GOT7 Leaves JYP, (G)I-DLE/BLACKPINK MV Similarities, Park Bom Comeback & More! 

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Today, we’re going to be talking about fans pointing out similarities between (G)i-dle’s Hwaa teaser and Blackpink’s How You Like that Music video, everything that has been going on with Got7 recently, Bom’s comeback and more!
So it seems some people have noticed some similarities between the 2nd music video teaser for (G)i-dle’s upcoming title track Hwaa and Blackpink’s music video for how you like that.
Now some people see the similarities and think they are copying blackpink, some people are denying that the group is copying anyone, pointing to the fact that their album has three versions, a flower version, fire version and winter version which of course, is reflected in the music video, and some people just denying any similarities at all, but as someone who is annoyingly observant, I thought we could take a look into it!
As for GOT7, there is a lot to cover, because for a long time people have been saying that they are mismanaged, more recently, it got quite a bit more attention as fans were pointing out how little promotional support the group was getting for their comeback, for example albums selling out during the pre-order phase, members having to promote the song on their own accounts among other things.
A few weeks ago we saw reports that member Jinyoung was learning towards joining BH entertainment and now on January 6th, it was reported that member Yugyeom was looking into entertainment companies as well and when his contract was up, as Got7’s contract is ending in January, that he would join AOMG, a company founded by another former JYP label mate, Jay Park.
As for JYP’s statement regarding this, it seems they’ve just said that they are discussing various possibilities and will let us know. However, there are other things pointing to the fact that GOT7 will simply not continue on.
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1:02 (G)i-dle/BLACKPINK
3:23 GOT7 Disbandment?
5:51 Kpop Shenanigans
7:09 Park Bom Comeback

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Anouska Cawley
Anouska Cawley پیش 10 روز
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ she secretly recorded all of her videos in one day and can tell the future o.o
Mason1x پیش 11 روز
Hi I love your video 🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺
Mohamed Haisham
Mohamed Haisham پیش 11 روز
as i believe don't judge a book by its cover...and it even didn't release yet....plus the album is called burn for a reason..... (to the rumors about gidle copying blackpink)
Jamie Bray
Jamie Bray پیش 11 روز
Angelina did you see CL on genius lmao Edit: I wrote this while watching the video and now i see you mentioned it lok
Kace پیش 11 روز
No matter what most kpop groups will always have similarities. So there really no point of having to point it out, and G-Idle and Blackpink are both great idols in their own way!
christina ayala
christina ayala پیش 2 روز
If you can could you do a video about the missing newkidd members? Three members have been missing for months and their company j-flo just says that they have been hospitalized. No one has seen them for months.
Jamesisjamesisjames پیش 3 روز
All i can say is im in love with g idle and their concept !
Iris پیش 5 روز
Honestly it's videos like this that start fan-wars. It's so annoying too. No group owns concepts, anyone that believes otherwise, shouldn't have the right to be called a fan of the group. Y'all are starting drama over groups that has at least one friendship lol. Blinks are ONE the most toxic fandoms I've ever seen. Now people are saying (G)I-dle copied Blackpink. Well how about this? Blackpink copied 2ne1 and 4minute. Did you toxic “fans” ever think that the more drama you start the more likely people will feel uncomfortable even stanning these groups? Honestly, who wants to stan a group that has 90% horrible fans? I sure well wouldn't. I applaud the blinks that are actually blinks, and don't compare the groups. Y'all toxic fans are acting like a bunch of children. Like little girls fighting over who has the better doll or little boys fighting over hot wheels lol. Grow up, just because you complain doesn't mean that'll change anything. I've seen children be more mature than this, seriously? Why can't we go just once without the 'oh this group copied the other group” bullshit? Or better yet if you can't then just keep your mouths shut, this is too petty to start drama over. I don't care if you hate on my comment or not, but it's just reality people. Wake the fuck up.
Iris پیش 5 روز
@deHuntr dumbest thing ever. how pathetic can she get?
deHuntr پیش 5 روز
Totally agree with you, but unfortunately I have strong feeling that she’ll keep doing this video either way in the future because you know what..these kind of stuff definitely create some unnecessary fanwars and as a result it attracts more attention. That way her videos get more views, which is imo it’s such a low method ngl. Taking advantage and create more unnecessary drama that can lead to fanwar just for the sake of views.
kim nguyen
kim nguyen پیش 8 روز
Can you please review Epik High's new song Acceptance Speech ft. B.I. It will be B.I first comeback since he left ikon so it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on it
ANBE Park پیش 8 روز
(G)I-DLE had been preparing this comeback since 2019, when they ended Queendom, HYLT hadn't come out and (G)I-DLE already had the comeback concepts and ideas.
kpop iplier
kpop iplier پیش 8 روز
I love blackpink but y’all blinks think everyone is copying them like Lisa didn’t invent red hair and BP didn’t invent umbrellas like y’all need to chillaX
taetae_ toffee
taetae_ toffee پیش 8 روز
Sangita Srivastava
Sangita Srivastava پیش 8 روز
These kind of people are stupid, There’s no similarity. Ok? Don’t sub to this idiotic person please..
Tanya - 타냐
Tanya - 타냐 پیش 8 روز
I couldn't agree with you enough over Bom, i'm so happy that she is feeling healthier, and happier within herself but i too, wish that her comeback solely focused on her music. Also, she is my Alt bias, of nearly 10years & no matter how she looks, i will love her, i just want her to be happy & healthy (il be honest, i'm never overjoyed when i see that she has had more work done to her face) but if that is what makes her happy, then ok...It doesn't change my love for her
Maria Grace Morales
Maria Grace Morales پیش 8 روز
Bro lmao wooyoung's laugh never gets old 🤣
i actually hate it when people compares the concept of i-dle's to another gg, especially to blackpink. i know that you are just comparing their similarities to one another but i find (g)i-dle's MUCH BETTER than blackpink though
Shaune Burke
Shaune Burke پیش 9 روز
Bom is also my ultimate bias since 2011. It's been hard to see her go from being the IT girl, to taking a back seat to CL in 2NE1 to then being torn down, then accepted, then torn down again. In this case though, I think she had to make a choice. If she still wanted a career in South Korea as an idol, she had to slim down. All the successful female soloists that don't have a group (IU, Sunmi, Chungha, Somi, Yubin etc) have several things in common and one of them is that they are skinny This company paid her to be a spokesperson, so she gets exposure, an image revamp and some money at the same time so I say good for her and I can't wait for her comeback. She sounded great on Red Light!
G idle and Blackpink. me: i dont mind at all i love both of them. minnie and lisa are also friends😍
Hi There
Hi There پیش 9 روز
NO GOT7 CANNOT BE DISBANDING!! STOP THIS ISNT TRUE. I came to know of this great group because of how close they are to mamamoo. They became one of my most favorite groups I can’t believe this.
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper پیش 9 روز
Can't before and after pictures be inspiring? like if someone wants to lose weight for themselves if they see pictures of someone else who's done it it might encourage them and give them hope that that's possible for them. I don't think there's anything wrong with losing weight in a healthy way to a healthy degree. I'm glad Park Bom is healthier as long as she did it in a way that was healthy. It's a great accomplishment for her. Being significantly overweight is not the best for your health. That's not hate, it's science.
Army پیش 9 روز
Girl I want you as my older sister
Non-binary Fairy
Non-binary Fairy پیش 9 روز
I kinda wish people would cover what happened to Park Jimin of BTS, the hate-filled comments made towards him should not be accepted and should be condemned. I wish people would bring light to such a toxic situation. And what makes it worse is he saw the comments....just sad rly.
MAblink پیش 9 روز
it is funny how other fandoms come to defend (G)i-dle (I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT THE NEW MV) but when it is blackpink they be dragging them to filth and bashing them for just breathing (I'M NOT HATING JUST SAYING MY OPINION)
Katy Rose
Katy Rose پیش 9 روز
I noticed a lot of (G)-idle had the same hair colors as blackpink in their hylt mv but imitation is the best form of flattery so i dont think their is anything wrong with it and i dont think blackpink would have any problems with it either...
azerty tores
azerty tores پیش 9 روز
It makes me laugh so hard when I see some blink criticizing Minnie for her haircut when Lisa is actually one of her bestie X'DDD
Miss M
Miss M پیش 9 روز
I love both Blackpink and (G)-IDLE but saying the ice scene is copied is really stupid coz ice and snow is literally in (G)-IDLE's lyrics so why the heck would they not use it
Swan Gaming
Swan Gaming پیش 9 روز
Wow people really do saying other K-pop group copying Blackpink.. LIKE B*TCH !! What the f ?
sara vanoppen
sara vanoppen پیش 9 روز
Hwaa reminded me more of Boca tho. The tree, Minnie's high note. Just really small things.
Jessica Å
Jessica Å پیش 9 روز
Thank you for talking about restrictive diets, body image etc!! God, I needed that. Had a discussion with a skinny friend who's self proclaimed "pro fat shaming" and I've been feeling so negative since then. Thanks for being a sound voice in this matter and telling it like it is. Skinny doesn't equal healthy.
Talia matsu
Talia matsu پیش 9 روز
Ehm.. It was only a teaser and it caused such a fuss... Omg and people still believe that there is one single toxic fandom and all the others are a cute family 😬 And blackpink doesn't own snow and dancing on ice. For the white dress it's an obvious choice for winter/snow theme. And now lisa own the red hair too? Embarassing war, just like the war when a member of twice cut her hair the same style that lisa had...
Kishore Kutty
Kishore Kutty پیش 9 روز
Ronald Chan
Ronald Chan پیش 9 روز
I think people should stop bashing people who want to look a certain way. If you are comfortable having a "bigger" body, that's great. But, you should also "support" people who AREN'T comfortable having a bigger body (and desire to become slimmer). Where that motivation comes from "is another story" (whether it's personal desire, pressure from other people/work, societal expectation, health reasons or combination, etc). Same in the opposite situation. There is nothing wrong with WANTING to be slim or WANTING to be curvier. Same with having a preference for slim bodies or curvier bodies. It's only a problem when taken to extreme. Like being TOO thin (literally skin 'n bones) or being obese. And being slim does NOT mean you are anorexic. Like, BOM is being criticized from both sides. For being too large last year. And for going on a diet to lose weight this year.
Garrett Wolf
Garrett Wolf پیش 10 روز
literally the g-idle comeback is like a traditional eastern asian concept. thats why there's the umbrellas, white clothes... or smth. when i first saw it i was like, "ohh they're having a Chinese concept" coz of the mv and their showcase.
Teddy’s sasseng
You are just making no sense like trying to make some scandal the won’t work?
Concepts are reused stop trying to make controversy
Torda پیش 10 روز
it kinda feels weird how 3rd gen groups are starting to disband and becoming senior groups- welp i just became a kpop stan two years ago..
Hyuck's Hoe
Hyuck's Hoe پیش 10 روز
please, not blinks losing their shit over a set 😭 they need to grow up
Farzin Haque
Farzin Haque پیش 10 روز
We can't say that they copy it actually match their concepts.
Bob پیش 10 روز
blackpink fans are litteraly are the fucking worst"
Deleted پیش 10 روز
Bambam: Fuck Jin-Young Got7: what did he saaaayyyyy~~~ True ahgases know what I’m talking about ;)
Heraine Jeon
Heraine Jeon پیش 10 روز
imagine if the tables turned... people will be hating asf to the Pinks. 🤷‍♀️
Ok پیش 10 روز
Got7 left as a group and isnt actually disbanding. Got7 forever. They were just mistreated in jyp and she they are leaving. The reason why I'm happy is bc they have the potential to be better than any other group but jyp never promoted them
「jupiter-latte_ !」
「jupiter-latte_ !」 پیش 10 روز
what if cube paired up with the company that worked on the hylt mv? just a thought..
yourhomie569 پیش 10 روز
I'm a blink... but blonks are going too far... as usual 🤦🏻‍♂️
drsgd پیش 10 روز
hyuna will have a comeback my Birthday😍
Mimi —
Mimi — پیش 10 روز
Ngl I thought i was the only one who as the similarities in the MV and teaser
喻凌雪 پیش 10 روز
1. Idle's new MV, Hwa, is for me NOTHING similar to hylt for me. I think the use of "the winter scene" etc is really pushing. 2. GOT7's departure from JYP doesn't mean the group disband. And they have the right to keep the name group. Which is amazing for me. 3. As long as Bom is fine with her weight, I'm happy, but I wish she felt good with her body anytime. I do hope one thing. That she doesn't lose anymore weight. 58kg is fine for a woman like her, any less would be not healthy...
Emmy Porccee
Emmy Porccee پیش 10 روز
Are we surprised?? Jyp manage their groups like i mange my diet
B. L.
B. L. پیش 10 روز
When I saw the title of the song I couldn't stop thinking about CL.
Noova پیش 10 روز
I think Minnie and Lisa look like sisters with their hair
shion from amino
shion from amino پیش 10 روز
well... knowing cube and what they do... i wouldn't be surprised if they took inspo. i am not blaming gidle though uwu, but i hate cube and thats undeniable shshhshs
w o n y u
w o n y u پیش 10 روز
At first when people talked abou HWA, I thought they were talking about CL and I was like "yes hype the queen" but then i find out they were talking about G-Idle's upcoming comeback lmao
Konita Sasraku
Konita Sasraku پیش 10 روز
I'm so happy they are freeee, I am. 🤧🤧🤧 but it's sad
Daniella Carrillo
Daniella Carrillo پیش 10 روز
Kpop groups r having similar filming sites or sets
Angge پیش 10 روز
Let me tell you all this for the last time. Fire, Flower and Winter-themed scenes may be present in the BP’s MV which is the source of the profound dumbness of haters , BUT NO ONE can outstandingly surpass (G)I-dle’s momentum in their overflowing artistry wherein the elements and culture shown aren’t just for visualizing scenes but these are present because they giving their MASTERPIECE. Concept queens indeed.
nancy پیش 10 روز
Seriously the blonks need to calm tf down, you can't revolve everything around blackpink.
Sanny پیش 10 روز
Hyuna having a comeback ahhhhhhh finallyyyyy I'm surprised I didn't hear abt it
Libbyz Vids
Libbyz Vids پیش 10 روز
Hey! I just wanted to let you know about the nancy situation (momoland). A staff member took nude pictures of her while she was changing in 2019 at the aaas and they uploaded it to a discord server with over 500 people. Please address this we need to spam mld ent. This is sexual harassment and it needs to stop!
minnie queen
minnie queen پیش 10 روز
Why do blonks always feel like Blackpink owns everything.....
Greatguwgullheiser پیش 10 روز
Blinks need to calm down
Emmerey Rose
Emmerey Rose پیش 10 روز
The MV just released and there were definitely scenes that are similar to hylt. Maybe they use the same production company?
Kevin Afenyo
Kevin Afenyo پیش 10 روز
The whole music video is more similar on general
Kevin Afenyo
Kevin Afenyo پیش 10 روز
So happy for got 7💚
Kevin Afenyo
Kevin Afenyo پیش 10 روز
When I saw the g-idle music video the red hair and winter theme seemed ...... interesting
Shna Y
Shna Y پیش 10 روز
I really hate it when ppl say this group copied this group because blah blah blah ,this is so annoying ,I mean blackpink or any other group doesn't own a certain concept or color or outfit or item or.............. Just because yuqi was holding an umbrella and minnie was wearing a red wig ,or they used snow set it doesn't mean they copied blackpink or any other group .just to let you know I'm neverland and blink too , actually I'm a fan of alot groups but I don't compare them to each other . And also go and listen to G-idle's song you will see how different it is from all the songs that you've heard in kpop
Shna Y
Shna Y پیش 10 روز
Ikr !! At least there's some fans who are not toxic and supporting their idols just like a normal human so I guess we should be happy about that : )
nancy پیش 10 روز
Exactly, it gets annoying when blonks are constantly commenting that other girl groups are copying bp
Mixed berries Smoothie
Mixed berries Smoothie پیش 10 روز
I agree :( the ice scene even tho bp wasnt the first one to use that concept, they just used it 6 months ago... and we all know they got alot of praise and that part was really memorable and became a trend. They should’ve copied playing with fire instead lol.
Cloud of Reverie
Cloud of Reverie پیش 10 روز
As a fan, I rather see BOM healthy mentally and physically. If being thin again is at the cost of her mental stability,. I dont condone it.
Miyane پیش 10 روز
I just want Bom to be happy and feel healthy, her weight is not a relevant factor. But diets do not work long term. The problem however is always the media and netizens tearing her appearance apart on a daily basis, so the diet seems like a necessary evil to combat that probably. I hope that she’s proud of who she is no matter what
Zazo Says
Zazo Says پیش 10 روز
Guys there is thousands of groups out there if we are talking about the whole music in general then alot of them are copying each other's also let me point this out If u only know BLACKPINK AND BTS then it's not our fault that ur nor educated and only care and see what ur group does if ur not interested in other groups why say they are copying ur fav? I don't get it BTS AND BLACKPINK copied others too... Let that sink in
Professor Histoire
Professor Histoire پیش 10 روز
literally the only similarity i found with hylt and hwaa was the cold, wintery arctic atmosphere paired with the long deep red wig with bangs. nothing else. y'all are getting bored, huh?
Jean-nyeong AHGASE
Jean-nyeong AHGASE پیش 10 روز
Take note: Disbanded are different from the group leaving JYPE
Melisa Koceku
Melisa Koceku پیش 10 روز
Y’all love to call out blinks as if you’re fandom never did this. Ok so i don’t want to start fanwars but instead of always comparing enjoy the music, im speaking to you blonks
annura Idzuan
annura Idzuan پیش 10 روز
And is nobody gonna talk bout bom’s comeback. I’m really excited
annura Idzuan
annura Idzuan پیش 10 روز
Is nobody gonna say abt cl saying “i feel like its an fu*k u to everyone” that was just hilarious
BTS VINES پیش 10 روز
i don't know but i feel like g idle is using these cultural approps and similarites for attention ?
BTS VINES پیش 10 روز
@H I M E A and also soyeon is in charge of line distributions and mv cast
BTS VINES پیش 10 روز
@H I M E A I am sorry if I offended you in any this whole time I was taking about the people who helped g idle make this mv
H I M E A پیش 10 روز
they are not desperate for it, they already said that they only want to enjoy making music even if they don't end up being really popular no kpop groups edit their tt mv, your assumption could work only referred to the video editor
Anders پیش 10 روز
You saying "you're allowed to eat, you're allowed to enjoy food" made me surprisingly emotional. It feels like a radical thing to say even though it shouldn't be
I see similarities in it I think it might of been inspired by BLACKPINK mv but even though it isn't a reason to hate on Gidle. What can they do? Also the similarities are not that obvious.
BlueMint*개빈 پیش 10 روز
aren’t you copying the same type of content KpopJunkee does, like he is does these videos. it seems like you are copying his style and content
Nuukunn پیش 10 روز
Also StayC sang Way To Go live!!! Without backtracks... Cover stages are most of the time lypsinced and they don't even bother to hide it and the fact that a rookie group did this blows my mind. They earned my respect!! Way To Go is my fave soshi song so StayC is slowly entering my stan list!
rude noodle
rude noodle پیش 10 روز
After watching the full video as a blink and Neverland I think that they have copied a lot. Now don't attack me because this is my opinion but like. Winter with the same background , Minnie same hair and same floor, the umbrellas are not that big of a deal like chill it is just umbrellas but when it came to the Minnie scene it felt l was watching hylt 2. Btw good song lol
Егор Башмак
Егор Башмак پیش 10 روز
There are quite a bit of similarity in some scenes BUT the is one big difference - in HYLT it's just cool looking scenes for the sake of them look cool while in HWAA it's straight up concept of the song and lyrics.
Nur Ika
Nur Ika پیش 10 روز
I’m sorry to say this but BLINKS are the most toxic fandom i’ve ever seen . I’m not saying all blinks are toxic , but most of it . Always bring a fight with nonsense reason . Like WTF , is the RED HAIR ONLY belongs to LISA ? Is the snowy background & white dress can only be worn by BLACKPINK ? NO RIGHT ? I’m sorry for my bad english but i hope yall get what i’m trying to say . Just stop being toxic & leave them alone
nejijack پیش 10 روز
what song is this ? 3:24
H I M E A پیش 10 روز
CL - H₩A
Niki Chanu
Niki Chanu پیش 10 روز
Well I never thought of hylt when I watched their new song
AtEeZ SgR پیش 10 روز
Angelina Ateez didnt won GDA😭😭😭😭😭
Mehdi Bn
Mehdi Bn پیش 10 روز
I'm sorry but i'm gonna state one thing, We can't compare (G)I-DLE to any other group, (G)I-DLE choose their genre and the MV others not, i love blackinpink twice rv mamoo aespa everglow and we can go But we can't Deny that (G)I-DLE ain't no doing plagiatarisme they create trend
Cereal killer
Cereal killer پیش 10 روز
Toxic fans stop comparing and criticizing everything gidle does and let them have their moment challenge 🥶
sxnrise jae
sxnrise jae پیش 10 روز
okay so update: •got7 has officially left JYPE •there is literally no article that said anything about d/sbandment so like lol they aren't going to. They're on a haitus now but won't disband. Chill y'all non ahgases... •GOT7 will own the name "GOT7" as of January 19th. Its theirs now. •According to Fair Trade Commission, the revised trademark law requires JYPE to transfer the trademark registration and use rights to GOT7 at the end of contract period. GOT7 CAN BE GOT7 FREELY!! 😭💚🐥👏🏻 Its just a new beginning for ahgases and the boys!! Let's support and love them because that's what they deserve!! 💚💚
fusionfallmaster پیش 10 روز
Got7 will definitely be back since according to the Fair Trade Commission, JYPE has to transfer the right to use the GOT7 trademark to the members when their contract expires. The fact that the members were the one who pushed through for Breath of Love: Last Piece to happen even when JYPE kept interfering with their album, only proves that Got7 can definitely comeback as a group even through hardships and obstacles.
Morpheus G
Morpheus G پیش 10 روز
Blinks are so far up their own asses actually..💀
mina Klein
mina Klein پیش 10 روز
Hope Boom is doing well health should always prioritized over the aesthetic of your body
itzy_ssi پیش 10 روز
gidle and blackpink problematic
FAFA پیش 10 روز
El Eyeol
El Eyeol پیش 10 روز
After watching gidle MV it looks more like they copied Dreamcatcher Scream/Boca
Smudgie3589 _
Smudgie3589 _ پیش 10 روز
Umm... I'm pretty sure they just hired the same set. If we persecuted every group who shared a set with another then there wouldn't be a lot of groups left in Kpop.
KpopLover _101
KpopLover _101 پیش 10 روز
I am both blink and neverland (G idle fan) but i don't see big similarities at all. The concept of hwaa is flower, fire and winter. Yes they have an ice set,but that is because they have winter concept in hwaa too. Just because how you like that have an ice set and hwaa has it too, doesn't mean that idle is copying Blackpink. And hwaa also has flower and fire set too. Minnie has Red hair, so what!? Does that mean that she is copying Blackpink!? No. Blackpink didn't created Red hair. Every idol can have an Red​ hair if they want. And also when it comes to ice sets, a lot of groups use ice sets in their music videos, not only Blackpink.
Hanna de Groot
Hanna de Groot پیش 10 روز
Actually there is another boy group called T1419 who got called out for similarities/plagiarism with HYLT by blackpink in their teasers, mainly in the comments of the teasers for their debut MV 'Asurabalbalta'. They debuted today so idk if people continue to claim this under their MV, but it's kinda weird that the mv that's supposedly being 'copied' all the time is HYLT... Personally I think T1419 did nothing wrong and the similarities aren't a lot and if there is anything wrong with it, blonks shouldn't hate on the boys but on the entertainment company.
MewDenise پیش 10 روز
BH entertainment? What an unfortunate name. They will be confused with bighit all the time
MewDenise پیش 10 روز
Stop freaking out about haircolors! Get mad about actual plag things like the crystal thing in TWICE's mv - things like that. I guess I can say any group that wore suits in a museum set is ripping off BTS bs&t then? NO!
UwU !!
UwU !! پیش 10 روز
I can actually see Lisa being happy to be twinnie with Minnie lmao
Linda Diaz
Linda Diaz پیش 10 روز
y’all can get off gidles dick accusing them of copying blackpink like blackpink doesn’t use inspiration from other groups, their production team doesn’t come up with everything being original AND THATS OKAY. literally toxic blinks always have gidles name in their mouth like damn hunny y’all want to stream their songs so bad😩😩
Traveller King
Traveller King پیش 10 روز
Yes lets go
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