Ateez/Stray Kids on Kingdom, Idols Testing Positive, NCT Detained, GOT7 Sabotaged & Jennie IG Hacked 

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Today, we’re going to discuss idols and their test results, who has and hasn’t tested positive so far, NCT getting attention for having been detained in Chile and making it on to a TV show, GOT7 fans expressing concerns over JYP sabotaging their comeback, Ateez and Stray Kids who seem to have been confirmed to appear in the lineup for Mnet’s show “Kingdom” and Jennie’s personal instagram being compromised and her desire for fans to leave her personal space alone.
On November 30th, Bitto, a member of the group up10tion tested positive. Top Media, their company, releasing the following statement: “Hello, this TOP media. Following the conclusion of his scheduled activities on November 29, he was told that he came in close contact and was tested. His diagnosis was confirmed on the morning of November 30th.”
They go on to express that their staff or really anyone in the agency that had come into close contact with Bitto or crossed paths with him are being tested and they will of course take proper quarantine measures, and of course, consequently, up10tion’s schedules have been cancelled. So basically on November 28th and 29th the group were at Music Core and Inkigayo. Kogyeol, fellow Up10tion member also was positive.
However, on a seemingly unrelated note, we also have seen Everglow’s Yiren and Sihyeon who were also positive, after Yiren apparently found out of an acquaintance. So it seems on November 24th that Everglow appeared on Yoo Huiyeol’s sketchbook but only found out on december 1st. And lastly, Lee Chan Won was also positive, a trop singer.
There are pictures and clips of NCT being detained at the airport going around. So basically, you know those border security shows? That’s essentially what this is, it’s a show on A&E about borders and this episode is set in Chile. This was released november 29th, but from what people have been saying, it seems it’s from SM Town’s concert in Chile and NCT Dream were detained at the airport for not having a work permit to enter the country and make money. So we see their faces blurred out, and security basically saying how there are many fans waiting for them and showing a bit of frustration towards this. However, fans are mostly laughing at the fact that Jeno waved at the camera and that overall the members seemed to have not been too sure of what was going on.
We also have claims that JYP is sabotaging Got7’s comeback. For those who don’t know, got7 had a pre-release track called breath on November 23rd which was followed up by a title track called last piece that was released on November 30th along with their album. However, what has gotten a lot of attention is the fact that during the pre-order period, it seems the album had sold out, leading people to accuse JYP of not ordering or having enough copies available to even sell in the first place, basically saying JYP underestimated GOT7’s success and is sabotaging them.
On top of this, we have people bringing up other examples of mistreatment, or rather JYP directy sabotaging the group by pointing to the fact that Last Breath didn’t have a proper teaser, so fans were concerned people wouldn’t know to even expect a second MV for this comeback era, though it’s important to point out that individual video teasers were released. However, this does tie into the lack of promotion that fans are also bringing up, since they are saying the members themselves had to take it into their own hands.

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0:00 Intro
1:37 Idols Test Results
5:15 Kpop Shenanigans
6:20 NCT Dream Detained on Show
8:42 GOT7 Sabotaged
11:29 MMA Winners
12:02 Ateez, Stray Kids & The Boyz Kingdom
14:06 Jennie's Personal IG Compromised
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Awesomeness Squad
Awesomeness Squad پیش 19 روز
For the GOT7 situation I just want to put out there that Jyp the ceo isn’t the only person making decisions here. There are many other pExpletive that take part in decision making in the company. Now I’m not a GOT7 Stan and I’m not taking sides here but plz do realize that you should accuse Jyp without knowing if he had full say in the decision or not.
K Davis
K Davis پیش ماه
Loved this Sunday news! Keep up the good work! 💜💜
Marley Gilbert
Marley Gilbert پیش ماه
Honestly I think jyp and jype overloaded themselves with artists like they have got7 skz are in kingdom now, twice just released an album and are having another single (?) release, and niziu just debuted and shot a reality. Maybe they're just expanding too fast and they aren't allocating resources evenly?
tahia پیش ماه
oneus 'bbuseyo' wasnt a comeback, it was a digital single
tahia پیش ماه
oneus 'bbuseyo' wasnt a comeback, it was a digital single
Dia Manoban
Dia Manoban پیش ماه
god jihyo herself
god jihyo herself پیش ماه
so we’re not gonna talk about since on and hired getting covid 😐
Alexa Gabrielle Provido
Wait- just a question so dont they require a manager or atleast a staff that could speak English to go w/ them??
Alfi پیش ماه
Perez پیش ماه
As an aghase we have à theory ...I can tell you that JB and JYP have a beef I feel like so that why they treat them like that go on Instagram of JYP and see he follows every members but not JB and Niziu follow every members and not JB same for SKZ insta ... JYP try to controls the leader but JB is an alpha and not the type to being controlled and the others boys to so that why the groups empathize so much and for who says «got7 are not mistreated they receive the same treatment at twice and skz » we send a truck early this years for manifesting and all the boys on vlive say thanks you to us for the truck ! Did you understand ? They are mistreated and it’s show ( you can find the lives on IRitem bcs JYPE erased any evidence of this) the most funniest thing it’s they are now the 4 KPOP best selling boy group in Korea without any promotion
Fra Don't mess with beans
god hype slowly becoming pledis, they even used the same methods to sabotage their groups 💀 pledis does the same exact things to nu'est, after the albums sold out it took _weeks_ the have them back in stock
FarmAnimals پیش ماه
Twice is Got7 in 3yrs.
aurora qoshi
aurora qoshi پیش ماه
Is not the first time jyp has done this to got7 the only explanation is leading fans to newer groups but how can that happen when we have seen this situation forever and we have done the promotion for the boys so jyp need a better plan or he is falling
Roma Biswas
Roma Biswas پیش ماه
Can someone please tell me if it's just my IRitem or phone glitching or Angelina's voice really seems high-pitched
Jzmn 00
Jzmn 00 پیش ماه
Make it happen!! We want Kevin!!!!!!!
the watermelon that mark lee broke with his hands
Ok so dream are literally young , i mean they are below 21 and don't even speak English, how do you expect them to know what is going on , like ya they are mature and very smart and understanding but they have such packed schedules , so dont laugh at dream all haters this is not to the video creator but the karens in the comments
Zilila Thonger
Zilila Thonger پیش ماه
Zilila Thonger
Zilila Thonger پیش ماه
Charlene Ocampo
Charlene Ocampo پیش ماه
when she said she might disappear, an add popped up all black
Mahua Bishal
Mahua Bishal پیش ماه
ATEEZ, Stray Kidz, and The Boyz... Hmmmmmm........ I need to question my existence guys........
Kaida Baby Stay
Kaida Baby Stay پیش ماه
Stays Atinys Debois No fanwars Kay If any is seen just IGNORE it and REPORT it because we all know as fans the boys are all good friends, and as fandoms stays and Atinys are basically married and as far as I know debois are friends with both us - the three groups slay and I wish nothing but success for the three of them I’ll admit I wish Oneus could have been up there with them it’s a shame they were put in rtk and not the lineup for kingdom 😭
Claudi B.🇰🇪
Claudi B.🇰🇪 پیش ماه
Great line up for Kingdom. I've been loving The Boyz & Stray Kids & did watch RTK which I was rooting for TBZ. So now adding SKZ who have such unique, fun music & talented members & Ateez who's vocalists blow me away & they always put on amazing performances. This will be a good show
gobe gobe
gobe gobe پیش ماه
I'm just gonna say viva chile mierda
Ema Carvalho
Ema Carvalho پیش ماه
NCT detained??.
Baz پیش ماه
6:55 finally someone put some effort pronouncing Chile :')
julesity پیش ماه
i personally think the kingdom will or at least should be just 4th gen boygroups that have music show wins, or just 4th gen, as i think it'd be dumb to compare them with 3rd gen. i think of groups like ab6ix, cix , treasure txt fit the criteria, but i kinda can't imagine them in that show
Erika D
Erika D پیش ماه
Sorry why does Ateez or skz need a reality show!?
PiNKMOCHi پیش ماه
I also heard that Chungha has corona 😨
miyoshiho پیش ماه
About the Got7 one. I just think jyp cares more about twice who are getting more recognition with each comeback and itzy who are jyps super rookies (are they still rookies?)
Junghira_ پیش ماه
0:08 I thought you were talking about Kevin from The Boyz 🤣🤣
Orkidorky Yo
Orkidorky Yo پیش ماه
At this point COVID will reveal idols who are dating and not Dispatch....
lea lex
lea lex پیش ماه
Nihal 542765
Nihal 542765 پیش ماه
Maybe JYP was planning to disband GOT7 next year and wanted to legitimize it by saying that their music isn't doing well anymore... Well, GOT7 Please stay !!!
Denisa Ioana
Denisa Ioana پیش ماه
The ATZxSKZxTBZ performances were amazing. Stray Kids weren't nominated at MAMA, and then Mnet invites them to perform only to promote their new show but at least they'll get more attention from korean fans(but my staytiny heart is torn).
Shunu پیش ماه
I seriously feel like every group should get a halt on the end of this year and early next year cause no one is safe like at all like Sana, who is a member of a big group thus needs a big team is positive and also Chungha like holy crap. The KPOP industry needs a pause right now.
Angel Biju
Angel Biju پیش ماه
Haha! Awww...what are we gonna do with you jeno😊
Loo Jin Wei
Loo Jin Wei پیش ماه
People have been saying BTS becomes the first group being both nominated on music shows but they are not first. Okay, we know inkigayo has three nominees and there were lots of time where others got both so let’s not talk about inkigayo. But music bank, only two, exo happened to be both nominees last year but people are saying BTs is the first...
Isabelle Williams
Isabelle Williams پیش ماه
idc i believe in Kevin Supremacy. 😌🤚🏽
spielzeug gu
spielzeug gu پیش ماه
And now Chung Ha was tested positive and all 9 Twice members and Mina from Gugudan were also tested
Stan talent / Sirllu
Stan talent / Sirllu پیش ماه
As an extreme girl group stan, this lineup is the best one for Kingdom and the one I'd actually be interested in watching as someone who doesn't know much about boy groups
Brooke Grace
Brooke Grace پیش ماه
GOT7 has always had lack of promotional support but it gets worse every comeback despite filling out 50K seaters stadiums and being stated by the company as the biggest money maker alongside Twice they do not get positive support from the company. It doesn’t make sense as for JYPE to not support them it’s not like they’re unsuccessful. The mistreatment is worse when the title track is self produced, that’s been the pattern since their first self produced title You Are, that album also sold our during pre order so this whole situation was deja vu. JYPE supports JYP’s songs more than the boys songs but Stray Kids self produces and JYPE supports them. It’s just unfair all around. GOT7 has paid their dues and still gets paid dust.
J C پیش ماه
Oh no! skz ateez and tbz for kingdom what a headache. It is really hard to be a multi stan. Btw, guyz try checking out tbz coz they really are talented but it is sad that they don't have such popularity like other groups.
Andrea Bea
Andrea Bea پیش ماه
A company sabotaging their own group? This is NOT internet drama. For all we know, it might have been the group’s decision to lead promotions and a lot of other things. Also, the people who would be affected by this sabotage is the company itself, so I know some things were blown out of proportion.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
Cignature is an amazing artist and Secret Number also. I don't know how Weeekly got that other than their sales and chart performance in Asia.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
10:36 Sounds like Red Velvet.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
9:08 That kind of thing usually happens to Red Velvet, not JYPE groups Twice and Got7.
Amelia Singh
Amelia Singh پیش ماه
I was really hoping stray kids and ateez would be part of kingdom
blackpink paved the way you guys are just mean
This year's mama was so boring smh
sweety rr
sweety rr پیش ماه
Does anyone English name daniel in nct dream But I think soo found out treasure has choi hyunsuk English name is choi Daniel Im not sure if anyone knows it pls comment
lelechenle پیش ماه
The one thing that I am very very concerned about kingdom is fanwars. I really hope that kingdom brings the three fandoms together instead of seperating them away. Stray kids, ateez and the boyz are all my top groups and I don't think I'll handle elimination that well lol but I am rooting skz a lot coz they are mostly a rap centred group and I am so down for what they have in store for kingdom yay!!!
Medd meds
Medd meds پیش ماه
Got7 deserve more
Abigail Armstrong
Abigail Armstrong پیش ماه
those broader security shows are so stupid. it's quite deceiving to make it out like all nct dream cares about is fame... some people who don't know who they are would be under the impression that this would be true. these reality shows are trash and what's been done is done. im not fuming about the situation, just a little annoyed that these boarder security pricks would make up such an imaginative story.
Macca Macca
Macca Macca پیش ماه
I wish this video came out way way ago because I want to know the lineup of kingdom 😭😭
candycane پیش ماه
Ateez x SKZ and the boyz performance was ICONIC
Like mate stop procrastinating
Okay but I’m not surprised dreamies got detained in Chile. I mean, it’s the dreamies come on. You know they’re always doing stupid shit
Melody Pond
Melody Pond پیش ماه
JYP does not promote his boy groups nearly as much as he promotes his girl groups
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
Reverse of SM.
Yeon Ki Min
Yeon Ki Min پیش ماه
The fans were missing Yoongi so much that BH had Yoongi's hologram to fill up the performance lmao This is true crackhead culture. I'm suprised people aren't talking about it as it's something that always happens
Fardina Tahsin
Fardina Tahsin پیش ماه
I'm disappointed at blackpink. they did not even give a speech video or something, they don't give a damn about their fans at all. As a fan i'm unhappy.
BTS5EVER پیش ماه
u deserve all the love in the world lol. OMG MY COCKATOO MEME WAS IN THE VIDEO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STAN 2NE2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeris british accent
yeris british accent پیش ماه
dude when i saw ateez, skz and tbz perform at mama i sCREAMEd- it was absolutely amazing!!! i saw someone say in the live chat 'i think this is for kingdom' and omg ?();)?! brO
•Lee Know •
•Lee Know • پیش ماه
at first when i red the title i thought The Boyz Skz and Ateez tested positve for Covid but oh god its not true stay safe Sihyeon Yiren and Chungha 💜
- berryxkunn -
- berryxkunn - پیش ماه
Atinys and Stays be winning in life 24/7
Hanna de Groot
Hanna de Groot پیش ماه
They straight up showed the kingdom logo after the triangle performance so that confirmed it for me😂
ninani پیش ماه
nct being DETAINED???? what 😭
Elijah Hinkle
Elijah Hinkle پیش ماه
In some countries, got7’s album was listed as coming out on December 2nd not nov 30th so when fans tried to buy it on itunes, they couldn’t. And when fans reached out to iTunes they said it’s on jyp not iTunes
Nicoleシ پیش ماه
I CANT WAIT FOR KINGDOM!!! i stan so many groups so it’s gonna be hard supporting them☺️💞
Eva Orts
Eva Orts پیش ماه
you have more views than kai’s studio choom video WHAT
Xero Zeta
Xero Zeta پیش ماه
Where’d you get that image of seonghwa?
areyouhappywiththattitle? Potato???
I swear nct dream x airport moments are so frequent that we shld just create an instagram accoun for these "interactions"🤭💚
Miranda Stephens
Miranda Stephens پیش ماه
Ateez is gonna KILL the competition for Kingdom!!
Miranda Stephens
Miranda Stephens پیش ماه
Also now twice Sana and all of twice been tested for covid and chungha got a positive!
N C T پیش ماه
I don’t understand that blackpink won best dance award like ??? I am multistan but iz*one??
GOT7 FOREVER پیش ماه
bro anyone promotes Got7 better than JYPE
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
Reminds me of Red Velvet and SM.
Emily Bellis
Emily Bellis پیش ماه
did you deadass steal k-pop junkee's title-
Destiny Lopez
Destiny Lopez پیش ماه
Bruh, but like idk The Boyz, Ateez, and Stray Kids was all wildin during MAMA'S like my heart almost exploded
Adonis پیش ماه
fck JYP! GOT7 deserves so much better!
Pink Gangsta
Pink Gangsta پیش ماه
Angelina, can we talk about From Home re-aranged version performance in MAMA 2020 and than From Home re-arranged MV version SM make NCT & Nctzen cry that night.... In my country this trending everywhere but in other country and US, they didn't notice this meaningfull performance
Graham Paulsen
Graham Paulsen پیش ماه
Yo if i was un NCT dream and they told my i think im above the law because im famous. I would lose my shit hey. Omg
Pink Gangsta
Pink Gangsta پیش ماه
I follow Got7 since debut. Got7 doing great in music show, drama, variety show, concert and everything... But idk since it I'm not wrong 2018 they start dissapears from entertaiment world
Yasmin Mohammed
Yasmin Mohammed پیش ماه
Ateez/ stray kids on kingdom OMG 😱 I can't imagine it both of them with the boys slayed mama 2020 I can't wait to see their preformances.
Tiffany Imryll
Tiffany Imryll پیش ماه
Jennie's Ruby
Jennie's Ruby پیش ماه
Ok but why do you say Kogyeol like that!?😭😭.
angelina پیش ماه
how do you say it? haha
Jennie's Ruby
Jennie's Ruby پیش ماه
2:44 I can't see Hwanhee's face how dare you!?😭😭.
Jennie's Ruby
Jennie's Ruby پیش ماه
2:35 there weren't any more stages prepared anyways lol.
Jennie's Ruby
Jennie's Ruby پیش ماه
1:57 UP10TION ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Mapekuusysi پیش ماه
Secret number hater :(
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith پیش ماه
Cignature is an amazing artist and Secret Number also. I don't know how Weeekly got that other than their sales and chart performance in Asia.
andreyah پیش ماه
About the kingdom (The Boyz, Stray Kids, Ateez) Heres some information The 3 kpop groups are battling for the crown, but currently The Boyz is claiming it because they won in Road to Kingdom. The 3 groups also symbolizes the 3 gods, Hades (Ateez), Ares (Stray Kids), - (The Boyz, pls comment if you know what God it is) About the kingdom (The Boyz, Stray Kids, Ateez) Stray Kids and The Boyz are fighting for the crown. Meanwhile Ateez doesnt care about the crown, Ateez are so called pirates and pirates don’t really care about rules. So Ateez just wants power, thats why when Stray Kids Hyunjin and The Boyz Juyeon were doing the fight performance for the crown, but Ateez San came late because, again Ateez/Pirates doesnt want the rules/crown, but power. Also when The Boyz, Stray Kids, and Ateez were individualy performing . Did you notice that ONLY The Boyz Juyeon, and Stray Kids Hyunjin just stayed beside the crown? And Ateez Hongjoong just went straight to the throne? Thats another sign that Ateez aren’t aming or focusing on the crown, they just want power. Hope this helps More information in twitter
Jay3den پیش ماه
Coughs. Straykids, Ateez, and The Boyz. You guys are amazing but, who TOLD you to be THAT AMAZING. Respect for life
Geraldine Garces
Geraldine Garces پیش ماه
Chungha test positive the news out today 😔
Kalle Valasma
Kalle Valasma پیش ماه
Chungha has also tested positive for Covid-19 :((
IG: amazing_kpop_girlgroups
Blackpink sweeping Mama without attending! We fucking Stan omfg! They finally won best female group for the first time ever! 2020 is literally BPs year! They got 11 awards on this weekend and that’s on ✨queens things✨
IG: amazing_kpop_girlgroups
Chungha also just got tested positive 😭😭😭 She was in close contact with a positive case when she had therapy for her shoulder at a sports center!
Peachy Jisoo
Peachy Jisoo پیش ماه
And now Chungha was just confirmed positive.😭I hope they can recover quickly😊
STRAY KIDS in the building !
stayatiny be like : ****sweat****
STRAY KIDS in the building !
get well soon for those who are positive corona :((
Person of Interest
Person of Interest پیش ماه
JYPE has been mistreating and sabotaging GOT7 and wasting their incredible potential for YEARS now. The company, or rathe div2 more specifically is clearly trying to push forth their newer groups and slowly put GOT7 on the back burner.
Valentina光 پیش ماه
i didnt expect my country to be involved in nct bein detained lmao that was fun
It's Angie!
It's Angie! پیش ماه
GOT7 only got a 6mins performance on MAMA. They are so underrated and mistreated that it hurts.
kheshire kat
kheshire kat پیش ماه
I just wanna let everyone know that the Got7 portion wasn’t even covered entirely there was so much more-
lael - im all alone
بازدید 256K
lael - im all alone
بازدید 256K
بازدید 500K
Sharpie a charizard??? #Shorts