Seventeen KBS Mistreatment, BoA Investigation, Red Velvet Comeback Hints, BLACKPINK Concert & More! 

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Today, in Angelina’s Totally Legit News Show, we are going to be discussing BoA and the investigation she has been in due to her and a staff member trying to bring prescription medication from Japan to South Korea, we are also going to discuss Red Velvet’s comeback hints, KBS and their negligence towards Seventeen, Blackpink’s concert being postponed and more!
For BOA, she was in the news for importing meds. Basically 8 O’Clock news had reported that an idol and a staff member was being investigated for having violated import regulations. For context, Boa was prescribed something in Japan, and a staff member sent it to Korea under their name. And to import into Korea, there’s a certain procedure to follow, but it seems that they had failed to do so in this situation. Consequently, during a customs inspection, this was discovered and both were then questioned.
However, SM was quick to give a response to the situation. They left a lengthy statement in regards to this, basically saying ‘’this occurred due to a mistake by an employee at our agency's overseas branch who had no knowledge about trade or customs clearance operations’’ then continuing to explain that it is indeed true that the medication was shipped without without following customs procedures, however they had no intent to do so illegally.
Fans are speculating that Red Velvet’s comeback is eminent. So even before Irene’s scandal, Red Velvet were confirmed to be having a comeback soon, however, it might have been pushed back just a bit after the scandal. However, SM has since expressed that Red Velvet will still indeed have a comeback despite everything.
So as we know now, SM has their own universe called Kwangya, and they’ve expressed they want to include all their artists in this universe and cross promote. So in SuperM’s music video for One Monster and Infinity, SM teased Aespa’s logo. In Make a Wish, they also teased the music video for Black Mamba. And in Black Mamba, they teased Boa and so on. And Taeyeon actually released a music video for her song ‘’What do I call you’’ recently and fans are saying that there are hints for a red velvet comeback.
However, it seems seventeen fans are quite mad at KBS, in fact they have started trending #KBSApologizeToSeventeen, because according to Dispatch, KBS requested that Seventeen come to their prerecording despite not having all their test results ready.
Lastly, we have Blackpink who had to postpone their concert!
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0:45 BoA Investigation
4:02 Red Velvet Comeback Hints
6:12 Seventeen & KBS
9:24 BLACKPINK Concert Postponed
10:15 KPOP Shenanigans

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shruti پیش ماه
I can't find your twitter acc! 😭
Ria eaJ
Ria eaJ پیش ماه
@David Bogado I'm just confused bc why remove BTS??? After 4 hours or smth I noticed that...
David Bogado
David Bogado پیش ماه
@Ria eaJ yeah I didn't understand why so many people were commenting about Bts. Guess I was late
Ria eaJ
Ria eaJ پیش ماه
Why did you remove BTS from your title and also from the timestamps. I can't find the BTS clip in the video???
ʏᴜᴛᴀꜱ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴀɪʀ
4:02 I feel like there have been so many clues I agree with you! One of them, of course I could be wrong but the other day Seulgi and Joy posted yesterday on IG of them in a Dance room prob learning a choreography. So as a Reveluv I’m so very excited
Rv On Orbit
Rv On Orbit پیش 20 روز
BoA was an actual drug dealer it would have been hella dope lol
Marzia Sharmin
Marzia Sharmin پیش 23 روز
Who is that boy in the thumbnail?
cadence پیش ماه
I don’t know why I didn’t notice this sooner but at the end of a song called black mamba they just so happen to promote somebody who’s called boa😂
Lizzy's life
Lizzy's life پیش ماه
You should make more kpop drama because I like watching more of those vidoes !! Its just a suggestion if you can take it♡♡
Renuka Kutty
Renuka Kutty پیش ماه
Renuka Kutty
Renuka Kutty پیش ماه
Laura Alarado Reynoso
Laura Alarado Reynoso پیش ماه
Thanks for talk about the SVT and KBS issue. I don't see a lot of youtubers talking about that, and it was a total mess and irresponsibility from KBS.
토깽토깽 پیش ماه
Getting prescribed medication under someone else’s name is illegal
Ingrid پیش ماه
Bom's scandal is entirely YG's fault and I'll never get over it
Đřęãm Ğïŕļ
Đřęãm Ğïŕļ پیش ماه
Dont blame all armies.. not all army hb done dis protest it may be some antis or some army......its really irritating me wen they say army ...
Let the No One meme die already
I don't get you, why should RV post pone their comeback because of the pandemic? Groups have been releasing music and promoting throughout the year regardless of the pandemic but RV is the only one that shouldn't? Say why you really want them to post pone or better explain yourself
yunasaurus پیش ماه
The boa situation is just a repeat of park boms situation
slanis پیش ماه
I find it funny that you kept quiet about BoA's activities all this time (her comeback, album, MAMA tribute and performance...), but when there is a gossip here you are to talk about BoA. Low.
slanis پیش ماه
BoA's and Bom's case is NOT the same. BoA's pills ARE NOT ILLEGAL in Korea, Bom's ARE ILLEGAL. Big differences. BoA made a mistake following the procedure while Bom smuggled the pills inside the candy. If you're reporting the story, do the research.
Wen Lynn
Wen Lynn پیش ماه
Im just glad rv is comeback, they music is too good too gone. They absolutely will hit this comeback 😊
BlinkArmy پیش ماه
I'm glad yg postponed the concert. Its all for the best intentions.
Pasta Noodle
Pasta Noodle پیش ماه
What's up with people and this BigHit and labels shizzazle? Honestly, if all the groups come from the same company then I would consider them family. If the label isn't from the company then I wouldn't consider them to be family. Especially if BigHit is going to go through with this, that will spread popularity amongst other groups and that leads to more money; so no that is not dumb or "not right." Also cause I saw one person saying something about YG and JYP not doing that or whatever, its because they are two different companies not the same one. If they both have artists that go to the same label then the label has the right to call them family. Honestly it doesn't make sense but like ppl seem to be pressed.
Timeless پیش ماه
I'm so happy that Red Velvet might have a comeback soon. The whole Irene "drama" was so overblown that I honestly can't believe that so many people think she is evil. We don't really know the whole reason why Irene was allegedly "rude" to the stylist, so I don't understand why so many people went up in arms about it. I really miss the girls and I hope that we do get a comeback soon.
Ronald Chan
Ronald Chan پیش ماه
I forgot about the “gather outside vs. inside thing”. Maybe that’s why KBS had the idols wait outside rather than in indoor waiting rooms. Too many people for indoor gathering.
Ronald Chan
Ronald Chan پیش ماه
The people who tagged BOM as a drug smuggler, even though it was prescribed and investigation was dropped, ruined (temporarily) a person’s career. Bet they are proud of themselves. Karma is going to pay them back someday.
GattlingCombo پیش ماه
It really pisses me off how much people freak out when an idol imports medicine into korea. Korea has a history of not having proper medicine for people in the country, so people have to fucking import it. Assholes freakout about it as if everyone who works in kpop is frequently doing cocaine or some shit. It's very infuriating.
Dorothy Ralte
Dorothy Ralte پیش ماه
LOWKEY deuh hian NCT i ngei in ka hria! I sawi dan thin vel hi tiraw eki
Phucku پیش ماه
1st this whole BoA story is only a thing bc the "reporter" did a very misleading and sensationalist headline. 2nd I don't think the same thing that Bom went through would've happen to BoA if it happened back in 2014 or any time period. BoA is a legend and highly valued to the industry and SM as a company too, she would always got the back up (even if lacking bc it's sm after all). YG left Bom pretty much by herself and was clear years after that they wanted to terminate connections with her and 2ne1. Not to mention the cover up that the whole story was. Totally blown out of proportion.
Blue babby
Blue babby پیش ماه
I hope they make soon
Blue babby
Blue babby پیش ماه
☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 Red Velvet
villager پیش ماه
Cerise Min
Cerise Min پیش ماه
I immediately thought SM was so quick to reply due because of what people did to bom and that fact that people are already mad at SM, glad to know I wasn't the only one who was thinking about Bom's situation
Fahmi Nizar Maulana
Fahmi Nizar Maulana پیش ماه
Soo.. SM is trying to be the MCU of the kpop?? 😌
Tom's Music Corner
Tom's Music Corner پیش ماه
Imagine if YG had reacted as quickly in the case of Park Bom as SM is doing now with BoA. None of them were drug smugglers but the situations were handled differently. Irene is still an issue? There were talks, apologies and all that and the person in question has accepted everything and so the case is over. There is nothing more to report here. Red Velvet comeback is more important. KBS should apologize not only to SVT, but to all artists who are now at risk. There is one show after another as if the hospitals were not already full in SK. The pandemic is not a joke. YG seems to be doing something right at the moment (THE SHOW concert postponement).
The Hag Sooyoung
The Hag Sooyoung پیش ماه
the butts thing is spreading like wildfire
lost wave
lost wave پیش ماه
Angelina forehead. ✨👄✨
Meg_ پیش ماه
I'm so goddamn hyped for an ot5 comeback
Anandita Agarwal
Anandita Agarwal پیش ماه
MINA's tozaki Sana
MINA's tozaki Sana پیش ماه
someone give me more info about 17 on corden?
Kira پیش ماه
KBS trash
SVT's my addiction
SVT's my addiction پیش ماه
KBS officially sucks. Poor SVT
Thomas Bato
Thomas Bato پیش ماه
Irene was the driver that's why there's no photos of her, bet!!
PinkChanel پیش ماه
so is BOA getting the same treatment as Park Bom?...
Lee Sandwhich
Lee Sandwhich پیش ماه
Seventeen going on james gorden is going to set kpop back 5 years... the west is not going to accept that huge group with guys wearing make up.. bring girl groups sheesh, they are way less cringy
Lee Sandwhich
Lee Sandwhich پیش ماه
maybe every company should have just come together and refuse to go on their BS music shows completely and boycott it
Sol Flower
Sol Flower پیش ماه
kai's bg dancers going viral remind me of when chungha's male bg dancer went viral (in snapping)
Hansollieee پیش ماه
Here's the FULL STORY of what actually happened with SEVENTEEN x KBS situations & why carats are so mad to KBS and why we demanded apologize from them : (all translations credits goes to rightful owner ) - Seventeen was on standby for the KBS Song Festival. SEVENTEEN shouldn't have been there at all. No, the shouldn't have called them whatsoever. KBS's sense of quarantine was simply a show. - Seventeen and all staffs have taken a voluntary test right after they found out they went to same hair saloon with someone with positive case. PLEDIS has suspended all schedules until all the result came out. It was a preemptive measure to prevent the spread of the disease. However, the position of the public broadcaster KBS was different. they said "The situation with the big festival in front of us was complicated. There was NO TIME TO WAIT FOR SEVENTEEN'S RESULTS OR SELF-ISOLATION." they called (more like forced) seventeen for pre-recording anyways. - KBS made unreasonable demands beyond the quaritine standards. Excepts for s.coups, whose test results were not released, the remaining 12 members were put on the rehearsal stage. s.coups's position was filled with back up dancers instead. - A health authority official said in a phone call with Dispatch on the 18th, "it is better to quarintine even if you have been tested negative," adding, "in particular, it is better avoid crowded places." the number of asymptomatic infections has increased, so we need to be careful. - After the rehearsal, SEVENTEEN waited for A VERY LONG TIME, they waited with their hair and make up done. However, the results of the s.coups test did no come out, and KBS cancelled their appreance on the show (last minute) kbs is just truly selfish and irresponsible. they literally put everyone's health at stake for the sake of their show. the fact that they made svt went there for pre-recording in RUSHED (that's why you saw the boys were looking exhausted and just wearing slippers and home clothes unlike other idols who were seen all dressed up). They made the boys did the pre-recording and then made them all dressed up with make up done while waiting FOR HOURS in ANXIOUSNESS for their leader's test to come out but at the end kbs cancelled their appearance just like that. this is so disrespectful to seventeen. and for those who were saying "then why pledis still send svt to go there?" honey listen, once artists/agencies denied/disobeyed what the broadcasting companies (especially the biggest broadcasting companies like KBS, SBS, MBC, JTBC, etc) want, They will boycott all your appearances on the shows under them (music shows, variety shows, etc) and artists can't even promote their activities there anymore.
Sean Adams
Sean Adams پیش ماه
its YG what do yall expect
Just Dobby
Just Dobby پیش ماه
Im glad SM said something with the BoA issue. Unlike somebody who let their idol faced the backlash alone.
Vanhmingliani Tochhawng
Rugie 모모
Rugie 모모 پیش ماه
If the queen's won't comeback I'll- I'll- I'll talk to SM
Menahel Sultan
Menahel Sultan پیش ماه
props to gfriend for starting the butt argument
Salty Suga’s Lejindary UwU
The medication that they were talking about is Zolpidem. More popularly known as Ambien, a popular sleeping medication in the US. Improperly importing medication is not right. But I don’t want people to start acting like she is a drug dealer or something.
Runway Bomb
Runway Bomb پیش ماه
What a toxic generation to be in ~ Also those ppl who act like they can control or cause harm to bts and other groups arent fans and are only willing to cause harm then good
NazikaNazika پیش ماه
I predict Red Velvet's comeback at the end of January or at the beginning of February
Chiaki TM
Chiaki TM پیش ماه
So who here gonna burn KBS with me ? 😸🔪
Nala پیش ماه
Yo Angelina when you dropping that songs of the year video ? 👁👄👁
Throw it back? What?
Throw it back? What? پیش ماه
I feel like they delayed The Concert due to an mv perhaps? Rosé solo or RFL
satria222poxy پیش ماه
TWICE just released CRY FOR ME on Friday
Grimmjow Jaggerjack
Grimmjow Jaggerjack پیش ماه
I immediately thought of Bom when the BoA thing came out, and I was hoping after all these years the public wouldn't go on the war path again. I hope Red Velvet pushes back their comeback just for the sake of Wendy getting up to speed. She had serious injuries, and even if they're healed, getting your stamina back is very, VERY hard. She's been out for a year, and with the demanding schedules for idols without rest and improper food, I just worry for her pushing herself too hard to come back. Also, they should probably cancel all the shows for the rest of the year. The rates are rising, and even with no audience you still have dozens [hundreds if you include all staff and stylists, ect for every group] of people being exposed for these end of the year shows. And the rates are rising in a country that had been doing good to keep them down.
Sm scammed everybody periodt.
I was so confused between irene and boa in the thumbnail bcs well idk every single visual looks identical 🤡
いぬ پیش ماه
Bom's case is not the same as BoA's. Bom's drugs was a narcotic drug and her family snuggled it into a zelly and try to hide it. They knew it was an illegal drug. One the other hand, BoA and her staff never intended to hide the drug so...
Lady Violet
Lady Violet پیش ماه
PAYATO Vlogs پیش ماه
Why is every kpop group/idol now having conversations about if we have 1 or 2 butts?
Woozi Worm
Woozi Worm پیش ماه
“THERE IS NO TIME FOR SINGERS TO DO SELF-ISOLATION” - KBS this is inhumane. forcing an artist to perform knowing that it will risk their safety & health is a foul move. and seventeen came in slippers, unprepared after being rushed by kbs with their unreasonable demands to them to perform, but have it cancelled since they can't wait for cheol's result anymore that's why others left with make up. shame kbs, how selfish of you.
m dorrdar
m dorrdar پیش ماه
cant believe you didn't talk about Jackson and jessi iconic stage lol
ᴄʜᴏᴇʀʀʏ _ᴘɪᴇ
Red velvet has a special place in every kpop stans heart, so we're all very hyped for an rv (possibly ot5) comeback.
Michelle B
Michelle B پیش ماه
If YG have done the same as SM things may have been different but they did nothinh
im a hashbrown
im a hashbrown پیش ماه
I like that kpop is so crazy that there is a new story/scandal EVERY WEEK
Jayward Tumacmol
Jayward Tumacmol پیش ماه
Cancel 2NE2 hahaha Cuz Angelina you forgot Bommie's collaboration with Myanmar's Artist! Hello? HAHAHAHA LOL Is it possible for you to make a video about Bommie's issue before because a lot of trolls are dragging her again because of what's happening to BoA right now. Anyways, thaaaaaaaaaank you and I enjoyed all the topics! 2NE2 Fighting! LOL
Plamedie Ifasso
Plamedie Ifasso پیش ماه
Let’s talk about the real issues: It’s one butt with two butt cheeks. If you had one butt cheek, you would only have half a butt. So it’s one butt.
Maddie_ GH
Maddie_ GH پیش ماه
I’m sooo ready for Red Velvet’s comeback. Red velvet is my ultimate group and I’ve missed them so much. Idc if their next album only has three songs, I will listen to those three songs on repeat until their next comeback lol
jaded پیش ماه
Thank you for saying medicine and not drugs
multimidzy پیش ماه
mandu babie
mandu babie پیش ماه
wendys back i think
Reveluvey پیش ماه
Yes she is
Solo Grey
Solo Grey پیش ماه
I'm not a fan of BTS at all. But saying that Big Hit is using them alone is just undermining the fans of other groups. I'm a Buddy and I'm a big Gfriend fan seeing as they brought me into Kpop. I wouldn't buy the tickets to watch BTS but Gfriend because they don't get to go on Music shows or have a lot of performances, so getting to see my group performing is a dream. So for those selfish armies thinking that BTS is the only group that matters because of their success is dumb asf.
Solo Grey
Solo Grey پیش ماه
@Roselyn Foxx I really do hope so 💜💙
Roselyn Foxx
Roselyn Foxx پیش ماه
Again Army's didn't know about this"boycott"(it was probably antis). We're really excited to see a possible bighit family collab stage 💜💜💜.
mandu babie
mandu babie پیش ماه
howd you know im on my computer... sus
Angelika Sauveur
Angelika Sauveur پیش ماه
I hate that there is a bunch of people in the fandom are nit-picking at this BigHit Family Concert. These groups have their own following, they are not making money only from bts. Also, you can not have a family concert without multiple groups. BTS has been alone in their company for so long, they deserve to experience what they couldn't. You cant say a family from the start when a family is legit a groth. If you cant afford to watch then don't. Don't ruin it for the rest of us.
IGot7 Revluv ExoL Army who Stay Once Gi-dle Blinks
I run large fan pages for both insta and Twitter for BTS... and guys I am sorry to say Angelina is not wrong about this at all. The hate I’m seeing directed specifically at BTS calling them stupid and orphans is astounding. Don’t even get me started on the things I’m seeing in regards to the label overall. I felt some Army want BTS alone and to themselves... and it’s quite sad since the boys specifically stated they want a family at the label and have always wanted to do a family concert like some other groups/companies. I haven’t seen this level of foolish hate since the whole BP thing in regards to certain members being hated on for no true reason/ a false reason. Please let’s just support the concert and send them our love. Hell if you don’t like AFTER WATCHING, fine. But the attacks I’m seeing where a whole post in regards to it got WAAAYYYY more negative comments then likes. It’s just a mess. I will say though on a side not after buying BPs the show concert ticket for their end of yr performance for 40usd. I was taken back when BIg hits end of yr performance tickets cost well over 200 usd. It was close to 250... I’m just so not willing to pay (like where in a pandemic lol). But I had to think we will being seeing like 5 groups... so maybe the price is just. But for an online concert it just seems so steep. Ima try and support though.
Lyd Iee
Lyd Iee پیش ماه
Now we can understand why jimin left padding squad ( he never talk about them even we all know that padding squad are the only jimin closes friends) ..it's just because of armies ....i really feel sorry for bts members.. really they don't deserve these kind of treatment from theirs fans ....it's really weird ...armies aren't u loving your idols and want them to be happy?! WTF 😒 🧐
Bishsh PV
Bishsh PV پیش ماه
Guys Red Velvet is having a CB!! Wendy and the rest of RV are preparing so get ready!!!
baeyukhei پیش ماه
13:13 okay if anyone sees this comment, PLEASE go check out No Blueberries, the song is SO UNIQUE and the MV is a complete cinematic MASTERPIECE, you won't regret it
Aalia Browm
Aalia Browm پیش ماه
Bighit can do whatever they want to. When other companies do concert ,comebacks and shows no one complaint but as soon as bighit does something everyone complaint . For the love of God get off their back if they want a concert then let them do their concert . Everyone is bighit is talent so let them have the concert and shut your mouths please
Butterball2829 پیش ماه
putting bts on a pedistool like that and saying theyre ‘too famous’ to have a concert with others like theyre untouchable??? chill its not that deep i cant believe they got vans 😭
Shunu پیش ماه
i personally don't see any problem with the whole online concert thing besides the expensive tickets.
Nori پیش ماه
What happend in 2010
Lucile Cappelletti
Lucile Cappelletti پیش ماه
I like the idea of a Bighit concert but 242 DOLLARS ??? FOR AN ONLINE CONCERT ???
Lights پیش ماه
the bts and new eve thing..... is from stupid "ARMYs" and its literally the minority of the fandom, i think antis and solo stans are gettin too much power nowadays, we should stop giving them clout and voice or this type of shit will happen. The only thing that i would complain about is the price but at the same time they have to make some money sooo idk. In conclusion if u are one of the people arguing they are using bts for clout, you sound really stupid and please do us a favor and go touch some grass
Gabriela Marques
Gabriela Marques پیش ماه
the armies against the show are so..... idk what’s their line of thought even it’s so frustrating. but thankfully not all are like that,..
istanmultiplegroups پیش ماه
I feel like people forget bighit is a company For me I'm excited because I stan 4 groups under bighit, but I do hope the price went down a little more because the concert is online instead of public Am I the only one that enjoys when bts interact with other idols. And I stan bts nu'est txt gfriend 💜 so I'm not really disappointed I also belive that this concert will help bight labels become closer, people arguing that bighits labels aren't family will duh 🙄 they will never get close if some fans are against them from collaborating over their fear of clout
The scary cat
The scary cat پیش ماه
The scary cat
The scary cat پیش ماه
the irene scandal is over, she was held accountable AND the stylist in question accepted irene's apology, and her whole goal was simply to receive a apology from irene. her opinion is the only one that really matter in the end of the day
John Smith
John Smith پیش ماه
Hmmm.... I seem to notice that the "one vs two butts" thing seems to be a running joke in the K-pop world. I recall (G)I-DLE having a similar argument on Vlive before as well. Does anyone know if it could be due to language or something; i.e. the exact meaning of "butt" being different between languages?
RUAmplified پیش ماه
To be fair with Bom’s case, she was taking a tranquilizer that’s is illegal in Korea
BJ Rosen
BJ Rosen پیش ماه
Some of the Army doesn't seem to grasp that BTS are themselves incredibly kind and generous people who often help other artists. For instance, RM is a huge Nu'Est fan and I'd bet he's thrilled that he gets to work with them. Why ruin BTS' fun and enjoyment of working with other artists that they like and admire? That just seems silly.
Lucaルカ پیش ماه
Anyone who encounters BTS gets automatically cancelled💀💀
Erqueen Esengeldiev
Erqueen Esengeldiev پیش ماه
I'm happy that sm protected boa better than yg did...
Xan پیش ماه
The time stamps are wrong (starting with Blackpink concert)
Hanni پیش ماه
Huh? Of course there goons get clout that's the point🧐
Ianna Tyus
Ianna Tyus پیش ماه
k-news channels are talking about this boycott but i haven’t seen any army actually talking about it so maybe it’s just a k-army thing idk. i’m all for the concert if there will be actual interactions and collab stages, especially for bts because they don’t do them anymore and i miss it. as for the pricing, i haven’t looked into yet but if it’s really that expensive then yeah that’s a problem. i personally don’t care for the general direction bighit is going in, but that has nothing to do with the idols themselves
Wallace Ávila
Wallace Ávila پیش ماه
k-armys are still armys, i don't get why international fans always think everything it's about them... and just because you didn't hear it, doesn't mean it's not happening. the trucks are already there.
nctiddy پیش ماه
i’m actually so surprised at how low the number of covid cases is among these idols bc i caught it from a family member and now we’re all sick but these idols run around in packs with their stylists and managers, like how are there only 7 confirmed?? that’s actually amazing
Chloé Stewart
Chloé Stewart پیش ماه
No hate, but is this the only sweater that she has 😆
Conch Shell
Conch Shell پیش ماه
The Seventeen situation makes me really upset. The members had to rush there (if you look in pics, you’ll see that they were wearing flip flops and whatnot) and were in the cold. They had everything prepared and then KBS cancels their show last minute. Imagine waiting there for hours and being told that you need to go home. I’m so sad.
Zchanique پیش ماه
Man, if they don't let Boa sleep.
channelxcaramelo پیش ماه
I'm honestly worried for rv mental health... No matter what they do they always receive a lot of hate...
Vanhmingliani Tochhawng
@Wallace Ávila im not defending irene or wendy but yeri joy and seulgi's hate are bs, yeri doesn't have any control over weather she's debuting or not, plus she was already in the original red velvet lineup, and Joy's 'controversial' shirt was absolutely bs, like who cares if she is a feminist or not, also seulgi's accusations were never proven, so haters are just dumb
Wallace Ávila
Wallace Ávila پیش ماه
yeri received hate because she entered the group after, wendy because of racist joke in the past, joy because she used a t-shirt written feminist, seulgi because of bullying accusations and irene because she shouted at a stylist and made her cry.
Bangtan Together
Bangtan Together پیش ماه
Hello Angelina, about the bighit concert, not all fans were mad at this. A very very small amount of fans were pissed at this concert. So I would rather say SOME fans and not just fans.
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