’all I truly believe idols are being held back. When I saw what can actually be done by the human body when trained I was astonished. Some of these covers were so raw but perfect at the same time. They sounded like they were struggling at and there are mistakes sometimes but who cares because it’s live and when it’s live mistakes happen lol. But all in all it sounded beyond amazing and I recommend watch some good ones. Idk but I think the two groups I mentioned who did covers are from the same IRitem channel lol. Anyways I live live vocals as much as you do. After watching those videos I honestly think it’s the companies holding idols back or they’re not picking or writing songs that do the vocalists justice. Like if rookies can do it on IRitem I damn well know people who spent their entire childhood and sacrificed everything for the idol life can sing and dance live very very well. Like after seeing those videos I just can’t believe anymore that these idols aren’t being held back because their companies want perfection, which I hate tbh lol. anyways I’m very high but I just had an epiphany watching you vid ily Edit: omg I just watched one that covered love sick girls and omg wtf this is amazing.
Cherry -
Cherry - پیش ماه
Since you appreciate live vocals so much you should reeeeallly consider stanning WOODZ 😍😍 Edit: his most recent performance of Trigger on M Countdown is a perfect example!!
MMM SSS پیش ماه
Angelina why was jungkook’s audio cut??😂
skz_stay پیش ماه
stray kids always use the backing track for breathing.. they always try to cover it as much as they can and you can clearly hear when it's them or the backing track (just like what you included in the video).. and yea, most of the rappers especially jisung don't focus on the choreo when it's their part..
Sebong Carat17
Sebong Carat17 پیش ماه
Yeay love to see angelina talk about seventeen ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ hope to see more svt contents on your channel 🥺
Suju1004Elf پیش ماه
Comparing 2009 suju live clip of sorry2 with live clip in 2020 is not a way to prove your point. Kyuhun voice mature over the time. They learn some techniques and improve their vocal. Even yesung said kyu and ryeowook had improve. If you saw a variety show where they singing live.. You can say they did eat the CD. I am not saying your point is wrong but if you want to compare.. Please use a comparable video. Thank you.
Olivia Anandra
Olivia Anandra پیش 12 روز
meowxmi ;
meowxmi ; پیش 29 روز
Sandra Adinda
Sandra Adinda پیش ماه
marley پیش ماه
Hello. This isn't really related to this video, but I want to make sure I am not crazy lol. I was just listening to music when Team by Iggy Izalea came on. I thought I was listening to Black Mamba for a minute. It sounds weirdly similar in my opinion, especially in the beginning. I wanted to ask others if it sounds similar or if it is just me. No hate to the girls or Iggy though. Just curious on your opinions. (And also, it might just be the style of music sounding similar.)
johnny d. seduced marilyn m.
Why no one talking about SuJu performance? It was incredible😭
CauseI'm everywhereHoney
saaame. They actually sang live and people should also recognize that they're so good at their concept.
Lestrange پیش ماه
You're absolutely right, for me their performance at TMA was the best.
Lux Demacia
Lux Demacia پیش ماه
True its a fucking masterpiece 😭 They probably skip it because most of the fans today only focus on younger 3rd-4th gen groups and tend to forget the older groups' contributions 😭
johnny d. seduced marilyn m.
@Neha Lamba I was so shocked when saw this stage cos never heard this song) and was like omg it's happening we getting spoiled
Neha Lamba
Neha Lamba پیش ماه
same here...I am searching in comments all the way. I think even Angelina doesn't know 'Burn the floor' was a first performance of a unreleased song from 10th album.
João Victor
João Victor پیش ماه
did bighit came for you, girl?
Thomas O'Bannon
Thomas O'Bannon پیش ماه
Did anyone else have most of the BTS parts with no sound?
Those Green Hearts
Those Green Hearts پیش ماه
Why did you put GOT7 first?? Now I'm satisfied and i want to stop watching the video... but i won't Thank you for talking about GOT7♡
Alliery O
Alliery O پیش ماه
Very objective and subtle approach. Kpop are great dancers, majestic production but need to do better with vocals( it is still weird that there are different terms LAR, LMR,heavily autotuned --- it doesn't have to be complex either you sing live or you don't). Angelina was trying to be nice when she said this about BTS "The quality is quite bad" their vocals here is just as bad which is why they always have to do LAR / Lip-sync and refined "auto tune" most of their perf. Comment about Twice "they weren't the worst" and her giggles when speaking is such a mood. Nevertheless the rawness of voice on this Award show catered who can sing and can't.
Arty P
Arty P پیش ماه
On the TMA performances, can someone please tell me that Jessi and Hwasa's dance break was not 80% the same as CL and Hyori's dance break in the Bad Girls collab? I'm going crazy here 🤣😅
Medd meds
Medd meds پیش ماه
Got7 💚
BADBLOOD پیش ماه
Super junior kings of vocals
Nur Aziz
Nur Aziz پیش 27 روز
That true because they always singing live
tsun jul
tsun jul پیش ماه
Could you react to MMA 2020 performances?
Lucile Cappelletti
Lucile Cappelletti پیش ماه
TxT stylists need to make more interesting outfits
Zhabian Davids
Zhabian Davids پیش ماه
Did you see the Pre debut kpop group called SCL
patri پیش ماه
why do you keep making this vids??? they are seriously so unnecessary and they just lead to groups getting dragged. do better
hongjoong mullet
hongjoong mullet پیش ماه
;; ki's garden
;; ki's garden پیش ماه
stray kids have really been giving us LIVE live vocals this last cycle and honestly it's so good
Talia matsu
Talia matsu پیش ماه
I'm not sure if we can call it LAR/LMR when the performances aren't live in the first place. At least for bighit (idk about other companes) we know that the artist were singing live while recording and then the performances were edited in post processing to add autotune or other effects. So I don't think it fits in those categories.
shaf a
shaf a پیش ماه
fyi enhypen is 12 days old when they perform at tma and already sang live mega monster rookie indeed
Woo San
Woo San پیش ماه
LivinLikeLarry :
LivinLikeLarry : پیش ماه
hyeongjun minhee
hyeongjun minhee پیش ماه
AAAAA i loved this so much! another job well done~ 💞 your award show reviews are always so fun to watch ;;; i was actually hoping you'd talk about cravity here but oh well! maybe next time
Abril Salas Cardozo
Abril Salas Cardozo پیش ماه
GOT7 🙏🙏 I was waiting for them u never talk abt my bois🥺 I hope u can make more videos
Ingrid پیش ماه
do mma!!
Albane پیش ماه
I've realized that in NCT some members lipsync at every stages while some barely do it. And that's kind of a shame.
YurioNice -
YurioNice - پیش ماه
Tbh I prefer when idols sing live, even if their vocals aren't perfect. It just sounds better to me.
jun's hotdog griller
jun's hotdog griller پیش ماه
ah yes svt slaaaays
Latifah پیش ماه
finally got7
chile anyways so
chile anyways so پیش ماه
i live for itzy's live vocals
NanCy#teumeikonic hanbinforever
LeeKnow's Salad
LeeKnow's Salad پیش ماه
Honestly... anyone can perfectly sing even when jumping which I DID with Dalla Dalla's chorus and Runaway Taehyun's jump part. Im not speaking out bad stuff or what, its just my opinion :)
Jzl پیش ماه
Thanks for including GOT7 this time 💚
King Jonghyun
King Jonghyun پیش ماه
GOT7's vocal line is ✨ immaculate ✨
Angel Latte
Angel Latte پیش 25 روز
Honestly they’re the most confident singing live 🎤
King Jonghyun
King Jonghyun پیش 26 روز
@shiro neko ✨ tasteless ✨
shiro neko
shiro neko پیش 26 روز
✨ no ✨
lucy kim
lucy kim پیش 28 روز
Ariz Wasseh
Ariz Wasseh پیش ماه
Hwasa's TMA María performance was actually insane
Melina Melina
Melina Melina پیش ماه
I just wanna talk about Yeosang because i feel like we really got to hear more of his vocals since inception era and im really proud of his improvement!!!
Vienne_MOARMYEggie پیش ماه
I love hearing idols singing LIVE. The way we can hear their hard breathing, vocals shaking a lil bit or when they don't sang some parts to catch their breath. 😘👌
neko2412neko پیش ماه
A good reason for performing LAR or just using the studio audio is when they have back to back performances and need to take care of their vocal cords! Because most vocal cord damage is irreversible!
Ranny Daniels
Ranny Daniels پیش ماه
Yeah San's vocals are always covered by the back up track since he's always dancing with intensity. I'm glad this days his voice is getting heard
Ranny Daniels
Ranny Daniels پیش ماه
Okay one idol i knew was mostly if not always sings live is Seonghwa, you can hear his movements, breath and when he dances you can hear.
Daniella Martin
Daniella Martin پیش ماه
Unpopular opinion: Big Hit ruins Jimin's voice with autotune.
starry night
starry night پیش ماه
@UC6cQMDYdzVVc93chEVDBewQ oh dear lord here we go again, first of all: I've heared more bts songs than your age number doubled lol 2: did you read ALL my comments fully? Do you know the difference between pitch correction and autotune? If you've actually read all of my comments, you'd probably know that i NEVER said bts sing badly and that's why they use autotune, I wrote paragraphs to argue with your fellow Army to prove that they DON'T need the heavy vocal effects and autotune in all of their songs(yes, they've been in most of their songs since 2017, idk about you but my EARS hear that sht, I don't need to mention all of them, but that doesn't mean that I've not listenedto them lol, "a few title tracks" lol) and if you've read my comment, I mentioned that I'm NOT talking about the "artistic choice" , you shouldn't talk about art in music when you obviously know nothing about it but unlike YOU, it's my major and I'm not DUMB, I get symbolism and metaphor so well and quickly, and therefore, my brain can DEFINITELY process the difference between unprofessional use of it and artistic metaphor, so PLEASE, stop teaching me... I don't get y'all...the company is deadas* ruining your faves voices and draining their voices of emotion but yall ALWAYS get MAD when someone talks about it... I'd love to list all of the songs to atleast tell y'all that I have heared pretty much all of their songs since 2017 but that's a waste of time cause yall's musical ears are nonexistent and idk what and how you listen to music...I try to be respectful but y'all just DON'T let me lol
tsun jul
tsun jul پیش ماه
@starry night Help I did not say that you are wrong..Even I would prefer less autotune..but those are not numbers..Those are actual critics telling this. I am not angry at you.I am just saying that people can have different preferences. You CAN criticize, I just wanted to have a friendly discussion on what we both feel because you actually brought in critics, I gave some critics' opinions. And like I said u said many dont like it, I am still asking how does the GP like it? GP≠Numbers by a fanbase. I am not talking as an army..I just wanted to have a normal music discussion..🤷🏻 Lets end it here.
starry night
starry night پیش ماه
@tsun jul Yes typical of an Army to get MAD when something is critisized EVEN when I directly said that I have nothing against bts and I am not a fan of those vocal effects cause I like them, I wouldn't care if I disliked them, and yet again, typical of an Army to bring up all numbers and achievements bts have received (happy for them though^^) in every discussion lol you keep taking assumptions that my words = BTS's music is bad while I NEVER even said that and hon, I actually like bighit's production team, that's why I listen to all of their groups and care about them that much lol
tsun jul
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I didnt say you should like autotune, but you saying that "many" ppl hate it is exaggerating it. Like I loved black swan and that attracted me to kpop. I have been a listener of western music for many years and it was the first korean song that caught my attention. Everyday new armys keep coming because of their music and BTS were the only idol group to win SOTY at the KMA'S ( only music critics) for Fake love and got 200+ critics voting for dynamite. My "unique" taste is literally the taste of Korea's public and also Ik that pre-mots7 had autotune too but yes I agree in ON it was overused, but I, like many people don't hate it. It was part of MOTS7, the most critically acclaimed album by BTS.
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@tsun jul I actually love the production on many of their songs and I admire their creativity but I stand on not liking the autotune and I don't get how you think it started from mots7 lol it's use is pretty obvious idk it might be because you don't listen to much music lol I miss hearing their raw voices on songs and i don't like autotune and many people don't cause it makes everything sound robotic...You must have a very unique taste in music to like it that much though since I've not seen many people like it's overusage
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I just realized the bird is a blackjack❤️ 🖤
*wears AirPods Max once*
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Fixing BAD Kpop MV Thumbnails!
*wears AirPods Max once*
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