Who Did and Didn't Sing Live: KBS Song Festival 2020 

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Today we’re going to discuss the performances from the KBS song festival! Not gonna lie, this one was a bit harder to analyze but I did the best I could. Some performances were a bit clearer than others, but overall I felt KBS might have messed around by adding back up tracks and perfecting the live performances after the fact.
I’ll be discussing the special stages, such as the maknaes (the youngest members of Itzy, (G)i-dle, Oh my girl and Iz*one) performance of Apink’s ‘’I Don’t Know’’, Chaeyeon from Iz*one and Charyeong from Itzy who covered Taemin’s criminal and Chungha’s roller coaster respectively, then came together for a Rain on me dance performance originally by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Ryujun from Itzy, Yooa from oh my girl, Sinb from Gfriend and Eunbi from IZONE who covered NCT U’s Boss. As well as Shotaro from NCT, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, Moonbin from Astro, Juyeon from the Boyz who covered hard carry by Got7.
I’ve also compiled a list of artists and groups who gave me the most live vocal vibes, though many of the performances were indeed quite confusing. I tried to look into some fancams for clarification, and sometimes I could hear a difference, but mostly KBS seems to add the audio post-production so most of the time they weren’t helpful.
For JYP and Sunmi, since they have both been around for a while, we could compare their 2020 stages to past stages. I also discuss Jessi (who had a stage with Jackson from Got7!) and Stray Kids performances, and briefly analyze the special rap performance from members of Stray Kids, NCT and Monsta X.
I tried going into detail for as many groups as possible, but inevitably, with so many similar types of performances, it would have gotten redundant. Though I do think I managed to at least mention everyone.
So from lip syncing to live vocals to really confusing in-between performances, I hope you enjoy my thoughts from KBS song festival!
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0:00 Intro
0:54 Brief Overview: LAR, LMR
1:29 Disclaimer
2:35 Maknaes Special Performance
4:21 RE: Kpop Award Show Covers
5:03 Chaeyeon X Chaeryeong
6:14 Boss & Hard Carry
7:19 Fishy Fishy KBS Fancams 🐠
8:26 JYP & Sunmi
10:26 Jessi & Jackson
11:29 Stray Kids
12:41 Hwasa
13:25 Itzy
14:08 Monsta X, Mamamoo, Got7
15:14 Special Rap Performance
17:02 Live Performance Confusion
18:01 Aespa, SM Vocals
20:08 Twice
21:39 Nu'est
22:27 Momoland, Enhypen, (G)i-dle, IZ*ONE, Gfriend, OMG, TXT, The Boyz
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*Astro slipped through the cracks, but I'd put them into that confusing LAR category!

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angelina پیش ماه
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prepkropek پیش 28 روز
thought they said the show was fully pre-recorded
x - Sadia - x
x - Sadia - x پیش ماه
@Sarita Malusare I think it is because she put Dun Dun in that category and was only trying to do one song per group but La Di Da was a great song
康斯坦丁 پیش ماه
@Mark Brenzuela Sort of. But it's pronounced differently
Mark Brenzuela
Mark Brenzuela پیش ماه
is it just me or AKMA literally means "DEVIL"' in Korean? HAHAHA
康斯坦丁 پیش ماه
You've missed out on the potential cowboy boots category in your award's list
Trisha Nicole
Trisha Nicole پیش 6 روز
it’s so disappointing to see a lot of kpoppies talk down twice. it’s like a curse that everyone that isn’t a once is a twice anti. i wonder how immature one must be to praise all these other groups yet not twice. TWICE is the standard idc what you say.
SUNGHOON'S پیش 13 روز
hello, everyone as a My i want y'all to stop saying that MYs claimed that aespa sang live, if you check their live performances comment no one said they sing Live, its annoying when you pick on our fandom without remembering there's a toxic one in every fandom as well as Mys Fandom, the one fan you see isn't like every fans so StoP it, ❤️
mayjan0190 پیش 14 روز
Im actually super thrilled that nobody discussed mamamoo, since the answer would be too obvious 🤟🏼 like why waste time talking bout mamamoo live vocal quality??
Tubac, Reyjie B.
Tubac, Reyjie B. پیش 16 روز
ENHYPEN seemed to be traditionally doing LAR? Sorry but we, ENGENES, won't agree with your opinion. I would suggest you to try watching their music show performance and also their performance from FNS 2020. Just a suggestion, I won't force you to watch if you don't want cause it's not right to share your opinion if you don't even watch their previous performances
Riina Karvonen
Riina Karvonen پیش 17 روز
You did mention Moonbin in the Hard Carry cover but why didn't you mention Astro and Moonbin&Sanha's performances? Not even briefly? This isn't the first time you've left them out...
Hyunjin roll his eyes
Hyunjin roll his eyes پیش 18 روز
I think companies have a new way of lar. They put the studio ver as backup vocals, and have members lipsyncing over a prerecorded vocals, so you can hear two voices when one sounds smooth and one sound raw, but end up they're doing Lar
mariannette پیش 19 روز
mamamoo was barely in this
•••Luna••• پیش 20 روز
I have to defend Monsta X, they never do lipsync even when they’re sick they still sing live.
nomu choa
nomu choa پیش 20 روز
I don't see the point of these videos honestly. They don't need to sing live and should not be judged. They are already exhausted due to spending long winter days on broadcasting and choreography is too intense.
quokkastay پیش 19 روز
nomu choa ok then bye 🕳🏃‍♀️
nomu choa
nomu choa پیش 19 روز
@quokkastay it shouldn't be that deep 😑 literal exaggeration
quokkastay پیش 19 روز
nomu choa kpop is going in a direction where everything will be perfected to the point where every single performance will be fabricated. Same effect with the amount of filters idols put on their photos because of the scrutiny they know they’ll face. It’s quite sad at this point. Also she is analysing them bc it’s her free will. She isn’t hating on any of the groups, she is stating what she has observed in all these award shows and the differences between the editing and all.
nomu choa
nomu choa پیش 19 روز
@quokkastay if she was raising awareness, shouldn't be making a video analyzing live vocals every award show. It's literally the opposite
quokkastay پیش 19 روز
It is their job to dance and sing simultaneously. They were trained to do so and we aren’t asking for perfection. I have tried to sing while doing choreography before and I know that they will get dragged for singing live if it isn’t absolutely perfect. Angelina is raising awareness to show that idols should be free to sing however they want without being pressured.
Jasmine Sarah
Jasmine Sarah پیش 21 روز
in every video u tend to shade GOT7 vocals and i didnt get the part where u thought of mentioning bambam and stated he wasnt live , y cant u care to mention the actual vocalists and say if they did live or not , and of course its ur channel u can say whatever u want and same goes for the viewers , if they are watching they are free to state their opinion, i hope people commenting she has the right to do that if she wants to, biased or not,and that . She's just stating who she thinks lip synced based on what she saw lol see if shes not biased fr I guess she doesn’t like them as much. Which is fine but when you’re making general videos like this about kpop you need to be somewhat unbiased and informed.
Lily C
Lily C پیش 22 روز
I hate how SM makes their artists lip sync BALLADS
Camryn Behling
Camryn Behling پیش 23 روز
anyways girl this video was not it. got7 live vocal kings !!!!!!
Camryn Behling
Camryn Behling پیش 23 روز
don’t want to be negative or hate but got7 was clearly singing live and they mainly do in the past. i’m not saying you have to research everything abt them, but if you look at performances, the live singing is consistent. they were def singing live here. also i don’t get the random bambam mention when that had nothing to do w the video
drsgd پیش 23 روز
its okay to lip sync mainly those idols who are not the best in singing but idols who have vocal position should have more live vocals. its not the idols fault tho... they're just following and sometimes they sing live but when it get posted they edit their vocals so we dont get many raw vocals
Saxanith پیش 24 روز
SBS is ass at mixing vocals, like what even is the point in lip syncing if it's obvious?
zoe leigh
zoe leigh پیش 24 روز
i feel like the reason twice gets the most hate for lipsyncing (even though so many other groups do it too) is because onces will defend them hand over fist saying that they all sing so beautifully and amazingly when we've seen that that isn't entirely true. yes, they all can sing somewhat decently. but they aren't all outstanding, amazingly talented vocalists. so i think everyone jumps to hate on them bc onces make it seem like they actually can sing live and sound like a prerecorded, touched up vocal track. in my opinion, twice is one of those groups where they should be viewed as a whole and not individually. only a couple of members could have a solo artist career and that's okay. all the girls are talented in their own way (i am a once myself, more of a casual once but still a once) and don't deserve hate for lipsyncing just like a lot of other groups do.
A B پیش 20 روز
Do you even see their live performances? Like concert? 😂
NicoolMR پیش 25 روز
Thanks for including Monsta X
Fantasia Pony
Fantasia Pony پیش 26 روز
Fantasia Pony
Fantasia Pony پیش 26 روز
Roma Biswas
Roma Biswas پیش 27 روز
Live or not, KBS festival was the best festival/award show of the year. Like compare to MAMA which was boring as hell
starry night
starry night پیش 27 روز
sometimes when i see stages i feel like audio is been set according to members like main vocal sings live while the members who have weak vocal (ofc if compared to main one) kind of lipsync tbh this is really very confusing😂😂
valentina urquijo
valentina urquijo پیش 27 روز
i dont trust since you started to joke with blackpink to gain views
Stephanie Nicole C. Tan
Stephanie Nicole C. Tan پیش 28 روز
Well if i ever spend money just to watch live stage.. I want to hear the rough, shakey and whatever voice but live.. Cause I appreciate them performing with their best rather than just lipsync to the studio version
jxnnierosé پیش 28 روز
Got7 sings live
Nicole Marzan
Nicole Marzan پیش 28 روز
I feel like what bh's been doing is they make bts perform the song a few times and then they choose the audio for one version and the stage/choreo for another (this is more obvious when they do things that require video editing likegoing through different doors, ect.; also they looove having different shots i guess to make the video more interesting) ps im only talking about them bc i only stan them lol
R پیش 28 روز
Itzy they'd already know how to control their voice ,while dancing.. but if they are collaborating struggling to lipsyncing. Hahaha
Kim Yeontan
Kim Yeontan پیش 28 روز
that's nice and all, but what if it's live vocals or lar?
Jy Soo
Jy Soo پیش 29 روز
Angelina ur vid on SBS is copyrighted, we can't watch it
Normal Person
Normal Person پیش 29 روز
Angelina: “Though I do think I managed to at least mention everyone” Also Angelina: *forgets Astro* AGAIN 😫
Primadhani Galih
Primadhani Galih پیش 29 روز
I mean I don't really care? If you don't rest well or don't have proper technique or don't have healthy lifestyle, it is actually dangerous to sing live every single day yknow? And also, you might not know but actually, this "live performance" took several takes. So the idols are singing over and over again, like maybe 3-5 times in a performance.
Jy Soo
Jy Soo پیش 29 روز
Anyone same like me cannot watch this vid bcoz of copyright issues?
christian greenacre
christian greenacre پیش 29 روز
Yes, they never sing the covers live considering it’s not a prioritised song in their career like for a comeback. Usually the cover is only practised for about a week or two so there’s a high chance they’ll forget the words or get nervous singing it live.
Lavender Clay
Lavender Clay پیش 29 روز
i dont expect alot live performance (frm kbs) since the title is "K-CHOREO"
Jay D
Jay D پیش 29 روز
Kbs be doing these idols wrong😭
Toasty پیش 29 روز
Reject kpop lipsyncing Return to L I V E V O C A L S
Abimbola Gomes
Abimbola Gomes پیش 29 روز
Please don't speak on g7 again. I've noticed your opinion on them is always biased. They are known as performance king's because they sing live! Thanks but no thanks
eritro ff
eritro ff پیش 28 روز
@Abimbola Gomes she's not talking shit. Why would she be biased when she said lip syncing doesn't have any sort of negative connotation for her? You're just sensitive
Abimbola Gomes
Abimbola Gomes پیش 29 روز
@eritro ff then we all have the right to talk sh!t about her then since that's what she's doing. Good day
eritro ff
eritro ff پیش 29 روز
@Abimbola Gomes umm actually yes... she has the right to do that if she wants to, biased or not, which, by the way, she isn't. She's just stating who she thinks lip synced based on what she saw lol
Abimbola Gomes
Abimbola Gomes پیش 29 روز
@eritro ff no she has no right to do that if she's gon be biased towards the group she stans. I'm pretty sure if she had done that to the group you Stan we wouldn't be having this conversation
eritro ff
eritro ff پیش 29 روز
She will speak on and about whatever she pleases lmao
雪莉世界統治Lari پیش 29 روز
Strange Guy
Strange Guy پیش 29 روز
Let’s be real here we still love the performances
Clyde Erickson Capati
Clyde Erickson Capati پیش 29 روز
Angelina, you said that most covers are LAR. I have a question. Is So Hot cover by bp live? This is a legit question.
Tria Hoky
Tria Hoky پیش 29 روز
got7 kings.
s_diah 07
s_diah 07 پیش 29 روز
you’re so pretty but wow thank u for putting so much effort for this, wasn’t really interested in this kind of stuff before but pretty cool to learn
nam jinnie
nam jinnie پیش ماه
KBS is the problem here not the idols
quokkastay پیش ماه
Gummy Noodles
Gummy Noodles پیش ماه
I think lip syncing is okay but you still have to have live performances as well. I want to hear nct sing live, not for all music shows but still for some.
Marriam پیش ماه
I don't really care so
Akali Shin
Akali Shin پیش ماه
Where's 2021 prediction?🥺👉👈
M. Hazwan
M. Hazwan پیش ماه
there are many ways to cover the voice ... but there is no one way to cover the dance ... they are kpop artists not only singing and they are not singing contest contestants ... all activities for their performance are determined for various reasons ... perfection will always envelop the kpop industry so they won't let a little mistake bother everyone
Giulia Yasmin
Giulia Yasmin پیش ماه
off topic but angelina you are so pretty
Blank Name
Blank Name پیش ماه
Whats d meaning of LAR and LMR?
Chanteek Smith
Chanteek Smith پیش ماه
Girl I had to come back & comment because I couldn’t believe you glossed over Got7 like that . If it’s one thing the boys will give you its LIVE VOCALS , even the rappers !! JinYoung makes it a point to stop singing so y’all know their mics are ON , they are one of the most stable groups as a whole in the industry so it’s sucks that you chose to ignore all that to talk about Bambam’s vocal when he was still stable ESPECIALLY considering he is a rapper not a main vocal . Got7 is one of the few groups that always sings live with a couple of exceptions
Chanteek Smith
Chanteek Smith پیش ماه
I think TWICE gets so much hate for LipSyncing because of the fact that they are considered THE girl group . They’re known as the nation’s girl group on top of the fact that they win almost everything they’re nominated for & if they do a comeback everyone else ends up getting overshadowed because TWICE is out . So they have the title of being the “ Nation’s girl group “ but they Lipsync a lot of their live performances & when they do sing live they aren’t stable & they are a 5yr group . I’m a fan of TWICE so I’m not being a hater or anything but realistically speaking TWICE should be way more stable & singing live way more especially with them being as popular as they are , there are a couple idols & girl groups who aren’t as popular as TWICE but definitely out shine them vocally . I noticed as well when I first became a fan of TWICE they do real simple Choreo so there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t sing live or be stable at least . They definitely have stepped up their choreo from “ Fancy “ all the way up to “ Cry For Me “ it’s more difficult dancing so I can see why they lipsync now during these particular songs . They particularly get called out during shows like Music Bank when they sing if they win , YES we know it’s for fun & YES we know they don’t have to give powerful vocal but they should at least be able to singing stable & he heard , a lot of the times they are really low & you can barely hear them . I know sometimes they just perform & are out of breathe but it’s usually just 1 song & they shouldn’t be so winded . At the end of the day it’s constructive criticism not hate whatsoever, like I said I am a fan of TWICE but not all the hate they get for lipsync is negative some of us just want them to do better . Yes the girls have some really good vocal moments but I feel like they should practice some more on vocal training that way they can shut up a lot of the people genuinely giving them hate
Niza پیش ماه
Well your video come up on my recommendations, and here i just wanna say that your beauty is very captivating. You're so beautiful ☆
Nima S
Nima S پیش ماه
What do you know?
-f پیش ماه
I've also noticed that all the cover performances are most of the time lipsynced, and now i don't expect them to sing live if it's a cover like I'd be very surprised if that happened lmao it's still great to see tho, all the stages were amazing and really served, but kbs did most of them dirty with the loud ass backtracks, like in Itzy's case there were some parts when i could hear a little bit of their voices but it'd be impossible to overpower a backtrack that is that strong, which is kinda sad cause i know they can do those stages live, same case with Stray kids, tho i did hear a little bit more of them, and with the special stage of Changbin and Bang Chan i think what happened is that they did different takes and mixed them weirdly cause if you saw the fancams of them you could tell it was live
Joybratz lip
Joybratz lip پیش ماه
You are rude, how dare you put hyunjin looking SO FINE while and zooming in on him. I NEVER FELT SO THREATENED BEFORE, I HAD TO LOOK OTHER WAY. Anyway this is nothing about what you're talking about so sorry-
nanda tamara
nanda tamara پیش ماه
i love twice, all of them. but i have to admit, they have to improve their vocals :( i've watched them since sixteen, so i know they all are talented, both in dancing and singing. but right now, they seem like they are focusing on dancing (?) i'm happy that they get harder choreo that can also prove they can do more than cute concept like before. but i don't know, they seem lost on their vocals 😭😭 i can't stop me, for the example. the choreo is soo damn hard. and the high notes?? like wth JYP are you crazyyy 😭😭😭
Wissam El Makrini
Wissam El Makrini پیش ماه
if you go watch the performance (especially their fullcam) of txt blue hour you can clearly hear them breathing especially in the dance break. you can also hear them clapping and their clothes hitting them. and you can hear the difference when they sing and not. the same goes for the cover hug. So moas it is LMR :)
Milkmochi پیش ماه
I LOVE THIS 👁️👄👁️💖
Queen V
Queen V پیش ماه
Jessi is the vocal queen!
hannah sta rita
hannah sta rita پیش ماه
I actually thought BTS would be here since they also performed....
hannah sta rita
hannah sta rita پیش 29 روز
@ParkChimChim ikr? it was clearly live,,, smh. She did dirty to them. :(( I was rewatching their performance and I can hear the breathing, also Got7 performance is pretty much live vocals... I don't know how she got confuse but ne ways... It's my opinion
ParkChimChim پیش 29 روز
She only mentionned them didn't show cuts to not get striked by bh. But you didn't missed anything. She was like "it's confusing but I don't think they're singing live" she mentionned them just to do them dirty like she did dirty to Got7. INU, Dynamite and LGO were all clearly live
Michele wind
Michele wind پیش ماه
You are going to lose Got7 fans. Can tell you are biased. They sing live every show. One of the only groups to do so, also they rarely do pretaped and unlike other groups change their set for each show.
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim پیش 18 روز
Im not got7 fans but im agreed they always sing live .
Camryn Behling
Camryn Behling پیش 23 روز
Kate-Emma Murray
Kate-Emma Murray پیش 24 روز
GOT7 fans know what kings they are.
jxnnierosé پیش 28 روز
izzah پیش ماه
where’s bts? did they even perform?
Mirna Tarek
Mirna Tarek پیش ماه
yeah bts performed but she left them out
Sandra H
Sandra H پیش ماه
the way you just skipped monsta x's performance 😳
Karla Paredes
Karla Paredes پیش 27 روز
Why it doesn't surprise me lol people keeps ignoring them 😞
IM ME پیش 28 روز
Prettiest Yoda
Prettiest Yoda پیش ماه
Twice was the most hated when it comes to lypsyncing but when you heard their voice live it will take you breathless...
MJ T. پیش ماه
Please, reconsider listening to GOT7 live because you clearly failed in your review of them. Thanks.
Hyunjin's Hairband
Hyunjin's Hairband پیش ماه
Mutiara Farolan
Mutiara Farolan پیش ماه
U dont react to Mamamoo? Hell u r joking
roseanlinaxm پیش ماه
yeah, i was here for the real vocal queens but there is no mention about them.. sad.
tamara kashour
tamara kashour پیش ماه
GOT7 always sing LIVE, no matter how tire they are. KING7
Cupcake_Xd Gamer
Cupcake_Xd Gamer پیش ماه
iiskh_ پیش ماه
dislike because this is BIAS opinios...Got7 deserve better for their hardwork
purple sunflower
purple sunflower پیش ماه
Ugh i don't hate you but i somehow dislike this channel bye
James Tapic
James Tapic پیش ماه
I didn't care what the caption says but as long as I saw those three beautiful girls in the thumbnail.... I click.
Awana Al Islam
Awana Al Islam پیش ماه
why do i feel like KBS fucked up the audio the worst in the rap special performance? like nct sing/rap live so much my bois just can't lipsync sorry KBS
Jackson's got me on panic
GOT7 has always been singing live even when they aren't in their best state
Babaeng Morena Vlog
Babaeng Morena Vlog پیش ماه
why cant u show BTS samples? hahaha afraid to be bashed huh!
Yuki Yuki
Yuki Yuki پیش ماه
Omg 😱 no one cares stfu This is her own video, she can show what she wants. Why don’t you clearly dissect the lesson of this video huh!
Babaeng Morena Vlog
Babaeng Morena Vlog پیش ماه
x - Sadia - x
x - Sadia - x پیش ماه
Also, this is unrelated but Angelina can you review the SBS Music Awards performances. Itzy's performances were sick and lit!
Robbie Robsss
Robbie Robsss پیش ماه
I love how she knows ITZY usually performs live.
Myca Dalogdog
Myca Dalogdog پیش ماه
how bout black pink
Seokjin Epiphany
Seokjin Epiphany پیش ماه
YGE didn't let them go
Yeojin Im
Yeojin Im پیش ماه
nctzen here,, yeah totally agree that nct were lipsyncing w resonance bc bitch how can you make a highnote while break dancing w 23 members for almost 5 minutes
Valeria Lupuleac
Valeria Lupuleac پیش ماه
I watched it while it was live streamed and couldn't get my mind around how obvious the lip-syncing was. Anyway, in the end the performance is what matters in kpop, but I would love to hear the vocals that are being praised in a song on a live stage too
EJ پیش ماه
I don't care if it's live or not..just focus to their performance pls. They work hard to prepare for it. And don't waste your time to find out whether they are singing live or not. You also know that singing and dancing at the same time is quite difficult. Especially when they need to stabilize their vocals and at the same time need to dance energetically. So you don't need to dispute whether they sing live or not. They also a human. Please stop it, thank you.
Yuki Yuki
Yuki Yuki پیش ماه
This is a subjective matter. People can make anything they want as long as it isn’t hate. You’re just feeling sensitive about this matter
Şimşek Ailesi
Şimşek Ailesi پیش ماه
We all now gfriend usually so stable that we cant know they are lar or lmr people say they ate the cd and i think that this performance was lmr because umji wasnt there and yuju was covering for her and that was the last minute call so that was definitly live performance
I'm Dani I'm Ok
I'm Dani I'm Ok پیش ماه
I'm constantly frustrated by the front of house mixing on k-pop shows. Why do they insist on having the live vocals waaaay low in the mix, often lower than the bgm?
noname پیش ماه
GOT7 king of performance, the mics always on and they’re always stable
Sochettra Chou
Sochettra Chou پیش ماه
Talk about Park Bom manage treating Bom badly
jamieljy پیش ماه
why does this have to be analysed?
Thomas O'Bannon
Thomas O'Bannon پیش ماه
Jihyos solo was the best things of 2020 idc what ppl say😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sir Czar
Sir Czar پیش ماه
Like you yourself can sing live while doing those dances. 🙄🙄🙄
Yuki Yuki
Yuki Yuki پیش ماه
That’s not the point of this video,lmao.
Sir Czar
Sir Czar پیش ماه
@Haechan's Children umm, obviously.
Haechan's Children
Haechan's Children پیش ماه
She's not an idol
Nice_ One
Nice_ One پیش ماه
It’s just so funny how most kpop fans say that it’s alright that idols will not sing live coz it’s still their voice that is being used. Come on guyz!!! It’s what they are paid for! So they should show us their best performance, not just focus on the dance part but also giving all what they got like singing live. And for the part that the station will not allow idols to sing live to avoid any problems? That’s why they have sound checks before any broadcast to make sure everything will go smoothly. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel sorry to those who really spend so much time and money to their favorite idols but gets only this kind of performance. The standard live performance in kpop is really frustrating.
Blackpink is not performing but they will sing live even their voice is shaking like on sbs gayo 2018
Emman Nava
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Maimoona Y
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Twice has best vocal line 3mix I have seen their live performances these three girls nayeon jeongyeon and jihyo sound amazing especially jeongyeon her vocals are so stable
fedlous friend
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In got7 you can hear jb & youngjae voice overlaps tho, anyways got7 always sings live despite of their hard choreo.
taejin's gucci pant
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I think one of the main reasons why kpop of today smoothes out their vocals, Lip syncs or plays it more safe & gives an illusion of perfection is cuz back in the day,one voice crack or mediocre vocal performance got idols hated...badly. even now twice gets ton of hate for lip syncing,when they sing live (Momo's case) they get hate for being bad singer. Hanbin used to get hate for having a bad flow back then (cuz of his anxiety). I think it was DO or Chen who had a voice crack back in the day & antis came for them too. Just yesterday I saw haters dragging jimin for being a bad singer for having 3-4 voice cracks in 7 years of his career. Voice crack is the biggest villain of today. High notes are considered to make an idol the best singer. All these stereotypes & myths surrounding vocals,live singing etc makes it extremely difficult for kpop idols & companies go for fake perfection to make more money.
kisoo پیش ماه
you seem kinda biased ngl
Ilhem پیش ماه
Fun fact: it was all pre-recorded 🙃
Amogelang Lebeko
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What is this supposed to prove? We know that most don't sing live, it's not hard to tell them apart. But I still want to know, what is the purpose of making these videos? Do people come to your channel if they aren't sure? And why do those people wanna know so bad that they'll search for these kinds of videos. The stages are pre-recorded, so why not pre-record the vocals as well for the best end-result? I didn't watch this video btw, so you might have explained in the intro or smthng why you make these kinds of videos. But if you can help it, even a little bit, please stop making them. Artists already go through hell during fun encore stages for singing live and not doing such a great job even though they're giving each other piggy back rides while spinning. Do you understand what I'm getting at? Antis are gaining ammunition through your video (whatever your initial intention) to send hate to these idols because they think this means that they're incapable or whatever that anti might come up with. Don't be the reason (directly or indirectly) why idols are taking antidepressants or scared to perform on stages they should feel energized and excited to perform on. I worded this very carefully and respectfully. If you decide to take it as a hate comment then...ok... But at least take what I've said into consideration, there's so much harm done in these videos and you might not even have intended it but people will take anything and turn it into a weapon.
Lucid Dream
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I don't mind them not singing live as long as they don't make a habit out of it . I don't mind when they have vocal cracks and so on when they're on stage , especially when they've been singing for a long time
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Fuck kbs how do u fuck up this hard lmao
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Schlatt gets fit
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