Blackpink ROBBED, IZ*ONE/B1A4 Plagiarism, Shawn Mendes Taking Over Kpop & BTS Grammy! 

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UPDATE: In the description for the "shona shona" mv, it seems they have added inspiration credit to both iz*one's "beware" and b1a4's "like a movie"!
Today, we’re going to talk about how Blinks are claiming the Apan awards are rigged because blackpink was seemingly snubbed, Shawn Mendes and...his kpop shenanigans, BTS being nominated for a Grammy Award and IZ*ONE and B1A4 music videos being accused of plagiarism by fans.
The Apan awards are organized by the Korea Entertainment Management Association and they had previously revealed a list of 30 artists who were nominated for their Top 10 artists of the year, who they claim are “the greatest singers who made K-pop shine in 2020” and among the top 30 list, we did indeed have BLACKPINK along with other artists such as Ateez, (G)i-dle, Loona to name a few. And it seems that there’s a few things that goes into picking the final 10 artists, that being album sales, digital sales, and evaluation by a panel of judges and fan voting.
The top 10 ended up being Kang Daniel, The Boyz, Monsta X, BTS, Seventeen, Iz*one, Im Young Woong, Got7, NCT127 and Twice. While Blackpink had only won in best music video category, which was determined solely by fan voting.
But when this list of the top 10 artists was revealed, it seems blinks were quite surprised to see that Blackpink were nowhere to be seen and started trending #/ApanRobbedBlackpink as well as #/Apan_Awards_Rigged. And of course, we also saw fans showing blackpink’s accomplishments in album sales and digital sales and people praising their overall impact this year. Saying it doesn’t make sense.
We also have the Asian Artists Awards who are under fire for a comment towards Iz*one’s achievement that people are claiming is discrediting blackpink. So in this short clip going around, we see Iz*one going to receive an award and the translation said: “Iz*one set the record as the girl group with the highest first-week sales”
Now this has upset a lot of people, because if you look at the numbers, blackpink’s the album sold the most albums in its first week. However, it’s important to note that Iz*one album, the Oneiric diary, came out June 15th while Blackpink’s the Album came out October 2nd, so yes, there was a time where Iz*one did indeed hold that very record that the host seems to be alluding too.
So if you scroll through twitter, you’ll see a lot of people demanding that AAA apologize to blackpink, even trending the hashtag #/AAA_apologize_toBLACKPINK, but also a lot of people clarifying that they mean no harm or malice towards iz*one and they don’t deserve any hate in this situation, but given the fact that blackpink have the record and are seemingly being snubbed by these award shows, they want to rectify it.

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0:00 Intro
1:23 BLACKPINK Awards Snubbing
6:03 Kpop Shenanigans
8:20 Shawn Mendes & KPOP
11:49 BTS Grammys
12:58 Iz*one & B1A4 Plagiarism
[ Angelina ]


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Jo Zo
Jo Zo پیش 19 روز
So, Blackpink is very popular in South Korea and worldwide. Plus they come from a big well-known agency. It doesn't make sense to me that the awards disrespect them. I can't think of a motive strong enough to stand against popularity and the power.
Bored and tired H
Bored and tired H پیش 24 روز
i don’t get why people are mad if photo cards are normalized and kpop culture is normalized cause that would stop the bullying it seems like that weird concept of “ if i has to get bullied for this so do you “ like just be happy that it’s becoming normalized
lolita davinci
lolita davinci پیش 29 روز
8:42 oh thanks for reminding me angelina ... We’re fish fish like 떼로 다닐수록 파도가 칠수록 파다다닥 Carry on now ... HAKUNA MATATA YA 더더더 밀려와 더 HAKUNA MATATA 더더더 밀려와 더 거친 파도를 넘어 ... 건배 건배 이 순간 뜨거운 태양 아래에서 Go away Go away 망설임은 버려 다 망설임은 버려 다 ... 생각해 생각해 생각해 우린 벌써 많은 것을 넘어 기억해 기억해 기억해 시간은 흘러가는 것 저기 바다를 넘어 (Just going on) 찌는 태양을 향해 갈 때 멈추고 싶은 순간이 와도 머리 한 번 쓸어 넘기고 외쳐 sooo basically my fav parts wait what am i even saying? OF COURSE THE WHOLE SONG IS AMAZING ✨💖
Outdated info. Its okay if there's no one who sets the record more but there is. So obviously it wrong info again. Rigged
Obviously its a rigged show.
serena_ta پیش ماه
this is random but i watch ur vids on 2x speed while i do my hw :D love ur vids. theyre a super easy way for me to keep up with the kpop drama!!
kpop fan
kpop fan پیش ماه
yesn't. پیش ماه
wait till they start to call him brother shawn😭👊
j پیش ماه
now watch shawn mendes have a season greetings
Levi Mandrake
Levi Mandrake پیش ماه
I specifically remember photocards from Fin.k.L's NOW album, I believe that came out in 2000 (also I've asked before so would that make Fin.K.L 1st gen? 2nd?)
Abrahan Barajas
Abrahan Barajas پیش ماه
I think western artists having photo books, photocards, virtual meet and greets, and maybe lightsticks is fine. I mean photocards and photo books and just items with pictures from the album or era. Meet and greets are done by most artists so it makes sense that they would move it online because artists and fans love to meet each other. Lightsticks may be a little different considering a lot of people associate that with kpop, but I don’t think that most ideas, there are some exceptions, should stay with one artist and genre of music.
Ami Yamamoto
Ami Yamamoto پیش ماه
So some of the Shawn merch seems like it’s coming from Japan. This is typical for Japan to include photo cards, post cards, calendars, etc. for western artists releasing in Japan as it’s the norm in Japan like it is in S. Korea. Now, not ALL of it is normal (like the playing card thing). But he’s also not the first or last to western artist to release a photo book or something of the sort honestly. I’ve seen them before but on smaller scales. EDIT: Also, virtual and IRL meet & greets arent first done by Kpop in the first place. I even remember Jpop doing virtual meets and signs this year before kpop did so I think it’s a bit eh. Now the light sticks. Please no.
Alfredo Demdam Jr.
Alfredo Demdam Jr. پیش ماه
Actually all songs this year were totally amazing but why do you have to make a video about the best and worst songs this months but its like that your comparing them to each othe soo if thats your opinion then keep it cause that will make idols even more tired from getting bad things like you comparing them so stop this nonsense making this videos and pls stop okay if your really a kpop fan u wont do this and just be normal okay dont like a toxic fan so if thats your opinion then stay quiet if you dont get want to get hate
Talia matsu
Talia matsu پیش ماه
The only thing i'm mad about the Shawn situation is that when a k pop artist achieve big in the US with sales (even surpassing big American names), it's because of the album contents (photocard, postcard, posters), album versions etc. It's never because of their music, it's all a strategy. They make it sound like k pop artist are cheating. When an American artist start to do album versions, album with photocards etc it's labeled ad genius, revolutionary, innovative.. America, pick a struggle.
Cotton ASMR
Cotton ASMR پیش ماه
I feel like award shows don’t like blackpink because they are extremely westernized artists and have a mostly foreign fan base. They don’t follow Korean trends and cater much more to America. They are most likely not getting awards Bc they don’t appeal to Korean pop culture and instead cater to international pop culture. I also think the lack of comebacks does effect this as well. Groups like twice and Mamamoo who are extremely popular in Korea have at least 3 comebacks a year, opposed to blackpink that on average has at most 2. Korea has a very short attention span when it comes to music, that’s why groups that don’t have consistent comebacks or go on hiatuses usually end up failing. I’m just saying there is a lot of reasons as to why blackpink might noe be winning, and also views have never really been a huge part of Korean award shows, groups like Mamamoo don’t nearly have as many views as BTS or Blackpink yet they win awards all the time.
Jonah Paulin
Jonah Paulin پیش ماه
i think western artists having meet and greets and photocards are fine. them having a lightstick though, nothing wrong, but i would find it weird lol
Sana All
Sana All پیش ماه
I dont mind shawn expanding the way he releases his works with kpop elements, I mean a lot of people say that western artists should step up their game when it comes to packaging and merch so Why would we shame them for that, Nonetheless Im actually curious to see how it turns out
Kezziah Valentino
Kezziah Valentino پیش ماه
TBH Shawn is being smart by copying kpop, if he is doing that, many western artists should but they should give credits where credit is due.
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
why are blinks complaining award shows are rigged just because blackpink didnt win?!?! crybabys 😂💩
silento’s whip and nae nae
i just want to say that photobooks aren't unique to kpop and i have no idea who came up with that idea lol. i have a 1998 malice mizer album/photobook, aka jrock... idk about other examples but i'm sure there's many of them
claudio do cerrado, Brasilia df um canal variado
Muito bom. Abraco para todos.
Rin پیش ماه
All awards shows are rigged lol... the end of the year K-Pop ones are especially bad since it's all about nominating and awarding groups that they want to perform. Not to mention, at this point it's pretty much been the same groups over and over since 2016. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason BP winds up NOT being nominated a lot this year simply because YG won't send them to most shows (it doesn't fit their prestige, international image and they've taken a lot flak for past award show performances), so no nomination.
Vince Harvey
Vince Harvey پیش ماه
if kpop wanted to westernized their concept and all and like they’re trying to get into the western market? so like duh let western artist try photocards or shit
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth پیش ماه
Shawn Mendes is a fan of kpop and I think he just sees what they're doing in terms of photocards, lightsticks, etc. and realizes these are smart business ideas that are fun for fans. Also I think any celebrity from any country would look at virtual meet and greets and realize it's brilliant. Korea doesn't own these things, it's just the place of origin.
Laila Simmons
Laila Simmons پیش ماه
i have a question for the council. do y’all remember when taylor swift came out with 1989 and it came with Polaroids? do you think it’s the same vibe as Shawn Mendes / same vibe as kpop photo cards? Shawn having those pictures is like the same concept Taylor did so Im curious on what yall think.
kaylani gomez
kaylani gomez پیش ماه
Black pink had more impact this year? THAN TWICE? I cackled
user genido
user genido پیش ماه
not shy not me 있지 miss girl sit down, ur girls did not chart in bb100 or 200 when they debuted😭
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend پیش ماه
@itzy_ssi not the 4th gen stans getting brave sit down 🤡🤡
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
itzy had more impact than blackpink since their debut
user genido
user genido پیش ماه
kaylani gomez HELPPP, girl who said anything about that.. did i hit a nerve 💀
kaylani gomez
kaylani gomez پیش ماه
@user genido and you hide behind a pfp I’m not scared of you 🥴
Wendy Madi
Wendy Madi پیش ماه
is Angelina french
momo chocolat
momo chocolat پیش ماه
The mv is literally the same 0.o And i checked out that mv And i couldn't find any fellow kpop mate there.
Ely_Kthln Clarion
Ely_Kthln Clarion پیش ماه
IZ*ONE the best IZ*ONE deserve better too
361 Maitreyi Kulkarni
361 Maitreyi Kulkarni پیش ماه
it's an open secret that Indian music industry is a master copycat ,, and that comes from an indian. In fact, they have begun to copy old Indian songs which were also plagiarised. It's ridiculous to the point it's hilarious.
Hamizan Azman
Hamizan Azman پیش ماه
10:12 plus they should call Shawn Mendes Sunbainem because he are more senior 🤣😅
Shane Brannon
Shane Brannon پیش ماه
Award shows are half popularity contests, half cesspools of bribery slathered in a layer of snobbish elitism. Any self-respecting group should avoid them at all costs.
Savannah Murphy
Savannah Murphy پیش ماه
It's not weird lol 10:06 👁👄👁
Sae Chan
Sae Chan پیش ماه
Blinks have only have them selves to blame Apan's vote through Idol Champ app just like AAA votes through My love idol app Period of activity Oct 2019-Sep 2020 thats why BP's The Album & Twice's Eye's wide open didn't count Twice vote count-3,291 Asian Artists awards BP vote count 3,276 Asian Artist awards do reaserch
user genido
user genido پیش ماه
Apan? were you part of the people that actually voted in APAN’s top 10 groups? because if you did, you wouldve known that twice n iz*one literally received an overall voting of 0.87% and 1.27% 💀 while blackpink received 6.27% which literally secured their spot in top10, so we thought... then when the awards were released, iz*one n twice received it... i’m not saying they don’t deserve it bc both groups have worked hard... but it’s truly unfair to blinks and blackpink for voting their hearts out on this one and not even be apart of the actual top 10.. it wasn’t only bp who were robbed, it includes TXT as well.
Inferior Inferno
Inferior Inferno پیش ماه
I kinda disagree about APAN, they were always relatively trustworthy, and I have seen various people come out and remind people that they count 365 days since the last APAN awards, and let's not forget Feel Special still sold a bunch during winter (let's not forget, not everyone can freely buy K-POP albums, and that for a lot of younger fans the parents might be saving money for albums and merch for XMas). Last year just played into Twice's hands, and I'm pretty sure that, to the parents buying XMas presents example, there will be a lot of them buying Blackpink's album and boosting the sales for next years award shows too.
Seungjae Ko
Seungjae Ko پیش ماه
How about you Angelina? What do you think about those award shows? Just curious...
A V پیش ماه
13:10 they have mentioned it in their credits that they were inspired by iz*one and B1A4. They might have copyrights. And it's only beneficial for iz*one and B1A4 coz Siddharth and Shehnaaz are very popular in India like they trend almost everyday.
Hi There
Hi There پیش ماه
Photo cards have been used for a long time. Its not exclusive to kpop because western artists have been doing it before. Now I feel feel bad for Shawn Mendes because kpop stans are attacking him. Not the first time kpop stans attack western artists 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hi There
Hi There پیش ماه
@user genido they were not created in Korea...what? Where did u get that?
user genido
user genido پیش ماه
and even if you tell me it was “before” xenophobia still hasn’t stopped against these korean artists.
user genido
user genido پیش ماه
i’m sorry, but photocards, photo albums, cd’s all in one album were literally created IN KOREA. that’s literally where lightsticks originated too💀 atleast give credits to these kpop artists, bc western stans and western people in general were literally so fucking xenophobic to korean artists before.
Hak Dog
Hak Dog پیش ماه
I mean blackpink should've had a lot of awards if they weren't cheated 🙄 and also experiencing it leads to not attending to award shows anymore 😒
anisbussara aitong
anisbussara aitong پیش ماه
those sets are way too SIMILAR
Winn Winn
Winn Winn پیش ماه
When u say Oppa with bitter cringy face, I can feel u gurl hahaha
missou dz
missou dz پیش ماه
photo books, cards, fanmeetings, and lightsticks are not exclusive to kpop. they've been around since the 90s in my country. for lightsticks, we've always had torches and lightsticks. they are just not as impressively designed as kpop lightsticks. as for cards/photo books, it stopped because of the digital era.. since CDs had to be cheaper for the fans to buy them instead of the digital album. plus, what's up with not being allowed to have virtual fanmeetings? we've always had meet and greets/fansigns in the majoraty of countries in the world. now with covid, the artists cannot hold them so they should have virtual ones. idk why kpop fans seem to think kpop is revolutionary when in reality, it is just a recycled version of 90s western pop. those people attacking him are embarassing us , kpop fans, lol. we seriously need to stop thinking everybody is copying kpop "culture".
P.G. پیش ماه
I dont care if they get awards but the least they can do is acknowledge what they have done. They are literally the most famous gg in the world rn but their own country doesn't acknowledge their achievement?
Danielala پیش ماه
I personally don't think there is anything wrong with shawn mendes having a lighstick/photocards
PinkChanel پیش ماه
kpop is literally a imitation of westernized music the only difference is that it's in korean..I think shawn mendez can do what he wants at this point. Kpop aka kopy pop. I think people need to give western artists and music more credit they have heavenly influenced the kpop industry for YEARS I mean where would kpop be without it.
Neomee Isabelle Josol
Neomee Isabelle Josol پیش ماه
Internets Nathan, Angelina and Kpop Junkee are the BEST Kpop journalists Like the others just tryna make fanwars The three I mentioned are the ones who really look deep and research about Kpop stuff, what has been happening and trying to be honest and good at the sane time Edit: are there other good Kpop journalists?
Angelica Cortes
Angelica Cortes پیش ماه
As an Army in K-pop twitter I didn't see the generalized excitement from K-pop stans for BTS. Some people who stan other groups did, but they were mostly multis who stan BTS among other groups. I even saw Blinks getting mad because BP didn't get a nomination. I don't even know if YGE sent some of their work for consideration, but I saw many outraged Blinks. But after all it's fine. It doesn't take from BTS' achievements. I just wanted to point that out.
Zchanique پیش ماه
I feel like, whenever our country starts taking Kpop ideas and making it their own, it won't be seen as original, and I feel like it won't be special anymore. - a 2nd gen stan
Lila پیش ماه
so we all gonna ignore that she said "share this video with friends you don't have" part
mona lia
mona lia پیش ماه
I think blackpink members live space for the 5 never that is coming. And those places will be there place
Jerry Mias
Jerry Mias پیش ماه
I think every Artist can do whatever he/she wants, as long as the Artist stays respectful (in this case to kpop artists) 😊☃️
Nakai is sad
Nakai is sad پیش ماه
That is some straight up copying I have ever seen in this Kpop industry. They really take the cup. Aespa and KDA is nothing
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
aespa trash aespa inappropriate
Jennifer Ruiz
Jennifer Ruiz پیش ماه
The Awards are treating Stray Kids, Gfriend , and Blackpink of the awards they deserve.
JK V پیش ماه
People who are saying plagiarism and stealing is not a big thing, you basically haven't worked hard for anything in your life. Just imagine working day and night for something and someone steals your work, puts their watermark and calls it their own work. Well I think to some people it's really hard to empathize with other unless it happens to them. So don't speak loud about "stealing isn't bad" if you don't know about it.
Albane پیش ماه
As a second gen stan I had photocards. SM started it in SNSD's Oh!
THX1138 پیش ماه
I used to love BP. Sorry, maybe becaues I'm old, but looks to me that BP has sold out. Especially if they get affiliated with a thug named Cardi B. Fxxx blackpink.
Multifandom but mostly armyblinkoncemixer
@Jo Zo @itzy_ssi fav group flopped
Jo Zo
Jo Zo پیش 19 روز
@Multifandom but mostly armyblinkoncemixer who flopped?
Multifandom but mostly armyblinkoncemixer
@itzy_ssi ooo yes I can see who floppped in 2020 , who took BP awards, which agency paid so their artist gets the awards
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
blackpink fl0p HAHAH
bear face
bear face پیش ماه
maybe they didn't put BP on the list for the fact.. that they have 2 collabs from famous western artists before the very full album were released... thag may have affected and give the whole boost in advertisement for the girls.. where other artists didn't have collabs like the same collabs BP have.. and also have affected judges opinions to who they should give the awards... because the collab did indeed affect BP's influence in the west alot more than they already have... whereas the other groups have still been achieving so many things despite not fully having promotions in the western market...
Aravind R krishnan
Aravind R krishnan پیش ماه
sidnaaz fans
Itz Melon
Itz Melon پیش ماه
Yay i got the membership
Julio Martel
Julio Martel پیش ماه
10:12 Reminded me of “The next song is ‘Ice Cream’ with Selena unnie...” - Rosé
Brenda Nalcad
Brenda Nalcad پیش ماه
baboyy bagtak sa lamok hahaha arti kayo stop the hate oii nawong nimo ayy bati kayoo hahahah 😂
Brenda Nalcad
Brenda Nalcad پیش ماه
haterss bati ug nawong dako ug nawong cover of make up makeup ra nindot lain kay ka oii baboy baboy baboy pig pig mura ug bagtak sa lamokk haaahhh😂😂
M.I.N Channel
M.I.N Channel پیش ماه
Blackpink deserves it, but we all know that snakes are forever snakes
Luca Zhang
Luca Zhang پیش ماه
those people: ITS ONLY EXCLUSIVE FOR KPOP! jpop idols which already doing this way before kpop : (eye) (mouth) (eye)
yuh yuh
yuh yuh پیش ماه
Entertainment Guru
Entertainment Guru پیش ماه
I am an Indian InSomnia and K-pop fan when Angelina said Indian Artist name I was like 🤣 omg we are again caught in plagrism accusations
SientjeL1 پیش ماه
oh my god those plagiarism allegations are actually grounded for once?? Like it literally looks the same in most of those scenes (especially the ones with B1A4??)
mOmmy saranghae
mOmmy saranghae پیش ماه
*if MAMA don't give blackpink alteast one award* 🙃🔪
ARMY⟭⟬ MIDZY پیش ماه
Day 5 of telling Angelina to talk in French
your success mate
your success mate پیش ماه
Blackpink is the best
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
blackpink is the worst
qaenaat پیش ماه
alex lux
alex lux پیش ماه
There’s literally absolutely no reason for blackpink not to get that award. For one, they won the fan voting, their album physical and digital sales both are better than any girl group, and there were some names on the list that won the voting but didn’t make it to the final list so it’s not only blackpink. Honestly, it’s disrespectful cause the award is literally an award that made kpop shine in 2020 and if blackpink isn’t included than the “judges” have honestly been living under a rock. If they were gonna just give out the award despite of everything why did they even hold the voting process. Cause blinks literally worked so hard to vote and fans of other artists.
Bolt-Universe پیش ماه
I one day will be one of these "western artist" and I grew up with way more K-pop than pop so their marketing is forever embedded in my head. I will be implementing something like light sticks, photo cards, meet and greet, fandom name etc. This shouldn't be seen as an exclusive thing to one community but as a way to unite fans to their artist. Of course there's a right way to do things and a wrong way 🌋⚡
Roxanne Beaulieu
Roxanne Beaulieu پیش ماه
The best part is that I'm also une québécoise and I get all the expressions in french, so satisfying!! ahahaha
GUBS TV پیش ماه
You are wrong when you told us about Blackpink in not performing on jimmy fallon show 😂
TreasurePink are Future period
See we Blinks are not hating on other groups for getting awards...we are just mad at those award shows... only thing we want them to give credit to BP too for their contribution in K-pop industry...but all k award shows are literally ignoring BP achievement...dude BP also worked hard as others and they are also giving money to their country at least just show some respect and give them some credit too
LisaandAmyCimorelli Fan
Idc about those awards shows anymore tbh, I'm fine with knowing that Blackpink actually were the ones who broke multiple records with their album and dominated the charts. No one did it like them in 2020 (girl group wise) so of course it's frustrating that they constantly get robbed but I guess South Korea just doesn't deserve them... I'm super proud of them anyway
Raul Dienver Jimenez
Raul Dienver Jimenez پیش ماه
Tbh i thought she was gonna touch on the scene where iz*one kinda copied the scene in twice's ooh ahh ohh ahh.
Queen K
Queen K پیش ماه
Western artists are gonna start using lightsticks. Big bang:👁👄👁bruh really?
JH Candy
JH Candy پیش ماه
Award show? Ewwww... Make money
Davis The BLINK
Davis The BLINK پیش ماه
i'm thrilled that the grammy's nominated bts for a grammy!! but, i also have some opinions about the nomination. i feel like the grammy's just nominated bts for the sake of appeasing fans, and not for the artistry of bts, (even though yummy got nominated *don't know how that happened*). bts is literally the definition of excellent artistry and they pour so much effort into their work, and i feel like that the grammy's didn't nominate bts for that, but to make them seem more inClusiVe, even though we know that they very much aren't. also, they just nominated the biggest k-pop group right now for a grammy, (yes i am a blink, but there is no denying that bts is the biggest out there.) and not smaller/lesser-known k-pop artists, who also have amazing albums/singles that are totally grammy worthy! so many of the artists in years before for the grammy's, i've never heard about, and so when i see them getting nominated, and not other, completely worthy, k-pop artists/ artists of other ethnicities. even though this doesn't relate to the video, i find it really sus (and almost racist) that all white, famous artists are in the main categories, and bts wasn't even nominated for album of the year or song of the year. they always push black artists (especially females) into the best r&b categories, and not any major categories. the grammy's have gotten better, but i feel like they aren't getting any more inclusive, and are just nominating black and now k-pop artists to appease fans and make it seem like they aren't racist or anything, which, in reality, they might be (i can't say completely wether or not they are racist, but i've noticed a pattern) thanks for listening to this ted talk that nobody needed :)))))
Marcie Cleoma
Marcie Cleoma پیش ماه
Whilst the award aaa is unfair to blackpink I think it’s good that IZONE won the award since I think blackpink will win a lot of awards so IZONE deserve an award too
Sanset پیش ماه
The only problem I have is i think we need to keep kpop stuff that is ours and western fans can keep western stuff they have cause plagiarizing kpop stuff isn’t okay. Also non Kpop fans think we’re the problematic fandom but listen you would not go out your way finding the good fans but you wanna accuse that we’re all bad smh 🙄
Princess Magpatoc
Princess Magpatoc پیش ماه
Just wanna ask, has blackpink made an impact in Korea? Because maybe for us international fans they did great but for koreans they fell flat idk.
Who dat
Who dat پیش ماه
@itzy_ssi the irony
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend پیش ماه
@itzy_ssi even non kpop fan know them numbers don’t lie luv 🤡🤡
itzy_ssi پیش ماه
you could've questioned it and say its because blackpink is flop worldwide
Teddy M
Teddy M پیش ماه
bruh bp have dominated the charts this year theirs no single song that bp released this year that didn't chart
Who dat
Who dat پیش ماه
They were the best performing gg this leading in physicals and digitals. Plus only gg to get a pak.
igot7jams پیش ماه
The photocard concept isn't a trademark to kpop, many western artists did have photocards back then and some even now. It's just that, that it isn't a necessary component like it's for kpop albums. For the western artists, it dopends upon if they wanna include that concept or not. Like Taylor Swift has Polaroid cards for her 1989 album.
Prof. Mcgonagall
Prof. Mcgonagall پیش ماه
Can we get an update on BLACKSWAN pls, especially with that’s going on with Hyeme and the fraud thing????
Guilherme Sá
Guilherme Sá پیش ماه
2:14 blackpink actually was inside top 10 💀
thelastofmybraincells •
I’m waiting for Shawn’s VLIVE
Abril Salas Cardozo
Abril Salas Cardozo پیش ماه
i thought u were gonna talk abt got7:(
Hajun Lee
Hajun Lee پیش ماه
Yall, YES blackpink was robbed, but NO it was not twice that robbed them. Seeing it on twitter just triggered me a lil. There were artists on the list that couldn’t even enter the top 100 of melon, plz dont blame twice for quite literally everything. They BOTH deserve to be on the list and discrediting another artist for their hardwork, releasing 5 albums with great success, can only be seen as negative and showing inferiority in this case. Let’s all create a positive environment.
Maria Odroniec
Maria Odroniec پیش ماه
i think as blink, all asian award shows banned black pink from recieving anny award. its all cuz they dont performe on any of them< sorry for my eng>
seulgibear پیش ماه
us blinks have every right to be mad at those awards shows because our girls have been through so much shit but that didn't stop them from being WHO THEY ARE NOW. its just that simple like as long as the award shows keep disrespecting the pinks we'll keep fighting for them (ofc without discrediting/disrespecting other groups achievements).
Blue harmony
Blue harmony پیش ماه
FUN FACT: I ATE A COCKATOO ( basically I was abroad with my friend and I didn’t understand the language my friend did and she ordered food after we had eaten she was like you know you ate a cockatoo right and I can never look a cockatoo in the eye again 😭)
May Love
May Love پیش ماه
photocards, photobooks, virtual meeting greets are not kpop owned. Y'all forgetting kpop literally copied everything from western/japanese artists, so y'all gatekeeping is dumb. His "lightstick" is a bracelet, A LIGHT UP bracelet. Nothing to do with kpop. Stop victimizing yourselves saying people make fun of you for having these things. you're made fun of because you're mostly koreaboos that go around doing harassing people and thinking Kpop > anything else .
Sara SOS
Sara SOS پیش ماه
wasn't lightstick a jpop thing tho, before kpop start using? I think I read about it somewhere, Idk, I may be wrong . But why do y'all care about this? You don't need to buy it, and if they really do Photocards, lightsticks and all of that, it literally won't change anything in your life.
Lolisa Piensa
Lolisa Piensa پیش ماه
I always watch the entire video bc IM NOT MESSING WITH YOUR WATCHTIME!
Babita Patel
Babita Patel پیش ماه
Blackpink said fu*k k awards imma go to attend international awards show.. They really hate Korean awards show.. We got news about their first attendance in awards show but not in korea but in China..
Tiramiisu پیش ماه
About the photocard thing, the only reason why I’d be even remotely upset is because k-pop is rarely accepted in the west. Of course, photocards didn’t originate from k-pop, but that’s something closely associated with k-pop in the present culture of today. It feels as if people in the west mock us for “worshipping” our idols to the point where we collect printed photos of them for virtually no reason, yet when photocards were big in the west during the 90s and 00s, those same people were flat-out unbothered. To put it more simply, they didn’t care. It was just a normal concept, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet, again, the idea of k-pop in the west, regardless of the topic, will always be associated with a negative connotation. Any relatively normal action is valid until performed by a k-pop stan, a k-pop idol, associated with k-pop, or adopted by the culture of k-pop.
K V پیش ماه
Why do people care? AAA is an attendance award. They are known to make up awards so that everyone kpop idol/group that attends get an award. Photo cards? Kpop fans having an issue with that? 🙄🙄🙄
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