Red Velvet Irene Bad Attitude UPDATE & Rumours 

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a few days ago, I updated you guys on the Irene accusations, including her apology and Sm’s statement in regards to that. However, since then, again, there have been so many rumors and even an update to this story from the person who originally accused Irene of having a poor attitude, so I thought we could get into that.
here is a little recap of what has happened so far. Basically, an editor who has been in the industry for 15 years made a post on instagram expressing that they had an encounter with an unnamed female idol who was known by many people to be rude, and upon meeting with this idol, the editor essentially was treated in a way that ended with them crying.
Now the editor in question did not mention anyone by name, but did use the hashtags Monster and Psycho, and since fans also noticed that they had deleted previous posts in regards to Seulgi and Irene, fans thought it was about Irene.
We explained in the last video that people often don’t name names in situations like this but rather leaves hints for fans to figure out who it is because the defamation laws in Korea are much stricter, so even if you say something true about someone, you could get sued for defamation.
However, we saw Irene admit to this and leave an apology on her Instagram while SM entertainment confirmed that she met with the editor personally to apologize, and they expressed their apologies as well.
And that’s basically where we ended the last video. Now since then, we’ve seen and heard so many rumors regarding Irene and it has brought up the question of whether or not her behaviour is excusable.

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Let the No One meme die already
You kept saying she admitted to the behaviour throughout her career....I thought she just admitted to that day?
L’C Code!
L’C Code! پیش 2 ماه
I read 2nd as 2ne1 omg what’s happening to my brain.
Tuti پیش 2 ماه
@Luvirene i unsub her as well. She preach her one-sided opinion too much. Pretty hard to swallow.
Luvirene پیش 2 ماه
had to unsub to you like the others, sorry. im also one of your loyal viewers who watch all ur vid till the end. just disappointed really. but atleast you updated
Luvirene پیش 2 ماه
and now you want to reiterate your words from your first vid. you lost my respect from the moment you start posted that vid than waiting for the story to be more clarified... you added fuel to the fire rather than waiting to report actual facts smh.
Bad B*it*h
Bad B*it*h پیش 2 روز
First of the people mad at her yeah she did it she should be accountable but ya'll do realise they get little sleep and their always dancing have to sing while dancing while getting hate and have to diet very hard I would be pissed too damn
Wiz*one orbit Midzy Neverland Forever
This is so sad, Irene used to be my ultimate bias but that has now changed to Joy, Yeri and Seulgi, because Irene’s attitude and Wendy being racist but I am glad that Irene and Wendy are back and Wendy is my bias wrecker and Irene is still my bias, just not my ultimate bias, but, The reason why is because she apologized SINCERELY, although, I DO think that she learned her lesson, but, I personally will leave that in 2020, it’s 2021 and this is the last comment I will leave but I do hope she learned her lesson and I hope that the best goes to Irene and Red Velvet, with all that said, Let us forgive her and not sending hate, just remember, that Idols may not be as they seem.
Cartswhat پیش 16 روز
Not to be rude, but I'm so tired of these snowflakes. Sometimes it literally feels like I'm the only one living in a normal area and the whole internet lives in a pink bubble of snowflakes. I think I kinda had all the people I know lash out on me and take it out on me when they were angry about something, even if it didn't concern me. And I just told them to their face "If you're mad at something/someone, don't take it out on me. If you can't talk like you normally would, then just shut up, go calm down in a corner and come back when you're normal". People aren't raised to stand up for themselves. Yes, kindness means you listen to everyone and are not rude. But you have to know where your boundaries are and stand up for them. If you think you're disrespected, then voice it. Don't run off crying and feel humiliated. Another thing is this "I felt humiliated, I didn't care who I was in front of". People should really stop thinking that crying in front of someone is humiliating. Moreover, if someone is yelling at you in front of others, that speaks a lot about them, not about you, especially if you were not responsible for what they were yelling about. I don't think a whole band should suffer because one member has a temper. Also, if this happened in the U.S, there would've been no big deal about it. The real problem is with these Korean enterprises that create kpop stars on a conveyor belt by exploiting families and people's hope and naivety. "Omg, we'll gonna make a star out of you". Yeah, the only thing you don't know yet when you sign up is that you won't see your family when you want to, you won't be able to date at all, no matter what you want, your whole life and image and everything will be on a schedule that will be dictated by the enterprise. And everything will follow earning as much money as possible with your fans. Which, I think, is pretty dictatorial coming from any enterprise. You cannot own a person, despite being their boss. There's not one example where kpop stars committed suicide because of their companies and fans and all this bullshit where they have to uphold a fake image and cannot be themselves. If they just erased this, there would be no backlash for such situations. I do not think this is gapjil, lashing out on someone cannot be considered "abusing the privilege of being in a powerful position" by far, in my opinion. And people should learn not to be so sensitive to words. They're just words. Sure, one might come and say "yOu nEvEr kNoW hOw wOrDs mIgHt sTiNg". Unless they don't bully you for your looks and tell you to go commit suicide or any other thing that you cannot control about yourself, it's not even considered hate speech nor bullying. People should stop caring about what others think. Oh my god, Irene told me I'm horrible at what I do. So who the hell cares? Do I have to put up with her on a daily? No, because I was hired for one day. Did she try to ruin my reputation with anything? No. Does Irene give me food every day? No. Does Irene pay my bills? NO. So why the HELL should I care about what Irene has to say when she is clearly fuming with choler? Yeah, that's about right and goes for literally everyone who let words get to them like this. Irene can go f*ck herself and I'm gonna go back to what I was doing before she took her time to yell at me. There's a saying, "Enters on one ear and leaves on the other". Also, people won't change for others, they have to realize they're wrong on their own. She already apologized, and don't get me started on the grudge the girls might hold against her deep inside, even if they don't wanna admit it if their band will suffer the consequences. One doesn't deserve such punishment of being banished from the media because they have a temper. Wow, Xxxtentacion, Tupac, Amber Heard, Chris Brown, and HUGE HUGE ETC. have committed worse things and they still have supporters and fans. What Irene did can't even compete. So it's funny how people always find the flaw in others and are quick to punish and to demand further punishment, but they never see the flaw in themselves. Also, as someone mentioned already, Korea is sensitive to bullying, but they bullied Sulli to her last breath. How convenient, isn't it? All these social justice warriors weren't this eager to save someone from death as they are to cancel Red Velvet and Irene for a little nothing like this. All these social justice warriors didn't even seem to SENSE that they killed someone by bullying. After this one, I wouldn't even care what these guys have to say about Red Velvet's fate. People gotta take a chill pill and sit down on their asses. I absolutely do NOT support "cAnCeLlInG" Irene nor Red Velvet.
eunha stole my heart ღ
eunha stole my heart ღ پیش 17 روز
Irene's actions were extremely wrong. She and SM have apologized, Irene knows not to make the same mistake in the future now. End of story.
Marvin J
Marvin J پیش 19 روز
Very well done! So much out there gives no background but lists a lot of comments/ criticisms. Thank you for doing itright.
ericson santos
ericson santos پیش 27 روز
are you really a reporter? it seems you dont know a thing .....and it seems your attacking irene
ICECONE پیش ماه
This is just my personal opinion and what I think sounds most realistic is that Irene isn’t a bad person she’s probably nice and sweet to all Red Velvet members but I’m guessing towards staff she shows them little respect due to her thinking she’s above them this is a common thing that some celebrities go through they loose their humble nature the more fame they get while Irene like I said is probably nice to her close friends she probably shows staff and others little respect Ellen also has been revealed to be rude to staff and others while she’s nice to celebrities which shows how she keeps a image of being nice to people of importance while showing no kindness to people with 'less importance' like staff I think Irene probably acted like this aswell but... her apologising and meeting up with the employee is a good thing which shows she’s actually willing to make a change after this long time and now I bet Irene will treat staff with respect after leading this valuable lesson hoping Irene grows and matures in the future x
but make it obsessed
but make it obsessed پیش ماه
yall really be teaming up with the same person who spread false rumors to krystal and sulli of f(x) before lol. even if irene "admitted" we still do not know the whole story and what happens behind the scenes.
Lea پیش 6 ساعت
Source? I didn't know the editor spread false rumors to f(x) members. If you give a source I'll believe you.
Hinata’s simp
Hinata’s simp پیش ماه
I agree with the stylist. Irene made a mistake and she should be held accountable. That’s why Irene has apologized directly to them and the stylist accepted it. This should be the end of the issue. After all, she already took actions to account for her mistakes. My problem is just with the haters that are using this issue to drag rv and Irene down. Hope they can recover from this.
Blue Blooms
Blue Blooms پیش ماه
it is really sad to see some people just straight up defending idols behaves apparently they think they are god or something. there are so many people saying that irene blew up because maybe the stylist did a mistake and she was having a bad day and everything came together and so she blew up on the stylist/editor. no, this is not a justification one should give. there are so many idols who mess up on stage and do a mistake so do we ever just post angry comments on social media (as their fans) that this artist made a mistake and they should be hated or shouted for that. no, we never do that and we obviously shouldn't because as a human we are ought to make a mistake in our life and nobody's perfect. so why should we just say that it was the stylist's fault and so it was ok that irene lost her shit and scolded her? it is never as a human to not be nice to another human because doesn't matter how rich or poor you are we bleed the same. and if irene wasn't at fault then why did her manager apologize to the stylist? and why did she went on instagram to post an apology. she could have just said that this this person is trying to sabotage my image and i'd not apologize for what i did because it was a right thing to do. also you'll saying that so many sm workers took her side and said she's never rude but why did so many ex-sm workers liked the post by the stylist to show a silent support and confirm tp what she was saying? no one should be cancelled for this but they should be definitely held accountable and expected to give an proper apology to the concerned person.
Esg Esg
Esg Esg پیش ماه
I wonder if she has ADHD?
Makvana Kanjibhai
Makvana Kanjibhai پیش ماه
She has ego of her Beauty😤😤😤
Hwdiiis Kh
Hwdiiis Kh پیش ماه
All of us would yell at someone for several times. she is just a human and she can get angery. I think we can't say she have to be cancelled bcuz of that.
uhhhfran پیش ماه
Woojin, Jimin, Irene. 😬😬😬
Hippity Hoppity _Jerboa
People also called Seungri panda cute and all. Than you know the rest is the history and fans still don't acknowledge it. Then they talk about feminism shit, when they cannot support a girl who committed suicide due to shitty people in this world. People are fickle minded.
Hippity Hoppity _Jerboa
How can she just rage out at a new random stylist . And fans are like she apologized its only one time and all.
MrSausage پیش ماه
why ? simple its called celebrity disease . yes your bias aint virgin and probably dating someone right now
Vleri Neziri
Vleri Neziri پیش ماه
For me in this Case it’s not alright to be disrespectful but it depends wether they did something to her or not cause Irene is the most kindest Idol i know. Her Actions spoke always louder, also she always uses kind Words. I really don‘t believe that this didn‘t come out of nowhere.
CAM MP3 پیش ماه
Throwing insults to the point someone question their life, the meaning of their life, why they're doing this and what for. Just what kind of ugly, wicked words she must have said to the stylist. Fans, wake up. Your idol is not just rude and cold, she is cruel and inhuman.
Arthur_Kirkland UK
Arthur_Kirkland UK پیش ماه
I agree. Irene always seemed off to me, I'm glad that she's getting exposed.
CAM MP3 پیش ماه
I think Irene must have said very hurtful words. Imagine she just entered the room without greeting, didn't even acknowledge the existence of others. Started sitting, crossing her legs with phone in her hands, pointing here and there while spewing insults. In her eyes, she's the star, everyone has to listen to her like servants and slaves. It's not the kind of yelling like "do your job right!" but it must've been cursing, name-calling, and other abusive types of words that can make someone cry and question the meaning of their lives to be treated this way. Plus the way she glares at people...she's a mean girl.
silver vocalist seokjin
Really don't care abt this situation at all and at the end no matter what yall people say we don't know what went behind the scenes, we don't know the truth. In my opinion tho, irene does kinda look rude at some points u know the type "im the queen,the prettiest" like those most popular girls in private schools who thinks less of everyone? Irene has those vibes but who am i to know
Hanookie Support
Hanookie Support پیش ماه
Irene has been in the industry for a more than a decade she and her the other members have been held to a high standard the entire time. The stylists and production staff hired by SM have been fucking up for YEARS. They dress them in ugly outfits, dress them in outfits that make the members uncomfortable, don't give them working equipment that ends up hurting them or just falling off, mics that don't work, WENDY FALLING. Whoever this editor is obviously doesn't understand professionalism in the music industry and will hopefully get their karma for trying to spread some sort of shitty rumor about Irene. She's allowed to be mad at someone for not being good at their job and if someone is pissy about it SM can fire them! Point blank period.
Lea پیش ماه
Editors don't dress up the stylists, Red velvet actually tells the stylists what concept they want for their outfits and makeup.
Hanookie Support
Hanookie Support پیش ماه
TLDR Irene has been dealing with unprofessional bullshit for years she's allowed to be mad at someone. stfu :D tyvm
Alize Nadira
Alize Nadira پیش ماه
Bruh it’s crazy because after this people started noticing more moments when she was rude to the other members or other staff. It’s sad how we don’t tend to notice these things or we push it back just because we Stan and look up to these artist
neo got my crack
neo got my crack پیش ماه
Actually what happened? I'm still trying to understand
Claud پیش 2 ماه
Ok wait...I’m kinda confused.... From what I’ve read and heard, Irene (other than this incident) is known to be really warm and kind and generous (donating 100mill, making letters for her staff, always buying gifts for others, etc. But that’s just what I’ve read) so yeah, her behaviour towards that stylist is extremely rude, uncalled for, and unacceptable but why yall going to the extreme?? Didnt she apologise alr? And its not like she’s always super rude, she’s been known to be extremely kind. Everyone has flaws and yes Irene has made a huge mistake. But we should not overlook her huge generosity and kindness for one bad incident (although it still is unacceptable!) Some people are so quick to judge somebody and just pretend that they’ve never done a good deed in their life just because they insulted a stylist once. So yes, Irene is definitely in the wrong and good on her for apologising. And im not too sure that the stylist is telling the truth either though. If I’m not wrong there isn’t any proof of Irene shouting and screaming at her, while additionally, several of Irene’s staff have come forward to defend her. While yes, if Irene did bully the stylist it was extremely brave of the stylist to come forward about it and that maybe Irene’s staff is being paid to defend her, but is it not possible that the stylist had been paid to accuse Irene? Like honestly if somebody accused me of bullying and I know that it will become such a huge matter, I would just apologise instead of defending myself so that the matter can be settled faster. But anyways, all I’m saying is that I don’t think that we, as the public, should take any sides because the only people with the truth are the people who were present at the incident. If Irene did bully her, she is in the wrong and should apologise. If the stylist was lying, then shame on her. But really, none of us know the truth. So let’s stop cancelling either of them and wait for the real confession with proof to come out before making such extreme death threats and insults!
ses purinchechu
ses purinchechu پیش 2 ماه
also fans: I'm not defending, but (insert why they think Irene is a good person or how suspicious that someone recorded a video like they were expecting Irene to chew someone out. the moment you see BUT, hold your cup tea and sip
ses purinchechu
ses purinchechu پیش 2 ماه
If it were the stylist who was rude to Irene, you would never see the fans claiming that she's a good person having a bad day. These people worshipping Irene would never let it slide. If the stylist confronted SM about it first, they would have protected their cash cow and would have possibly discredited the stylist publicly. I think they could have done so if there were no proof, but I think the vid they say they had is legit. Someone argued Irene is a good person because there're lots of clips to show it. Yeah, well they usually don't show a celeb's bad side on cam but luckily we have a few on Irene. And I'm not talking about the resting bitch face she has coz I dig that. These idol-worshippers should grow up and do some intense reflecting. I know because I used to be like that - just less obsessed.
Michael Fishe
Michael Fishe پیش 2 ماه
The person who exposed Irene is literally just begging for attention along with all those backup dancers lmao. They handled this in the most immature way possible. Any niggas who expose on social media instead of talking to the other face to face has no reason to call themselves mature and an adult.
허니 버터밀크Honey Buttermilk
I don't see how you can even call this a scandal. Everyone gets in a bad mood sometimes and for Irene to act that way the editor/stylist must have been p*ing her off. With the rumours situation - Ignore it until someone comes out with proof.
jishoe پیش 2 ماه
kpop stans are freaking sick, I am sure if this is a boy group member, this wasnt a big issue.
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell پیش 2 ماه
exactly what i was thinking
irmalair1 پیش 2 ماه
I don't want to defend her. Being rude or mean is always wrong. She needed to be called out and to apologise sincerely to the person directly. But I also want to point out that all people make mistakes and can lose their temper many times without that making them evil beings or worthy of -cancelling- losing their whole life career social life and everything for that. And why is it so easy to make some people's experience define a whole person, when many many other staff members who also worked with her for years spoke up and stood up for her? You just can't judge a person's life and character by selecting some events here and there and excluding everything else. If that was the way and we sat here collecting and selecting only our bad moments/behaviours/experiences then everyone sucks and we should all just go cancel ourselves.
irmalair1 پیش 2 ماه
14:55 then they go on doing that themselves (Sulli anyone?) 😑😑😑
irmalair1 پیش 2 ماه
This person obviously wanted red velvet to fall and SM to get a longterm scar. If she's really been in the industry that long then she clearly knows the consequences of her post, then claims that she only wanted an apology (which she herself said Irene already did)
irmalair1 پیش 2 ماه
Just found out this was the same editor who praised Irene a few years ago? Wtf ???
irmalair1 پیش 2 ماه
There are so many contradictions and weird stuff from the accuser's side that this feels like a planned attack to ruin SM's group
mykuromii پیش 2 ماه
Everyone’s human sometimes we get emotional, pissed off and whatsoever. Irene did quite wrong, she apologized, Staff accepted it, and the staff deleted her post about Irene, this doesn’t mean if she did somethings wrong like all of us humans do. This doesn’t mean we should ‘cancel’ her or kick her out of the group that is too extreme and most of all we weren’t there to observe the whole thing so I don’t care what you think but we shouldn’t be extreme.
Alice پیش 2 ماه
I hope RedVelvet or Irene don't have their careers ruined over this but this is not excusable. Even if you're having a bad day you can't go and make someone else cry. If it's not a one time thing as well, there's definitely no excuse.
Kelly Lim
Kelly Lim پیش 2 ماه
I thought about it and like honestly , the stylist said that she just wanted a apology and she was not looking for drama or money but If thats what the stylist wanted , why didnt she just look for SM entertainment and the stylist did not have to post it on social media and they could have just settled it behind the curtains and the stylist could have gotten a apology and not create drama on social media like bruh and this editor said she did not want to name the idol and in the end they put hashtags on red velvet bruh You are basically looking for attention
L m
L m پیش 2 ماه
Knetizens or some Kpop fans in general are so mean. No one is perfect. There are issues all the time which are resolvable. Stop hating on Irene already. Respect her talent and let's move on. The hate is too much. They pretend they don't get mad at people for various reasons and do they call themselves monsters for that? No. Just stop the hate!
anri44444 k0
anri44444 k0 پیش 2 ماه
Even idol can get upset you know. We don’t know the entire story. So why now everyone is judging Irene. She is not a doll, she is human too.
Emilia Anderson
Emilia Anderson پیش 2 ماه
KPOP STAN•β• پیش 2 ماه
As a Kpop Idol who idolized by many people you need to be careful with your attitude. For other people who is pressuring her to leave Red Velvet i didn't blame you for that but atleast let SM ENT. make decision for that. You have no right to dictate what should SM ent. do to irene. Let them handle it. Just sit back and stop attacking her. I Im not siding to irene. But atleast respect her not as Irene who is popular member of RV. But as Human. While To Irene, I dont know what to say...Im disappointed and its hard for me because i always going to their concert just to see my Bias IRENE and RED VELVET. Its hard for me. So In other words... Lets just wait what action SM ENTERTAINMENT would do. For now just sit back and relax pleaseee
vivi's johayo
vivi's johayo پیش 2 ماه
her behaviour was extremely bad, but yall literally dragging her to hell and back. she also had a bad day so that's somewhat an excuse. but still, cancelling and witch hunting her for something which she formally apologized to the public AND in person is just really fucking wrong.
gg پیش 2 ماه
i dont really understand why the stylist had to make it public though, like why couldnt they have sorted it out in private? (not trying to start an argument or anything, just what i think :).)
Whatsitallabaaat پیش 2 ماه
I can't believe the stress these kpop artists are constantly under. Also, the fact they are praised constantly, those two things are a deadly mix. If there's nobody around to keep you grounded it's a small wonder they'll freak out and act entitled around people. So many western artists are known to act like this, but we can them 'divas' and praise them for being 'strong women'. Give her a break I say.
헤라 پیش 2 ماه
funny how they still hate irene even though the staff and Irene have good terms already, she apologized to us and all the staff members that she disrespected... so knock it off cancel culture
BLACK PINK19 پیش 2 ماه
RV won't disband cuz SM entertainment doesn't do that stuff anyways😂 *BUT VOTE RED VELVET FOR SONG OF THE YEAR ON MAMA* Psycho fits for "SOTY" title
Guys we are all not perfect sure we can critism irene on a friendly way but this is just cyberbully, we cant call her out like this. If you were rude to your teacher would you like it too when many people cancel you?? we are in no place to forgive or punish irene and thats straight up facts. And the stylist is a HUMAN TOO so is Irene it was petty that they blackmailed Irene for a apology and the company instead of just keep it professional and talk it out but we are not the ones who should judge.
Ahmed Shah
Ahmed Shah پیش 2 ماه
Fat girl sitting in his parents house..... perfect simp 😂😂😂😂
Chris B.
Chris B. پیش 2 ماه
I don't even know why I'm watching this. So my opinion it's this inter industry businesses and not the public's problem so we should shut up and let her boss take care of it.
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart پیش 2 ماه
Yea Noooooo. Idk man. Irene has been so selfless through out her career and i understand its easy to fake a noce personality but you cant fake selflessness. Go ahead and dig into watch shes said. Youll see how she doesnt need to be number 1 all the time, it doesnt need to be Red Velvet all the time. Its ok because Red Velvet would always be there for you no matter how long youve been gone.
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart پیش 2 ماه
I still stan my girl. I know shes a full grown woman and she made a mistake. But she apologized. And i will not forget all of the overwhelming good in the process.
Sisi Lia
Sisi Lia پیش 2 ماه
You look like nessie judge, youtuber from indonesia
R o s e
R o s e پیش 2 ماه
This whole thing is like a Black Mirror episode
R o s e
R o s e پیش 2 ماه
Guys please give Irene a chance. I know it's an unacceptable excuse that she had "a bad day" but we don't know the whole story. And it's definitely NOT our apology to accept. Something that day must have happened to her and she accidentally snapped at a stylist because of this. She's 30 and she knows what she's doing, but she just snapped. Snapping is something you can't control. After all these years of holding in her anger she probably had enough. She also worked hard for her career, and just because she showed her human side of her y'all will cancel her already? This is just like that Black Mirror episode. 🙄
denabach پیش 2 ماه
People need to STFU about this, it's a situation between Irene and the stylist. Irene knew she was wrong and over did it and apologized to her. For those who say she had to because of bad publicity, well, would it have been better in those haters eyes if she didn't ? It makes me sick that people judge others. Have none of you learned with Sulli's death ? Irene is a strong woman so I know she'll get through it. I'm sure she regrets her actions , so to you haters out there deciding what her fate should be, give it a rest. Your opinions in the long run mean nothing. Red Velvet will survive with or without your support. And for those who want to come at me for my opinion, bring it on. LOL !
Elle پیش 2 ماه
Why does a advertisement show everytime it says Funky Transition? 🤣
dessy پیش 2 ماه
while i think its good when people are held responsible for their behavior, its wild to me that one rumour of a bad attitude can ---potentially--- ruin an idol's whole career and get their group disbanded. like wow i can't even imagine that happening to an american pop star 😳
noheroes downtown
noheroes downtown پیش 2 ماه
Honestly, I am a Red Velvet Stan and I love their music and their performances, Red Velvet is even the only band I have a poster from in my room. But I think of the situation, I think of what if that happened to you. Imagine you made a mistake in your workplace (I also think the stylist probably did a mistake) and someone comes to you and shout to you to the point where you cry. Would you forgive them easily? And then imagine it is a person in a higher position as you, your client, your boss (in this case Irene is a famous idol from a powerful company), do you think it would be easy for you to just go to the company and talk about it? In the real-life, you often have no chance of getting anywhere by complaining to your company. Because of that I kinda understand why the stylist took it to social media. I don't think its right to say: Oh that's so immature of her when you yourself never faced a more powerful person or company that wronged you and don't know how that feels like. But do I think Irene deserves hate or getting kicked out of the group? Absolutely not! I also don't think she is a bad person but I know people who bullied some and were completely nice to others. And I bet you know these kinds of people, too.
Debra Pillay
Debra Pillay پیش 2 ماه
Its the fans that turned her into a monster 😒voting for the prettiest member is so childish 😂😂n korea has some of the best plastic surgeons.
highonimmi پیش 2 ماه
i wish you tube had a way that if you pay money to join peoples channels you don't have to deal with the ads.
highonimmi پیش 2 ماه
things that make ya go hmmmmm
krishna pratz
krishna pratz پیش 2 ماه
I cant believe the number of judgemental people this kpop world has. This is between two people and it ended. It's not your battle to fight nor it your apology to judge. When have people become so cruel. Have a heart. This has nothing to do with idolizing or taking her side . I guess everyone's jealous of Irene no doubt. Live better than a crab mentality.
serapina پیش 2 ماه
im here to remind u to stop focusing so much on irene scandal rumors and publicity. please. u have better things to do than worry about someone who professionally resolved this with the editor themself, let alone someone we dont even personally know
Rosemary Silvergate
Rosemary Silvergate پیش 2 ماه
I belive a bad day should not get to the point when ur screaming at someone yes you can get mad/ irritated but not scream at them until they are crying
Andrea Kolawole
Andrea Kolawole پیش 2 ماه
I'm just gonna say this got way to outta hand, first of ya'll are making your own f(x) situation. then your really dragging out the situation by adding other lies about irene, judging her because of one thing. some people are really the definition of a keyboard warrior telling irene all this immature shit. then there's the fact some of ya'll have started with the death threats like tf the same people are grieving over sulli and feeling bad about it. but your gonna turn around and do the same to irene like tf? honestly your getting way out of hand yes irene did something wrong I hope she faces consequences but the stylist excepted her apology why can't you? like it wasn't even your case either so like if my mom disciplined me and continued to make me sad by talking shit she shouldn't be my mom? oh don't get me started on how you've drawn other idols into this like that is just petty and disgusting if irene did something wrong does jennie , twice , joy , yeri and others have to be put down too? oh my god and the last point is you guys saying she pushed wendy how delusional and out of wack are you like goddamn out of your mind causing someone you love fatal injuries and making someone cry are two different things in conclusion I just wanna say some of ya'll dumb as hell delusional baboons need to get your head out of your ass nobody on this earth is completely innocent accept that and move the fuck on ( p.s. if any on says anything of if the roles were reversed I would still keep the stylists accountable too just like I did with irene.) 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Ace پیش 2 ماه
The reason why this is such a big deal in Korea is because of the disrespect towards someone significantly older. In Korean society, where respect towards elders is the most important aspect compared to other countries, I’m not surprised K nets are angry. I’ve never been a fan of Irene, in fact I always thought she was overhyped and had a “princess complex” about her. Behaviour like this confirms it. It is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable to disrespect an elder in Korean society. I don’t think her career should be ruined, but she should learn to respect everyone. The makeup artists are human too. They need to make money and pay the bills and aren’t just objects that celebrities can use at their disposal.
Grace پیش 2 ماه
She shouldn't have criticized the stylist for " 20min", if that's true, that's definitely wrong on her part, but I do think she shouldn't be rejected. What she did was wrong, but to the point of shunning her out of society and losing her job? No. She was rude and hurtful, nothing can change that, she apologized, the artist accepted the apology. The Korean sentiment is understandable, but some ifans are not, especially if they want her to be canceled.
Visitor پیش 2 ماه
Wait a minute 2:48 "..the importance of staff members." How long she's been doing this on how many staff members? I know the status between high rank and low rank are Korean way of handling business, But to over using it is beyond Idol mean girl behavior, I hope RV can survive this quake.
P3achy Butterflies
P3achy Butterflies پیش 2 ماه
I don't understand why "fans" are hating her,she is a part of Red Velvet,she is a human too! I wish the best for her and rv
blue x butterfly
blue x butterfly پیش 2 ماه
Irene is human, she is going to get mad sometimes, she could of said it wasn’t true but she told the truth and that should be enough for you guys to shut up about it, I mean what would you do, you guys just pick and choose who you want to cancel, I’m actually really mad that we could lose Red Velvet because once an idol doesn’t act prefect y’all want to ruin their career.
uh_oh studios
uh_oh studios پیش 2 ماه
at the end of the day, we weren’t there. it’s not our apology to accept. so stop saying “we should forgive her, she’s only human” or “we shouldn’t forgive her, she’s a monster”. 1. all of the rv members were getting shocked by their ear pieces. this happened because the ear pieces weren’t checked properly to be safe. that’s a good reason to get pissed. 2. Irene absolutely should not have lashed out like she did. 3. the stylist should not have spread this all over the internet. she should have have talked to Irene in private like an adult. 4. it’s very hypocritical to say that she is extremely rude, while you are telling her to die. don’t fight fire with fire, it just causes a bigger fire. 5. same thing with 4, except with the stylist. don’t spread hate to them either. I hope I made my points.
Lea پیش ماه
@sunshinelixxx Actually Red Velvet did get shocked by ear pieces, HOWEVER the person who got verbally abused was an editor, and besides, stylists have nothing to do with ear pieces
sunshinelixxx پیش 2 ماه
1. the ear-piece thing is just a RUMOR and there is literally no evidence that that's why irene lashed out in the first place. even if it was, she still has no right to lash out on someone and humiliate them to the point of crying because it's really not the stylist's fault that the equipment had malfunctioned in the first place. it's also not the stylist's job to check the ear pieces because she's just there as a STYLIST not a personal assistant. 3. the stylist had already TRIED to reach to irene for an apology but she said in a post that irene just disappeared and sent the manager instead to give an apology, which is so insincere because if you were really sorry, especially if you've lashed out and humiliated someone, then you would personally say sorry yourself. this issue would have been swept under the rug if the stylist didn't call her out publicly.
Alex Sy
Alex Sy پیش 2 ماه
rainyyeojin پیش 2 ماه
i love irene but where was all this "lets not cancel her, just tell her its wrong" energy with other people??? you guys are so fast to cancel people when its not ur fav like-
sunshinelixxx پیش 2 ماه
lmfaooo ikr these people are really just giving irene a slap on the wrist while other idols get dragged down to the depths of hell
Yuqi is my Queen
Yuqi is my Queen پیش 2 ماه
There are some people trying to force irene to leave the group
geeo پیش 2 ماه
i feel like the stylist wanted attention... like she said not to hate on irene but she literally posted on a platform where people are gonna see and get mad. she could’ve asked to resolve this privately.
Xhaiba Arballo
Xhaiba Arballo پیش 2 ماه
Can we just call out the mysoginy of this? She's rude to a stylist and everyone wants her career to be over, when the Seungri thing happened a lot of people were quick to forgive him for some SERIOUSLY ilegal stuff, I honestly hope this isn't the end of red velvet
sunshinelixxx پیش 2 ماه
what??? literally everyone hated on seungri and wanted him to be out of the industry while y'all are defending irene and pulling the "she's only human" to justify her actions. saying that irene had worse backlash than seungri is really a stretch because all she's really getting now is a slap on the wrist.
Menta پیش 2 ماه
That person, ruined her image, possibly even mental health, and for what? I'm a professional too, i have to cope with different type of clients and colleagues, and? F*k Cancel Culture and everybody clapping for it.
# •᷄ ɞ •᷅
# •᷄ ɞ •᷅ پیش 2 ماه
possible hiatus for red velvet.... then aespa is coming......
Pinku Tea
Pinku Tea پیش 2 ماه
Why do people bring up people who had nothing to do with us to support Irene? Jennie is in no way like Irene, like there is no evidence that she is anything like her, like people are saying “you guys support Jennie still” Jennie just looks mean but she isn’t? Or people bringing up Chan and making him sound like he is in the same level as Irene, chan legit had to the stylists work in the middle of a vlive because they weren’t working properly, and because if that he had an annoyed look. He didn’t yell at them nor did he make someone cry, he did nothing to hurt the staff feelings . Just focus on her for fuck sakes. And don’t try to compare her situation to woojin or Jimin aoa this is way fucking less.
Lunaas پیش 2 ماه
I personally think this whole situation blew way too out of hand. Obviously she is an idol, and she has to hold a certain face due to her platform and status. However, I think it is important to remember that life like that is so stressful and hard to deal with. I am not excusing her actions, but I am saying that it is definitely a good thing that she addressed the situation and was a grown up about it. I'm glad that she apologized about it and everything. I think it is a bit cruel the way that people are freaking out and basically trying to end her career. I do not condone bullying, I dont not support bullies having a platform. Personally I do not stan RV, I mostly watch for Wendy, but I do believe that Irene doesnt deserve her career being ruined over something like this AS LONG AS she can show that she is changing and becoming a better person after everything that has happened. If she does not change then she wont survive, but if she shows she's trying to become a better person I think it could make a lot of people appreciate her again.
Sornchai Panrueng
Sornchai Panrueng پیش 2 ماه
Haters blaming Jennie for this ahahahahhaahahahahahahahha. I am not Jennie stan but this attitude is beyond ridiculous omg
Sornchai Panrueng
Sornchai Panrueng پیش 2 ماه
Can I believe this or not?
Jada Alston
Jada Alston پیش 2 ماه
What’s funny about kpop fans is that when a scandal happens kpop fans are so quick to hate without knowing if it’s true or not but when situations where you have the facts like this one happens suddenly it’s okay. Keep that sane energy. That’s all I ask.
Cho giwa
Cho giwa پیش 2 ماه
lol all human have a mistake, nor kpop idols their have a emotional they receive a mistreatment lol Irene how she can saying the truth that the stylist was doin a dumb job. Irene deserves the Love and Protect her at all costs
kurotsuya پیش 2 ماه
What if she had genuine reasons for being rude, if she made a mistake forgive her since she apologized then move on, what's the big deal anyway, she's human too and she learnt her lesson
rashi پیش 2 ماه
Angelina, can I just say that I absolutely love you for making these videos and being so unbiased? I literally always fail to catch up with stuff in general so your videos help a lot
Miss پیش 2 ماه
thank you for this!
mee moo
mee moo پیش 2 ماه
not a reveluv = no opinions on her issue
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith پیش 2 ماه
I hope she does get kicked out. She admitted to it. Why are you all defending her like shes a perfect angel
D a a i z y
D a a i z y پیش 2 ماه
do NOT bash irene, and do NOT bash the stylist. You may be angry at one of the two but don’t go in and send it hate comments and death threats to them. It’s just immature and stupid and you should only spread love in this world. you may be angry and may disagree with either one of them but don’t go taking the time to hate on them if you don’t like them. don’t be dramatic either. This isn’t the same story as Jimin from AOA, so stop comparing the two. If y’all are going to consider her a bully for yelling on the staff member or a couple, a couple of times, then I get bullied by every person that I care about because all of them half at least yelled at me once. stop bashing both of them PERIODT
kushal curry
kushal curry پیش 2 ماه
I think is gg knetz have way more influence on their future haah..... Yall can keep ranting in chat box only hahha
Julie Vo
Julie Vo پیش 2 ماه
Almost everyone has hold her accountable and has accepted the apology (even the stylist) but these haters are making accusations, bringing up other idols, and bringing up aoa jimin. Like u guys are just dragging the situation, if both parties (stylist & irene) have both apologized and has accepted the apologies, and has decided to get over it & move on, then all of us including haters will move on as well cause there’s no need to drag it out more than it should. This situation is not gonna disband rv nor would it be brought up a lot but it would still definitely be surrounding irene throughout her career but hopefully this situation taught her a lesson. But why are haters comparing aoa jimin with this and saying they’re both just as bad???? UMMMM don’t u guys know that jimin bullied a member for 10 YEARS, we don’t if irene bullied anyone but from what we know for now she didn’t... irene didn’t bully the stylist, she yelled at her which we don’t why she yelled at her for, maybe it was something that the stylist did wrong IDK but don’t compare jimin and irene there situation is totally two different things. BUT RV should NOT disband cause the other members didn’t do anything wrong as far as we know nor should irene leave cause it’s something that is not as bad as compared to what other bigger scandals that have happened before with other idols.
ReVels Ring
ReVels Ring پیش 2 ماه
I did not see this energy from antis when SBS did not even apologise on Wendy's accident...
ReVels Ring
ReVels Ring پیش 2 ماه
Well too many good things she did and that one mistake won't ruin her.
Monstera Tillandsia
Monstera Tillandsia پیش 2 ماه
She is good to some, bad to others! The EDITOR WOULD NOT POST IT IF ITS NOT TOO MUCH. Gash! She is not a baby anymore let us not be blinded to the fact that she yelled at the editor for 20mins according to what i have read. Gashhhh. She apologized good for her. However, she must respect others.
Evie B
Evie B پیش 2 ماه
Of course her behavior was not excusable but people should be forgiven but here’s the thing we’re not the ones that need to forgive her will I look past it now am I going to unstan red velvet also no all we can do is hope that she learn from her mistakes and will be better in the future
Gloria the Sexplora
Gloria the Sexplora پیش 2 ماه
I wonder if the members were bystanders themselves and if they witnessed anything
Lea پیش ماه
I wonder that too
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