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Today we’re going to talk about a streamer who has received a lot of backlash for talking quite badly about BLACKPINK’s music and how that related to Jae from Day6. We also have some interesting twitter ongoings between Stray Kids fandom and StayC, a newly debuted group’s fandom, all because of fandom names. We’ll also touch on the produce 101 series scandals that have come to light, notably the specific trainees who missed their chances due to voting manipulation, CL delaying her comeback, Aespa’s universe and how it connects to Super M, Nct and much much more!
A streamer on Twitch has come under fire for the comments she made about BLACKPINK, this basically starts off by her reading a viewer’s questions which asked “Do you like Blackpink” to which she responded “f--- no, blackpink sucks” and then she goes on to say “blackpink is actually not good though, they literally just regurgitate the same EDM trash over and over and people are like “oh my god, they’re so beautiful, look at them, they’re so great. And yeah, and then what?”
it has also been brought to my attention that there was a hashtag trending, and that hashtag was, #/StrayKids_Apologize_To_StayC. So for those who don’t know, StayC are a group that debuted quite recently and of course, Stray Kids have been active since 2017. Now why would stray kids need to apologize to a rookie group?
From what I’ve read, it seems this started with a troll tweet, basically saying that StayC deserve to have the fandom name Stay, despite the fact that this is actually Stray Kid’s fandom name. It’s important to note, StayC have not actually tried to take Stay nor have they themselve suggested this as their fandom name. Regardless, this is the start of the trending hashtag.
The produce series, which were survival shows on Mnet with the aim of creating new groups. Back in July 2019, it seems viewers were noticing some inconsistencies, or rather consistencies with voting numbers during the final episode of Produce x 101, which led to a lawsuit by viewers against mnet, since mnet had admitted the numbers themselves were off but that the final lineup was indeed correct. However, it was later revealed that voting manipulation had taken place, so consequently, member lineups for groups that came from these shows could have been different, though the members who got into these groups due to voting manipulation were not revealed since they are considered victims in this situation too and apparently had no idea about this. But alas, this issue is being brought to light once again because a list of trainees who were unfairly eliminated was released by the court.
It seems that Aespa’s universe can actually connect SM artists together, so NCT, Super M and even BOA. Before Aespa even debuted, people noticed an easter egg within Super M’s music video for one Monster and Infinity. So if you go to the end of the music video, you will see this phone that features Aespa’s logo. And this seems to be the case too in NCT’s Make a Wish music video, where if you also go to the end, you see the famous train scene with flowers everywhere from the Black Mamba music video and it features a purple animated butterfly as well. We of course now know these were all little teasers for Aespa. But it also seems to be a consistent way for SM to tease new projects and it seems they want to include all of their artists in this universe that they have named SM Culture Universe.

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0:00 Intro
1:32 BLACKPINK Trashed on Stream
5:20 Stray Kids Apologize to StayC
7:30 Kpop Shenanigans
9:55 Produce 101 Series Vote Manipulation Update
12:27 Aespa SM Universe
17:28 CL Comeback Postponed

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Grete پیش ماه
And also blinks started to make fake things about her so other blinks would go hate on her for example blinks made up that she was an ex trainee when that wasn’t the truth (I’m not trying to defend her but I’m just saying the things ghat she said on her stream)
Grete پیش ماه
Hey did u watch the other live stream because she said that she doesn’t actually hate them but she said that bp sucks because blinks kept asking her about bp and she just wanted them to stop asking about k pop so she thought if she acted rude then blinks would leave and she explained on the stream
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle پیش ماه
All I wanted to say is your the best kpop related channel. Just love watching your content. Plus I agree with a lot of the things you say.
J B پیش 2 ماه
Sarcastic, FAKE
Jqn Bautista
Jqn Bautista پیش 2 ماه
if u received ur diploma, girl why aint it laminated on the wall? 👁👄👁
Casper909 پیش 21 ساعت
I think the lady who talked bad about blackpink, just wanted attention. If we had ignored her she would have moved on from hating on blackpink to other group’s. She can have her opinion. But that is no opinion. She is just straight out hating. I think she just wants attention.
Gabbi Jackson
Gabbi Jackson پیش 17 روز
i would love to change moa to anything else
Ashley W
Ashley W پیش 19 روز
She was rude about what she was saying about Blackpink you could have said that you don't like black pink and that's it 😤
Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin پیش 22 روز
Thing on Aespa them and there AI characters I feel like there more friends then the same person .. they connect to them through texting but throughout the video the Black mamba tears off the connection between them and the story throughout the video is an introduction to this world and what’s going on in this new universe .. that is my point from what I’ve seen in the mv but then again it could have a different take if other videos are linked with Black Mamba
aahana kulkarni
aahana kulkarni پیش 23 روز
i'm sorry but SM multiverse just sounds like Lee Soo Man read those confusing theories that bighit group stans make...don't force a storyline,they were doing just fine without them
god jihyo selling fish
god jihyo selling fish پیش 26 روز
8:01 CLC😙✌️
oops پیش 28 روز
im just here thinking what wouldve happened if one of the bp girls watched daph and were listening to her livestream 👴🏻
Maung Maung Khine
Maung Maung Khine پیش ماه
I think the girl who disrespected blackpink has her own opinion. I honestly think the reason people hate blackpink is because of the extremely toxic fandom. Tbh blinks are the most toxic fans. I WAS a blink before but they bashed me out of the fandom for not liking one of blackpink's songs and they started a war at me for a stupid opinion. I also left the fandom because the time between ktl and hylt was over a year and I'm not patient and got bored and ofc it's the scumbag, yg's fault. The problem with most blinks is that they can't accept other's opinions. And whenever their faves aren't talked about or aren't praised sometimes, they would argue. Bts is my fav group and Twice is my fav gg but I never said "what about bts or what about twice". If other's don't make a big deal why can't blinks do the same? If others aren't problematic why are blinks problematic? I don't support what the girl said but sending death threats won't change anything and it will only make u look like a toxic bitch. Not everyone in the blackpink fandom is toxic but most of them are in my opinion
Lilibeth Bacalan
Lilibeth Bacalan پیش ماه
Sam É
Sam É پیش ماه
I know the direct message sent to the streamer was not necessary... but imagine if that happened to 2NE1 , Angelina’s approached or reply for that would be very different😂
R Kordic
R Kordic پیش ماه
Bruh that girl is just jealous of Blackpink. I really think that she could've just said "I'm not a fan of Blackpink, and I don't listen to them" or something. But her behavior is stupid so I think people attacking her is ok
پیش ماه
Kelli Nicholas
Kelli Nicholas پیش ماه
Blackpink Fans --> Blink Blackpink Haters--> Blackpoop
Madi *-*
Madi *-* پیش ماه
I have $20 placed on mark debuting in nct Africa
B P پیش ماه
The thing that annoys me tho is that if that streamer said those things for any other group she would have been canceled but because it’s blackpink nobody is gonna do anything except for blinks honestly blackpink deserves better
hadarneu پیش ماه
Why you don't mention Tresure MMM TT so sad
sean پیش ماه
i mean i agree with the points the streamer made but she was really rude about it
those people who said to give stary kids fandom name to stayC is about to catch our hands and fists
hapineswthu پیش ماه
Me thinking stray kids needed to apologise for something that happened on a music show The real tea: how about 5 year old argument
peach bloom
peach bloom پیش ماه
There's no need for a group to be as big as NCT
rustycl0wn rat
rustycl0wn rat پیش ماه
i don’t see anything wrong with 30daph?? i kinda agree with her just not the blackpoop one. some people are just dramatic like she just stated her opinions not all opinions are supposed to be nice or agreed on like calm down blinks u guys are the one bashing aespa for “copying” bp and basically too toxic.u guys can bash me all u want but i stand with my fav streamer 😁 but she could have tried to said it nicer but she probably she didn’t think it through and before y’all say this i do hold my fav idols/streamers accountable
Ayumi Kuboki
Ayumi Kuboki پیش ماه
Stray kids vs. STAYC I find it funny that they want stays to give up our name, when they legit debut like 3 weeks ago, you guys have time to find an ORIGINAL fan name. Also saying Straykidz need to "apologize" I'm confused, like what the hell did we do wrong
Hobi’s sprite
Hobi’s sprite پیش ماه
I was a huge daph supporter but after her “comments” on bp I didn’t really watch her on anything. It’s okay if you don’t like their music but you shouldn’t make fun of them or say nasty things that has nothing to do with it. She should realize that blackpink are not gonna make music based on her taste,she said “they (blackpink) only make edm trash” but most people really love their music even if it’s edm or whatever. I can see why the fans were angry but they took it a little too far. This is just my opinion,pls don’t hate me
Cotton ASMR
Cotton ASMR پیش ماه
Honestly I kinda agree with the streamer. She made valid points about blackpink in a joking way. If y’all take the word “poop” as offensive....chill.
rustycl0wn rat
rustycl0wn rat پیش ماه
Kpopi agreed like kpoop isn’t even that bad i don’t get poop is such a bad word because honestly it may sound disgusting but pooping is good for you so i don’t know why people so pressed about
Sam Sam
Sam Sam پیش ماه
That girl critics about Blackpink were just pure hate tbh. You can dislike a group without talking sh*t about them ffs. She didn't just say that she dislike them, she literally attacked them, their music, their credibility as artists... and then was surprised that blinks attacked her too ? Again not everyone will like an artist but don't insult them or say that they are basic af when they work hard to make music.
darri saya
darri saya پیش ماه
I feel like the trainees who were eliminated should debut together in different groups now since they got eliminated wrongly
darri saya
darri saya پیش ماه
7:41 girl that's better than what I thought I thought enhypens name was en e pen or en e fen I'm such a🤡
EddHide پیش ماه
The issue between Stayc and Stray Kids was extremely stupid and make no sense. Stayc company never state they will use "Stay" name for the group fandom name.. and for Stray Kids, is that logic for a 2 years kpop group, have to give up their fandom name after 2 years just because of a newly debuted group have almost same name as their fandom name? is it that stupid? for real.. kpop fans nowadays are getting ridiculous.. and dumb as f. as kpop is getting bigger in this world, some of fans are getting more stupid, ridiculous, nonsense and too obsessed.
Stefania Ogun
Stefania Ogun پیش ماه
i honestly kinda agree with what the streamer said but i think that the way she said it was hateful. i would have worded it differently. i personally don't like Thier song because i think their music is a little repetitive (but honestly love sick girl was such a surprise) but saying like that feel like absolute hate
army:once:elf:exol multi
Im just satisfied to know that Jinhyuk actually did make it, because when the finale happened and he didn’t make it I was not only devastated but extremely shocked. It made absolutely no sense to me, because I knew he had grown his own large fan base from the show plus the fans from UP10TION. So, I’m happy to finally stop being confused about that.
Z M پیش ماه
18:52 girl you got it stuck in my head again. I literally just got it out of my head. Brb gotta go listen to it now
clique پیش ماه
I thought stayc was pronounced like steak😂
MI پیش ماه
Oh Sarcasm
Oh Sarcasm پیش ماه
Stan stray kids and stayc
L m
L m پیش ماه
You didn't do the story on stray kidz and stay c well. You didn't mention where stray kidz apologized in the main story
user name
user name پیش ماه
Hello! I'd like to clarify something about the Twitch situation. At the time that happened, Jae had nothing to do with it. He was having his own stream playing Detroit: Become Human when his chat practically exploded and told him about what happened. He had no idea at all about what was going on then proceeded to say something along the lines of; "Did Daph say a bad word? Oh my God. I hope you guys do know that I have no control over what my friends say, even if I don't agree with them, right?" so really, the dude had zero involvement in this. Just clarifying this one, as a lot of false info about Jae spreads real quick on twitter.
RokyNH پیش ماه
Person: “I hate blackpink” Me: Sis, You’ve got a big storm coming. You are about to get CANCELLED
deHuntr پیش ماه
Every single person who dislike bp got cancelled by blinks. You're not even allowed to have different opinions, if you do then be prepare for what happens next when blinks come to attack you and most likely you'll get death threats. It's very normal for them to send someone a death threat.
kingyongie پیش ماه
i dont think the "KWANGYA" has something to do with the 3 rumoured additional members for it was also mentioned in NCT's 90's Love. I do think it has something to do with SMCU.
Hannah Lovel
Hannah Lovel پیش ماه
mitzy should have been Bitzy!!!! So they are Itzy and Bitzy !!
Dior پیش ماه
1. That’s not even criticism that’s hate. She couldn’t said it more respectful and it’s sad that Jae is getting black lash and she is putting herself in a bad spot since a lot of people were starting to like her 2. That’s whole situation was pretty funny ngl 😂 StayC should name their fandom CICI but thats their choice🤔🥺 3. Mnet really disappointed me. I was really excited for Gaeun 😔she really has potential since she was in Afterschool.
Abigail Armstrong
Abigail Armstrong پیش ماه
jesus christ these children kpop groupies/fans make me want to stay away from kpop... just bc someone doesn't like your fav DOESN'T give you a right to attack them. everyones allowed to have their own opinion. this streamer never slandered them or said anything about them other than their music. SHE EVEN CALLED THEM PRETTY!! and i can agree with her to a certain extent cause i don't suck the assholes of these kpop groups. i do think that she should've worded her statements better tho. but then again, she's allowed to not like blackpink's music and if you think otherwise... you're probably 12 and have no real critical thinking skills.
S A Y O N A R A پیش ماه
If the streamer insulted a male group, their stans would have immediately cancelled her. But she insulted a female group, and when our fandom decides to defend our faves, people are calling us childish and immature??? Like bruh. And that streamer is so full of herself, she's the one who earns money from simps and then look down on hard-working people 💀💀💀
kaniesha kaniesha
kaniesha kaniesha پیش ماه
Yeah to be honest Blackpink music is just the same. I feel they are not working hard anymore. All their songs are just about break up and love. It's annoying to be honest. They're popular in the USA so that is why they are popular. Bruh.
Sarah پیش ماه
Ok explain to me how does a group that's more than 2 yrs old should give up their fandom name purely just because a *NEW* group that debuted *this week* has a name that's 95% to SKZ's fandom name? Like if SKZ had chosen a different fandom name "STAY" would make sense to the group "STAYC" but SKZ is an older group so one that's just disrespectful and second, that's not how it works. You can't just "give up your fandom name". "STAY" is practically branded by SKZ meaning whenever you think of "STAY" you think of SKZ and it goes both ways. However why the name "STAYC"? Like did the people who cam up with the name not think about other groups? Did they already not consider a fandom name? I know it's not their responsibility but the name "STAYC" is so similar to the SKZ fandom name that it's sure more problems are gonna arise in the future. This is definitely no the end of this problem. Also lol "apologize"? The group is litterally 2 years older than STAYC they're not gonna apologize😂 It's not their problem, it's STAYC's problem for having such a similar name to SKZ's fandom name. Besides hating on them isn't gonna get them to apologize😂
Sarah پیش ماه
@GG Queens True, I agree, it's stupid and immature
GG Queens
GG Queens پیش ماه
I like stayc and think this is soooooo silly.
Em پیش ماه
Off topic comment but angelina's cheeks look so soft i just want to squish them
egg پیش ماه
stays just can't take a joke no offense but the fandom is becoming more toxic each day (i'm a stay btw and i'm talking from experiences with other stays so don't come @ me ❤)
Staci پیش ماه
I understand wanting to defend your fav group from comments like that, but what do you really get out of fighting hate with hate?? She still doesn't like blackpink at the end of the day. There's nothing you can do
Pasta Lover
Pasta Lover پیش ماه
If I could change any fandom name it would definitely be MOA because I was so disappointed when I first heard of it 🤧
shabiha saiyara
shabiha saiyara پیش ماه
i would change my.....is kinda werid
ninani پیش ماه
i feel like the daph situation got really out of hand, like i don’t fully agree with what she said, but the death threats towards her were a bit much. someone even said something along the lines of “she’s tried to commit suicide before, she doesn’t care about what she says now” when they found out daph has attempted suicide before. i personally found that way too far, but idk.
Chris_ Stays
Chris_ Stays پیش ماه
Ravid Bodoni
Ravid Bodoni پیش ماه
the whole stray kids and stayc thing is just fvcked up. as a stay myself i think these people started a really bad and stupid joke that made people take it so seriously. like angelina said, stray kids have been active for about 3 years now. stayc debuted almost TWO WEEKS AGO! stay has been stray kids' fandom name for 2 years now. stayc doesn't even have a fandom name yet. in conclusion, this is not a funny joke or summ, this is a actual fandom! like imagine if stay wasn't skz's fandom name. it will be soo weird. (no hate for stayc, i love their song)
霜降りQuon پیش ماه
well well seems like it was the right call to unfollow her twitch, i just did it yesterday bc i havent watched her in months and lost interest didnt know she threw hate like that
Produce.... fvcking vegetables I laugh so fricking hard😂
Chans Laptop
Chans Laptop پیش ماه
Her talking about BLACKPINK, her BLACKPINK merch behind her :👁👄👁
Momoring_ peach
Momoring_ peach پیش ماه
nctzens will surely die in memorizing the names yeah
Mehak پیش ماه
13:21 Angelina: there would be room for three more members , the A Y A Me : ayaaaa (starts singing aya by mamamoo)
LC H پیش ماه
The streamer probably wanted clout. Bad publicity was the best way to go, she acted like a child (what person still uses poop as an insult lmao) and the only blinks I don't agree with are the ones who sent death threats. For the most part it's absolutely valid for a fanbase to be mad (esp one for a group who is so viscously hated everyday for no reason like BP and BTS) but it's funny one fandom is called toxic while the other is praised for doing what they can to protect their idols lol.
• yerumin
• yerumin پیش ماه
as a fan of both daph and blackpink, i was honestly stunned with what daph said. i do not mind if someone dislikes blackpink and their songs- any group, really. i must admit that blackpink does not exactly have the best discography unlike other versatile groups like red velvet or mamamoo, but daph needs to chill. i'm not going to attack her for this or hold a grudge against her (that's too childish, tiring, and it's not like it would do anything positive) but i hope she would not express her opinions with the same way in the future. don't be scared about saying what's on your mind. you think kpop isn't that good? cool, you think an idol is better than the other? cool, but remember to not be rude about it or you'll end up hurting a lot of people's feelings. remember to not shove it down others' throats too, because that's just annoying. but i do NOT approve of the people that attacked daph for her opinion regarding blackpink. i do not care about your intentions, attacking someone because they expressed their opinion badly will not be justified. just tell her to not do that again, or move on and ignore what she said. some people act like daph burned a family of ten people, chill. bullying is not justified even if you have good intentions, and that's on period.
Anthony پیش ماه
What 39daph did tht 😳
A. I. Trooper
A. I. Trooper پیش ماه
i have one thing to say: i agree with daph 💓
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez پیش ماه
2025: kpop is only NCT. Literally only subunits. Everybody else is out of a job. SM domination is complete.
Ashley Maddox
Ashley Maddox پیش ماه
Maybe they didnt wanna do it in korean so it wasnt as obvious
Lina Gwako
Lina Gwako پیش ماه
MAYBE NO ONE'S GOING TO COMMENT ON THE PRODUCE SITUATION BUT I WILL. I always knew that Lee Gaeun & Han Chowon were robbed, they were really talented & popular so it didn't make sense. It's been years since the show & the fact that they never got to debut since then is unjust. Also the japanese trainees were done dirty but what's done is done.
Applicorn پیش ماه
That streamer was wrong to say these things about blackpink in that way. She could’ve said “I don’t like them” and moved on. However, the fans aren’t so innocent either for attacking her so harshly and telling her to k1ll herself, so the streamer and the blinks that attacked that way are to be held accountable for their actions
子牙jiya پیش ماه
i pronounced it as anypen 😭
uwulix پیش ماه
For the stray kids one.... It really wouldn’t make since . At all. Stray kids should never give up there fandom name And the tweets are just joking and if there not. Idk what to do ima just literally spank them Lmao
Chel.C پیش ماه
I want to change Enhypen and NCT fandom name. If only I have that power.
Makia Hill
Makia Hill پیش ماه
she wrong for what she said about BP😡😡
Jailene Romero-Santana
i mean is your opinion
Consolata Murimi
Consolata Murimi پیش ماه
An African NCT group!? My my, we are going places! :D
Jailene Romero-Santana
lol :)
flipevent پیش ماه
Gaeun and Chowon were 5 and 6 respectively? Damn. That hurts even more, having watched that season multiple times. :/
kiaxiaowoo !
kiaxiaowoo ! پیش ماه
11:29 FUCK MNET. FUCK. MNET. my goddamn favourite trainees, kang dongho, han chowon, lee gaeun, and especially SEONG HYUNWOO?? seong hyunwoo, the person every pd101s2 trainee cried over after his elimination and two even mentioned him in their performance using lyrics ( cough cough, moonbok, cough cough ).
Scott Adams
Scott Adams پیش ماه
Used to be a fan of Daph honestly. She tends to be controversial with her attitude but there's a difference between not liking a music and being hateful. Also I completely disagree with her idea that they have fallen off. If anything their B sides on this past album were some of their best songs
kiaxiaowoo !
kiaxiaowoo ! پیش ماه
i'm a fan of 39daph ( the streamer trash talking bp ) since december of 2019, and she's usually very cold and insensitive. this whole situation has made me look at daph as a more immature but i will continue to support her, but not as much as before.
Here Till The Last 'Step Out'
Angelina : why would Stray kids apologise to stayc? Subtitles : why would straight kids apologise to stacy? um yea.. I don’t think they’re straight (I’m joking)
Jailene Romero-Santana
Nadja Reljic
Nadja Reljic پیش ماه
The stray kids vs stayc situation is the most ridicilous bullshit i’ve seen in a while
Chloe Marie Baker
Chloe Marie Baker پیش ماه
I totally agree with everything you said in the Blackpink section- well said!
Jissé پیش ماه
Blackpink Drama: I feel as if it's kind of obvious that the girl who said that she didn't like Blackpink just wanted clout. She could have just left it there when she said that she didn't like Blackpink, but she continued to say negative things about not liking Blackpink. I also believe the DM the Blink sent was 100% wrong. (Also, that lightstick looks cool)
Starry Rosies
Starry Rosies پیش ماه
She could have just said “I’m not a fan of their music ,but I acknowledge the fact that a lot of people love their music” You didn’t have to be rude, also Blinks are toxic yes but we just want to protect our idols from clout chasers and other “ fans” aka blonks who just want to shame the girls. Us blinks can be nice Blinks may go too far , but she set fire to the fire I wrote a whole essay on this but I needed to rant about this 😂 Rant written by , A kind of new blink since 2018+
ulzzangs پیش ماه
I don’t understand why people are so hurt for having different opinions. It was a bit harsh but she didn’t insult the girls, just the music. Whether or not the quality has gone downhill is debatable. Not everyone is going to love and adore your favs and that’s okay. Blinks shouldn’t dm her and make matters worse thus proving her beliefs that blinks are toxic. Props to her though because blinks can really jump on people in the name of protecting their idols but she’s unbothered. move on. I struggled with wanting EVERYONE to like BTS but i’ve accepted the fact that not everyone is going to like their music or because they’re “overrated” and that’s okay.
King Supreme
King Supreme پیش ماه
The streamer is a legit Karen who hates BlackPink
Jailene Romero-Santana
she just had an opinion she just did it in a very very rude way
The Real Al
The Real Al پیش ماه
Not 39Daph, I liked her 😭 Edit: Do not send hate
agustina vranich
agustina vranich پیش ماه
my girl´s first scandal I´m so proud
agustina vranich
agustina vranich پیش ماه
well at least stayc got some clout out of this lol
Jailene Romero-Santana
Jungrose's Wig
Jungrose's Wig پیش ماه
yes i stan superm. IM a supporter-
Cheese Ttaekbokki
Cheese Ttaekbokki پیش ماه
I would change Engene to Clown
oI fElIx c’MErE bRO
oI fElIx c’MErE bRO پیش ماه
I would probably change SuperM's its trash nobody can say otherwise
Seungjae Ko
Seungjae Ko پیش ماه
Not liking music is okay. But when she said *blackpink more like blackpoop*.Yeah that's where she crossed the line but I do not suggest nor support in sending death threats etc.
Bryan Locy
Bryan Locy پیش ماه
as a fan of 39daph and blackpink, she’s been annoyed by kpop fans in the past and it might’ve been the last straw. she does like some kpop for example heize and others. don’t send her hate please.
s u n _ l i g h t *
s u n _ l i g h t * پیش ماه
did you guys actually watch her explanation of blackpink before commenting
Jailene Romero-Santana
BH BH پیش ماه
Blink should be cool down their mind..all people don't have to like bp,everyone have different tastes,she's saying what she thinks,but the way she said was rude tho...
sunshine nuneo
sunshine nuneo پیش ماه
I know that Angelina is absolutely right but I'm still trying to not be offended about how she trashed 2PM's fandom name lol
Minhee’s Long legs
Minhee’s Long legs پیش ماه
Well I see that most of y’all don’t watch daph. Which is good if y’all will overreact over everything.
Dorito playz
Dorito playz پیش ماه
I really want to have her personality 😭 she’s just such an awesome some person 💕
Jenniexruby پیش ماه
She could have just said I don’t like blackpink and that’s all. But she didn’t have to say oh their songs is trash or something
스탠트와이스 پیش ماه
im pretty sure she would still get attacked no matter what way she would say it because most blinks are toxic
Madhu Singh
Madhu Singh پیش ماه
Amogelang Lebeko
Amogelang Lebeko پیش ماه
I think the comeback was already scheduled, the controversy just makes people think that SM is trying to cover up their tracks
Moyra Olivera
Moyra Olivera پیش ماه
I really don't want SM to add more members in Nct 🥺, i mean in a very beginning i was happy with that and now with our 23 babies i love it, but adding more MORE THAN 23?! It's a bit too much for me x x Just with 23 many members in Nct doesn't know each other though 🤣🥺
Jailene Romero-Santana
@Moyra Olivera awww seems really cool :D
Moyra Olivera
Moyra Olivera پیش ماه
@Jailene Romero-Santana when i first enter to this whole kpop world 7 guys in a band was like A LOT haha and with 18 guys in Nct in 2018 was like NO WAYYY but then i started to watch their content and i fell in love with every single one of them🥺 and now with 23 it's even more diverse and beautiful, there are some awkward moments between a couple of members but are soo cute😭 and they are really funny, i mean without even trying v:
Jailene Romero-Santana
damn how do yall keep up with 23 members-
Ateez is the future
Ateez is the future پیش ماه
The streamer is daph and I watch her everyday but she doesn’t need to like blackpink if everyone else does
Just a K-pop Stan
Just a K-pop Stan پیش ماه
I love your username, @ Ateez is the future. I'm an Atiny, too!
Just a K-pop Stan
Just a K-pop Stan پیش ماه
@Egg Sandwich Why would you encourage sending hate to someone?
Egg Sandwich
Egg Sandwich پیش ماه
39daph if you want to watch her streams or send her hate
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