KPOP Trends That Should STOP in 2021 

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I’ve been seeing some videos going around about trends or things in Kpop that should be left behind as we enter the new year and as a critical annoying 2nd gen stan I thought I had enough pent up anger to make a whole video about it. So yes, today, I’m going to go into detail about the things in Kpop that *anger* me and that need to stop. I believe Wonhaed was the first to do this, but I was inspired after seeing Vixxo’s thumbnail!
First: uncomfortable fashion. And this applies to girl groups and boy groups. So for girl groups, sometimes you’ll notice they’ll have specific skirts that will fold up completely as they are doing really intricate choreography and I think that’s inconvenient. I mean first of all, they are wearing safety shorts, then on top of that, they are wearing short shorts and then a whole skirt on top of that and you couldn’t figure out how to pin that skirt down? Perfect examples are Twice’s Sana and Nayeon in Feel Special and Karina in Black Mamba. They wear so many layers and then when they inevitably crouch down or whatever the case may be, their skirts literally fold up and stay folded up.
And yes of course denim and cowboy themes, I mean, obviously. And so much more, from being too nit-picky with idols to criticizing their english and so on.
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Wonhaed's video
Vixxo's video
Kpop Corn's video
Eshanti's video
0:00 Intro
0:41 Uncomfortable Fashion
2:57 Snow App
5:14 Criticizing Idols' English
6:58 Lip-Syncing
10:01 Nit-picking Idols Too Much
11:35 Pretending Like we Know Idols
12:43 Streaming Culture
14:36 Diet Talk
17:58 Some of Your Suggestions!
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Gabriel Panganiban
Gabriel Panganiban پیش 22 ساعت
Because of lypsinc, some idols gets nervous sometimes when they are told to sing live (without back up vocals). You can clearly see it in their faces. But when they are performing with back up vocals (or lypsinc), they are super confident and their stage presence is 100% on. Like, i dont want my idol to feel ashamed of his own voice because it is not as neat as the pre-recorded back up track.
ditka623 پیش 2 روز
I started listening to kpop ~2 years ago and still can't undestand this unhealthy obsession with views. I know that with internet and YT the music industry has changed, income sources are different than 10-15 years ago but to measure a bands success and/or talent with the number of video views is so misleading. If I like a song but don't have the the time to watch it on YT the whole day or prefer to listen to it on another device does that mean that I don't count and the band is not popular? As far as I can understand even awards depend on views which makes whole fandoms run riot. As a fan of the music by Dreamcatcher, Mamamoo, Oneus or Ateez I don't believe that their music is that much inferior to bigger bands as the views indicate and I really hope this fanatic view chase will soon come to an end!
Ella پیش 2 روز
i hate streaming culture and voting it makes it hard to enjoy a song when u have people going 'stream or u arent a proper fan' I am not allowed to stream and this is my only social media account
Indira Maharani
Indira Maharani پیش 2 روز
Okay about ur opinion with lipsyncing yes you can have real live singing and still hear a stable voice with seventeen.. even though sometimes they use backing track you could still hear their live vocals... it has been proved with their online concert INCOMPLETE, try to watch the snippets and judge it yourself, their vocals is one of the strongest in kpop industry and kpop stan are still sleepin' on it. (Also you can notice that imperfection)
lolita davinci
lolita davinci پیش 2 روز
lets be honest ... humans arent really humans anymore these days all i see now days is just some arguements even me.. im a human but i dont really care about to critizise or to argue i JUST dont do IT like can these people in world think deeper and deeper and even deeper like how is another person gonna feel when you say something mean or do something like....... just Be KIND is it really that hard ?
Nguyen Ha Tien
Nguyen Ha Tien پیش 3 روز
Idols and fans: Talking about diets and how they make your life better/worse. Me: Why don't we talk about Athleanx, where diet won't even make it to the dictionary.
BANGTAN UK پیش 4 روز
Tbh a lot of idols, especially Seonghwa, look better without the snow app filter. It's okay to use it if you have some breakouts or your skin's texture isn't very good, but like if you have clear skin in my opinion there is practically no need for the filter. But then again Korean beauty standards said pale skin sooo 🤚🙄
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez پیش 5 روز
You will take snow from my dead cold hands!
The Quantum You-niverse
The Quantum You-niverse پیش 5 روز
2nd gen stan here and i totally agree. Once i started seeing "don't forget to stream *insert group and song*" i honestly was confused to what that even meant. As much as i see people being more often part of multifandoms today (which is nice) I still think that the war between fandoms is waaaay more intense today, strangely enough. I'm a shawol and Shinee has defo released songs I didn't like, so did I listen to them? Yes, once or twice probably. But that's about it.
Infires Man
Infires Man پیش 6 روز
I personally loved the concept and costumes of Monsta X Fantasia, in fact they were the first to do it (cowboy concept) in 2020
DexMaster881 پیش 7 روز
Trend no1 Pushing American opinions on Korean people...
dija.cherry پیش 7 روز
The only thing I kind of disagree with is the "talking about their diets"! I think fans should absolutely not talk about an idols diet since it's not of our concern and we don't know them personally, but if an idol feels comfortable enough to speak about it, then let them be! It's not something to be "called out" for if they are comfortable enough sharing about their diets with fans! And I only mean when idols share their diets not when they promote them!!!
macey پیش 8 روز
Appropriation!! No more BS like "ethnic hip" or "reggae hair." Stylists, artists please learn when ya'll trying to go global.
Neri پیش 8 روز
i was a third and fourth gen stan and then i got into bigbang in mid-2019 and the whiplash from the culture of "stream!! oh the views are going so slow! oh no we're going to miss our 24 hr goal and our group will be disappointed in us" to then being surrounded by vips who would actively stick up their noses at anyone who even mentioned the st***m word was an... experience. but after getting used to it, i will say there's already a lot that's stressful about being a vip without having to add streaming and voting so when it comes to the music it is pure enjoyment :')
birchlawpa پیش 9 روز
My complaint about Kpop English is NOT pronunciation by idols, but goes to whoever is creating English versions of Korean lyrics. Uggh. As for lip syncing...either do it or don't. I know most idol groups will use a backing track, but when either they're not in sync with the backing track or the backing track is too loud, it distracts from the performances. We finally rid ourselves of Tropical House in 2020. Can we also move on from Moombahton? I say this knowing that 2 of my favorite releases ("Boca" and "Hwaa") were heavily Moombahton influenced. I just don't want it run into the ground like TH was.
XMajesticEagleX پیش 9 روز
I don’t care about the idols having an accent when singing in English but I cringe when the lyrics are bad. I’d rather have the lyrics be meaningful in korean than make no sense in English. Companies should definitely hire english lyricist if they want english in their songs.
VoteForTwiceOn-H1 SMA-GDA-andGlobalFansChoiceAward
U know, why I don't hate Twice because of lip-syncing? 1. I watched Sixteen. 2. I watched, how they improved. 3. I also saw the BAD half-breath & half-voice technique. 4. I saw them being overworked and being criticized for vocal mistakes miserably. 5. I also saw, how the BAD technique affected them. 6. I saw, Jihyo's Jazzy voice was never utilized. 7. I also saw Nayeon's high notes being pitchy. 8. I noticed that only a few groups had a great range of vocal timbres. 9. I saw, Twice's performances had the largest number of MR removed. 10. If u watched their Sixteen era, concerts and covers especially early ones, U will agree with me. At last, I want to say that I love SM for their best vocal coaches and training.
VoteForTwiceOn-H1 SMA-GDA-andGlobalFansChoiceAward
Have u seen my notice-board? See my name.
VoteForTwiceOn-H1 SMA-GDA-andGlobalFansChoiceAward
My playlist is full of English songs. There is no kpop song because I am so tired of listening to songs repeatedly during streaming. I usually listen to b-sides because they sound fresh. U can check my playlist if u want.
VoteForTwiceOn-H1 SMA-GDA-andGlobalFansChoiceAward
Yes, true. If u have been listening to English songs recently, u will notice that people are actually enjoying listening to them while under kpop songs: ''(Fandom name)...Plz Stream'' ''It will be the fastest video to reach -----M'' ''Plz stream correctly, here are all the rules...'' ''I have 10+ accounts to stream'' The last one was true btw. I am a kpop stan but unfortunately, my studies and time really come before anything. Sometimes, I feel guilty for not streaming even I have 10 accounts but what should I do? Give up my dreams? Nah, never. Also, the words ''underrated'' and ''Big3 privilege'' are the ones I hate the most now. I am an ''On-car-army'' besides muti-stan but I can never love any other group as (e.g.)Twice despite listening to other groups' discographies, watching their performances, etc. But people are like: ''This group is really underrated. Stan.'' Sometimes, it is good to remind others but continuously, no.
Rosaury I.
Rosaury I. پیش 9 روز
we love an atiny intellectual queen
Der Elena Das Kathi
Der Elena Das Kathi پیش 9 روز
S E پیش 9 روز
I used to follow this kpop youtuber who was very concerned with problematic behaviour from idols. She got a lot of hate for it from other fans, which ended in her criticising those fans for ignoring or excusing the problematic behaviour. And I can kinda agree on that with her and liked how blunt she was, but then when scandals with her favs happened or old ones were brought up, she was the one to say "let's not jump to conclusions", "they have moved past that now", "I truly believe they meant no harm" which is complete hypocrisy, but is sadly how a lot of kpop fans are. So I want these kind of double morals to be gone as soon as possible.
Ellyssa پیش 10 روز
ive seen so many interviewers that actually talk about diets, like asking idols what they eat to keep fit/skinny or what their diets are like.
blu_foxx پیش 10 روز
Fanwars are so stupid, like just because your favorite groups rEcOrD gEtS bRoKeN that doesn’t mean to leave hate comments. Records are meant to be broken, a majority of the KPOP fandom doesn’t know that though.
Jynx Om
Jynx Om پیش 11 روز
as a 2nd gen stan i totally agree with the live vocals. theres no connection with lives anymore imo. most performances are just the same to me, nothing stands out or draws me in like 2nd gen groups did.
rukun watanabe
rukun watanabe پیش 11 روز
"why is that you might ask? I DONT KNOW"
ELC پیش 12 روز
Most of this video is: KPOP should become more honest and less dangerous of an industry :3 LOL not hating, just saying it felt pretty easy to summarized
ELC پیش 12 روز
I'm a 4th gen stan and I agree with the thing about streaming, I just watch the MV once and then after maybe months I might watch it again if it was THAT mesmerizing
soobinnie bucket
soobinnie bucket پیش 12 روز
one of mine is when people say "oh maybe if you stanned > insert group name
Stelliferous Oofer
Stelliferous Oofer پیش 13 روز
period on the streaming culture.. and the misinforming. emoji's literally dont slow views and why do you care? it's not slowing anything. not organic views, not your fake views. if I was an idol I don't know how I could be fully proud of an award when it's just from people being obsessed and streaming instead of actually listening to my song and enjoying it.
Ariskywalker 24
Ariskywalker 24 پیش 13 روز
Can we normalize stanning a group because you like the music or performances rather than because they are popular or because they seem to have a nice "personality" . Because we will never know if they are actually like this in real life or not. You can never tell because everything is editing and set up these days.
Thicc Spidey
Thicc Spidey پیش 14 روز
Two major things for me: 1. Artificial whitening or trying to make idols look super pale when they have tanned skin. 2. Idolizing these super skinny body types, it's okay for idols to be healthy and we don't have to see their bones for them to be handsome/beautiful.
Jungkook doesn't know autotune🤣😎
Selin Fz
Selin Fz پیش 14 روز
ik its not related to the video but OMG SS501 8:00 i miss them so much and im happy to see that someone uses their fancam and remembers them🥲
Choi Hyobyung
Choi Hyobyung پیش 14 روز
Stop with the "the mom of the group" thing. It's sexist.
Raphael پیش 14 روز
What I want to stop in 2021 is the mainstream kpop fans, they never pay attention to other songs no matter how good they can be. Two songs that are equally good can make 200M or 5M views depending on the group's popularity and this is so wrong. I can't even process how unfair the public is and how hard it is for other groups to be noticed. I'm very tired of it.
Raphael پیش 14 روز
I also agree with the voting. I think that voting shouldn't even exist in the first place. It's not useful or necessary at all, it's just created as a trap for fans.
Raphael پیش 14 روز
I agree with the streaming thing. It's very annoying especially when they SPAM the comment sections.
Raphael پیش 14 روز
Lip syncing and fake live singing (pre-recorded) !! This is so annoying, this got out of control, this needs to stop. Lip syncing ok if it's not all of the time, but fake live singing is just wrong. This is one of the reasons why when I watch older kpop stages, I'm like "wow they were 100 times better".
no music no life
no music no life پیش 15 روز
i agree completly on the lip-syncing part, like imagine being able to sing stable and the most beautiful while doing a hard choreo? a person who does that must be super human bc that's literaly impossible, so ppl who really are like "they're unstable, they can't sing" should really lower their standards bc there are no super humans in the world
Butter Scotchnut
Butter Scotchnut پیش 15 روز
I was a Super Junior fan in 2011-12 and there really was a ton of pressure to stream music videos, I used to spend hours a day just streaming 😭😭😭 and all the stuff like "log out of your account/don't just hit replay/type it in the search bar on incognito" was also around too - idk if it was just that fandom tho, I didn't really start participating in other fandoms until early 2013 (infinite and exo) and of course the streaming stuff by then was pretty rampant i think
Doris A
Doris A پیش 15 روز
For the eating you have to understand that I'm assuming you live in America, in Korea most korean don't see that as wrong. It's the korean culture and how they are much more on that weight thing. I don't think that talking about diet is a "trend" bc like i said it's apart of the Korean culture and how they were raised, again I'm assuming that you are american, in america people won't blatantly point at you saying you're fat, but in korea its something that is normal. I don't think it's a thread or imposed by company bc it's apart of the Korean Culture, and that needs to change first.
asroria_aa پیش 14 روز
I also like what you said about being American. If it were a Korean criticizing the American music industry, literally no one would care unless it got the attention of the American public and/or fans, and vice versa for Koreans. I see so many kpop trends that English speakers in the West want to end, but that's for the Koreans to decide. Videos like this are still very true, because it gives so much awareness, whether that is how THEY ARE KOREAN, so you can't be as critical to them in certain areas bc of language or cultural differences, or these videos give awareness to trends that just really need to stop, whether that is because of int'l fans, Korean fans, or the industry itself. I just feel that int'l fans really need to calm down when it comes to hate/criticism, and I think all fans need to calm down when it comes to hate/criticism because of dancing and vocals. There is no way on this Earth that every one of those haters can dance and sing at the same time as professionally as those idols, and it really hurts my heart when I see a post telling ppl to stop hating on someone because fans started another hate scandal, like with Lia.
asroria_aa پیش 14 روز
Good point. I think major "trends" that need to be left behind are how certain fans act or spread hate to the idols and each other, but then again that's just social media I guess. I only got into kpop during quarantine, but I noticed a lot of crazy stuff (mostly from fans who speak English bc I'm an American 🙃) like fans being EXTREMELY critical and entitled. Like with a song, I appreciate from a standpoint that I do not understand the language, and probs never will. I can look up all the translations that I want, but I'll never appreciate the song as much as a native speaker, so I can't "judge" it the same. I see so many ppl harshly hating songs but I feel like they forget that they can't understand it. Hating a song is totally fine tho, it's just when ppl go too far. I also see so many ppl hating these Korean labels/companies like they've been in the workplace, like they know how to manage artists, etc. etc. Criticizing is fine, but they do not live or work there, they don't speak Korean, and some of their criticisms go WAY too far like they're mad at their teachers at school and want them fired
Doris A
Doris A پیش 15 روز
OMGGG the snow app especially with Ateez, they creep me out... i mean others do it but they really really overdo it sometimes... OMG the english has me so annoyed like these idols are working 10x more than me and they learn eng when they rly don't need to (also i'm bilingual and sometimes i also stumble). Lazy dancing needs to stop, they create inner fandom hate for no reason. About knowing idols you shouldn't look at them as idols, you need to see them as people just like u and me, and that's why you don't assume thing. You can believe that they are as good as they can be but also know they're not gods. Streaming culture is individual u set ur own boundaries and the time you'll dedicate, if you won't then don't. If you see on twitter someone saying such fandom didn't try hard just swipe cuz u did ur part.
Djanies TV
Djanies TV پیش 15 روز
idol without proper meal just like, when you cant eat , like people who are poor and hungry.
Soyeon Jeon
Soyeon Jeon پیش 15 روز
Mine is that when people think kpop is a competition.
Emilia پیش 15 روز
Today I got a kpop diet motivation video recommended on my fyp. The idols shown were clearly bordering the underweight mark. What was even more horrible were the comments under the video. Mostly kids comparing their age, height and weight and asking if they are a healthy or skinny. The IRitem comment section is no place where you come to get medical advice!!!Asking other 13 year olds if your weight is still good enough is wrong. Go to see a doctor or look up your bmi on the internet. Also if you are a child you can’t compare your weight and height to an adult. Sorry that I’m spamming this comment section but it made my blood boil bc I know that such diet inspo videos and comments can trigger people into eds and anxiety. We should really stop body shaming, especially in kpop.
Kpopprincess پیش 15 روز
I’m a second gen fan and no it wasn’t that big to stream I remember when sorry sorry came out I watched the mv maybe 3 times because I would wait for their music show stages and watched them more
natalie پیش 15 روز
people act like idols making eye contact or glancing at each other means their dating, like? nah, they just want some eye candy cause music shows are unbearably boring
Kanece Samuels
Kanece Samuels پیش 15 روز
This was not in the video ( i think ) but cultural appropriation should just leave Kpop in general
Bernadetta von Varley
Bernadetta von Varley پیش 16 روز
you could care less about streaming? So you do care about it...
Francis Rouse
Francis Rouse پیش 16 روز
Im not a second gen Stan (got into kpop late third gen) but, I hate the idea of streaming. Like I have so many groups to Stan already I can’t physically stream for a every single group. And also I work a full time job and have other responsibilities like not everyone has the time to do things like stream, and fandoms should not attack each other (or themselves) for people not streaming their faves. Great video as always btw!
Salmi M.E.
Salmi M.E. پیش 16 روز
agree with most of your point...
Joelle Beatrice
Joelle Beatrice پیش 16 روز
I'm so with you on the streaming culture problem. I feel like a lot of songs are seen as popular just because fans stream, rather than having the views naturally reflect the actual talent of the idols in question.
saotoromy پیش 16 روز
Also some people need to understand that they are human beings and not robots. They can make mistakes, they aren’t always 100% energetic etc. It is normal ! Perfection is not a thing. It’s even better when the idols act more “naturally”, you feel closer to them and it also feels less toxic in a way. I don’t care if my favs forget the lyrics of a song or have pimples etc. I just stan them because I like what they’re doing, I don’t want to stan robots
Anna Sun
Anna Sun پیش 16 روز
Yeah, I can't remember this kind of obsession with streaming 10 years ago. It was just you listened to a song as much as you liked it. Also, can we talk about the disdain some newer fans have for older groups? They'll call 2nd gen groups irrelevant just for not having as high numbers on streaming platforms as newer groups, completely forgetting that older groups typically have older fans that simply don't have the time to spend an entire day streaming a new release. Like, child. I'm busy with work to make money so I can buy the album instead lmao
Soledad Troche
Soledad Troche پیش 16 روز
Criticizing the english of idols (and people in general) should be an embarrassment to people who speak english since they were born, like why'd you think you have the right to criticize them when they are trying to communicate with fans of all the world? Okay, you're good at english, we got it. but you're not doing anything to help, you're just making fun of them when it's not funny at all. I'm from Argentina, so i speak spanish, and I once read a tweet from a person who said "when I hear people from Spain speak english... I don't think they're smart, you know..." something like that, I was like ???? your accent speaking a foreign language DOES NOT MEASURE YOUR INTELLIGENCE. Be understanding with people trying to learn a new language, thank you.
wendy پیش 17 روز
For me in terms of wardrobe in kpop, i would have to give it to Fantagio because if you look at how Weki Meki is dressed, they dont look uncomfortable and it looks nice on them
yoongi’s jjang jjang boom boom
As a second gen Stan I honestly don’t get streaming. I agree with you on a lot of the 2nd gen streaming. For me it sometimes doesn’t feel like some people genuinely like a group or certain song, they only care about views and awards.
qoulan پیش 17 روز
Actually you know what I'm happy about tho, I'm an atiny right...and I think last December 2020 there was an interview on ateez, and hongjoong said that they will start to take selcas with standard cameras and stop using snow... WHICH THEY DID AND OMG I-❤️😭❤️😭❤️
Ppl should stop trying to hide mistakes there idols did (culture appropriation), they should also stop trying to control idols lives and stop shipping other idols together
People bash TWICE too much just because of their "BAD VOCALS" on their live stages and their Encore stages. Yall suddenly transform to that VOCAL COACH whenever you hear a Voice Crack, a wrong note, shortness of breathing while singing, non-stable voices when dancing, and a lot more about their vocal ability. TWICE are great Vocalists and there are a lot of videos and compilations to PROVE it and yet yall focus on their BAD ONES and I know yall would hit me with the phrase "It's their JOB to sing PERFECTLY" but hear me out; Try Singing, Dancing, Training, Join meetings, Go to schedules, Try outfits for tomorrows schedule, try on outfits for live stages, discuss with the choreographer, wake up before 4 AM, Go to music shows, practice for HOURS, Sleep for 1 hour, Put on makeup for an hour or more, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, and go home late at night tired and fucked up... and then you heard you got bashed for not singing as good as a fucking ROBOT... how would you feel? hmm? this goes also for other K-pop groups who get bashed for just that, if you don't like what you hear then shut the fuck up and keep your stupid feelings to yourself...
Honestly people getting angry of non stable voices is just stupid. yall get mad when they lipsync and yall also get mad if their not stable or they sound bad. seriously, pick a struggle if your gonna stan kpop
Honestly people getting angry of non stable voices is just stupid. yall get mad when they lipsync and yall also get mad if their not stable or they sound bad. seriously, pick a struggle if your gonna stan kpop
Ely Eliza
Ely Eliza پیش 18 روز
i love streaming my fav songs way too much to agree with this :)) i hate those that push streaming down everyone's throats... but i LOVE watching a MV i love again and again and pick it apart with other fans that do the same. But yeah.. if i don't like the song... i can't listen to it
I stole Jisoo's Dalgom
I stole Jisoo's Dalgom پیش 18 روز
Tip: Don‘t pretend to know your fav idol/be friends with them. And the reason I can offer, besides the obvious ones, is: Oli London. don‘t be like Oli London
Irene Ackerman
Irene Ackerman پیش 18 روز
5:16 I'm a linguistics student and I am happy that you have tackled about this. (◕ᴗ◕✿)
킴류시 پیش 18 روز
The trend that should stop is these kpopyouTubers making such unbelievable headlines and underrated (hate) opinions
Danielle D
Danielle D پیش 18 روز
I hate "dieting" in kpop so much. Its not even diets, it's disordered eating and eating disorders. None of these "diets" they talk about are actually healthy and I agree they need to stop being asked those types of questions. None of them are overweight in the slightest. Even when Ashley of Ladies Code brought up her disordered eating recently on the podcast she's on (Get Real), she kept referring it to dieting but it was literally her starving herself. Its so sad. I feel bad for kids who look up to their idols and think this shit is okay because its not.
SnortingSmarties پیش 18 روز
Um I dont know if its just me but I feel kinda weird about the shipping videos of members in groups. Like some people are just more affectionate than others so it doesn't mean that they secretly love each other in a romantic way. (But between you and me with my tinfoil hat conspiracy I feel like companies sort of promote these "ships" or choose people within a group to be really affectionate towards each other than to other members to have fans think something is going on...who knows 🤷‍♀️)
vee ag
vee ag پیش 18 روز
this is exactly why you and sparklyeon are my favorite kpop youtubers
Enthusiast پیش 18 روز
I’ve been dying to know how she applies her foundation cause it looks so smooth... my life is apparently a lie
Elll پیش 18 روز
I'm not cancelling Lia or saying she doesn't deserve the spotlight, but I can't help but feel annoyed when people, like you, say that she's "an amazing dancer", like okay what is the standard then? I love dance so to me it's obvious that she isn't at the exact same level as the other girls, but I'm not posting hate comments on any performances, however, I also don't agree that it's wrong to talk about or recognize that gap in the group. Other groups may have members like Lia too, but since she debuted in such a small group, she's the one that has caught my attention over and over. I love Lia, and the amount of improvement she's had is insane, so I will keep on supporting her
Akabane Kenshin
Akabane Kenshin پیش 18 روز
Someone said that txt is healthy by not doing extreme diet but *THAT IS NOT TRUE* Soobin is actually revealing idol's real life when it comes to vlive naturally/effortlessly and he told us how he went extremely diet on gaining 10kg AND -8 throughout cat and dog us tour era to can't you see me era, (total of 18 kg difference) and also Hueningkai was teased by soobin that he is on diet so that he can only eat some fruit. Soobin also revealed that when they get "fat"(so normal for us), company tell them to lose weight. Yeonjun also revealed extreme diet too. BTS jimin also revealed so extreme diet eat NOTHING for 1-2 WEEKS. KPOP entertainment company is KPOP entertainment company. Bighit not exceptional.
Elll پیش 18 روز
unpopular opinion, but I HATE when people act like kpop groups promote self love (maybe other than BTS). At least when it comes to looks. Maybe an idol as an individual can send out encouraging messages, but kpop as an industry is incredibly artificial and discriminating. Kpop is promoting extreme beauty standards, and some companies even urge their idols to undergo cosmetic procedures, which is disgusting. I like kpop, but at least I know I'm a hypocrite for it. Most idols also don't have any say in what concepts they portray or what lyrics they sing, so even if their message is something great, you have no idea about whether they even have an opinion on it or not, and it doesn't help that they often aren't allowed to express their opinions about important issues. This is not a progressive industry
Elll پیش 18 روز
The Diet one as well omg...I can't even start with how hypocritical this industry as well as the fans are
시카이나 이브Hanikesh
i agree with the snow app, i don't like whitewashing and face warping, it's so uncomfortable to me even though i love the idols
Lima Bean
Lima Bean پیش 19 روز
Totally agree about stopping Streaming Culture - it is not a real reflection of fan base and will ultimately destroy bands when we come out of lockdown. If a record company thinks they have 100 times more than they actually have can you imagine booking out a 20 night stadium tour only to find out cannot sell all the tickets because one fan has been streaming on 5 devices for hours to push up the streaming numbers. That fan cannot attend 20 nights of the concert. In the end the band will probably suffer as they and not the company will bear the embarrassment and financial loss.
Justiss Kazee
Justiss Kazee پیش 19 روز
The skin whitener filter does not look good on some idols
mami saranghae
mami saranghae پیش 19 روز
I can't remember the last time i've put an emoji on my comment in a mv.
Odette Haagsman
Odette Haagsman پیش 19 روز
You are doing such a great job. I love it how you respect the idols and make us aware of thing so thank you!!
Claire LS
Claire LS پیش 19 روز
Yea lip syncing is the MOST annoying thing in KPOP now. Where’s the singing ?!
ULT Seventeen
ULT Seventeen پیش 19 روز
I hate when people comment about another idol on a different idols post... like WTF is wrong with you?? For example: I was looking through Jennie from Blackpink’s Instagram and when I looked at the comments on one of them, someone said “I love Lisa”. Ummm don’t get me wrong, I love Lisa but excuse me, this isn’t Lisa’s post, so if ya wanna talk about Lisa, then go to Lisa’s posts, not Jennies🤦🏽‍♀️
Minhee’s Long legs
Minhee’s Long legs پیش 20 روز
Park Mindo
Park Mindo پیش 20 روز
Some are blinded by streaming and views ⚰
Paon Official
Paon Official پیش 20 روز
Agree with you on lyp sing: I think that in shows it can be because we don't pay them to see them and that it can be that you want to make a good impression but in paid shows and concerts absolutely not: man, we pay (and sometimes even considerable amounts) and we want to hear live singing and not pre-recorded ... What is the point then ?!
Marina Canoas
Marina Canoas پیش 20 روز
i love when americans think that having an accent is talking rong !!! alway makes me laught
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant پیش 20 روز
Bruh. Ateez's filters are just....
• M E L A N I E •
• M E L A N I E • پیش 20 روز
2:57 I could def see if you look on Sakura's selca on dispatch's insta you could see she used the snow app. I have no problem with because I would die for her BUT it hurts my heart to see how much she edited it.
Laode Kevan Hanindra Dwitama
"Uncomfortable fashion"... My mind is full of momoland's short... In respectful ways possible 'cause I love them.
Neil Layague
Neil Layague پیش 21 روز
Streaming is such a big deal for blink because YG post their streaming achievements for every hundred million views.
Gabbyduh پیش 21 روز
my trend is just stop using cornrows, braids just cultural appropriation in general... like taking your opinions on cultural appropriation out of it, its just too messy, it looks bad there's no net positivities just negatives. there are so many black stans, producers etc. that they can consult like the 90s love producer even said she would have been willingly to help if someone had just said something to her about the durag thing.... like its in everyones best interest to leave it behind...
Crystal SS
Crystal SS پیش 21 روز
I think what we should also leave behind in 2020 is putting kpop over our morals. Kpop, or anything in general, should never take affect on your morals.
keisha sabina
keisha sabina پیش 21 روز
you got my respect, i'm subscribing
Yunho almighty
Yunho almighty پیش 21 روز
keep bp outta yo mouth and and stop speaking on poc ur WHITE
Yunho almighty
Yunho almighty پیش 21 روز
i wish you wud shut tf up you get on my fckn nerve i swear
Momo's Sneeze
Momo's Sneeze پیش 21 روز
TW// Eating disorders and diets As a fan of kpop I actually had a traumatic experience with eating disorders and food. I used to eat everything I wanted and lived a happy life not caring about my body. I had never been over 100 pounds my ENTIRE life up until 14 when I started building muscle. Anyway, I got influenced by these idols because they are so pretty, nice, talented, and just overall perfect so I wanted to be like them. It started when my friend asked me to do a workout video with her to stay active at the beginning of quarantine. I said yes because it sounded fun. Because I was checking for results, I was forced to look at my body in the mirror a lot and notice changes. My thoughts started as "wow! I never knew what working out could do." "I'm so proud of myself for completing challenges", but after doing more fitness things to stay active and my recommended becoming filled with workouts and diets, I thought about how I was already working out as my favorite idols so why not eat like them to? I was eating an apple and 2 sweet potatoes with oat milk as my food for each day while doing school and completing high-intensity workouts. My thoughts quickly became "why is my lower stomach not flat?" "Why are my calls so bulky?" "Why am I so fat?" (keep in mind my waist was 23in). I fell into a hole of starving myself but working out like my life depended on it. I would shame myself for eating more than 800 calories but felt sad when I felt faint or had no energy. It took a while but I was eventually able to recover a bit and now I am doing much better. It's so dumb that idols train so hard but eat so little just to fit a fucked up standard.
pease up
pease up پیش 21 روز
Thinking that you know everything about them has to be classified... I mean for sure you don't know everything nobody knows everything about me eather... But some things can't be fake ... It's not the you're my bestie thing but ... I see a lot say it's mostly ARMY who does that (Don't say all) ... And I'm an ARMY myself and I say I really know a lot about them ... I don't know all but what they show us ... And yeah it's soooo much content .... this can't be all fake ... Why should they lie? Why should they pretend something else.... BTS never did that ... that's for me so special about them (And maybe for others other idols too) ... but you can't lie and pretend to be another person your hole life ... So to say we should stopping this ... we know everything about them ... It's not that we do .. but we know them really well and I think when people say that we want to show our love for them ... So you shouldn't be that strict ... I don't think any Idol is mad at these fans .... ( I don't talk about sasaengs... that's another case) But to say you know your Idol... is kind of you love him
Sharyd López
Sharyd López پیش 21 روز
As a 2nd gen stan, I don't find the 'beauty' in streaming culture, like, back in the day when SHINee reached a million views for RDD we were all happy because it felt like SHINee had made an impact in at least 500.000 people that watched the video twice. Now it feels like the same million people are not even enjoying listening to the song a hundred million times because they are just reloading the video to make it go up in views and frankly that is not what I want from music, I want to enjoy it and watch it because is fun and entertaining, not because I have a 'responsibility'
y E
y E پیش 21 روز
WE NEED MORE F(SHINEE) like relationships in kpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a fact
Bravado پیش 21 روز
Company: "Welp, here's your two inch skirt and 6 inch platform heels. Now go dance that vigorous choreography we gave you and try not to humiliate yourself-"
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